Zulay Henao Bio Discussed: Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Family, Childhood, and More

Name Zulay Henao
Birthday May 29, 1979
Birthplace Medellin, Colombia
Age 40-years-old
Career Actress
Net Worth $1 million
Schools Attended New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts
Height 5’5
Weight 50 kg.

Zulay Henao is a famous actress who is half Colombian and half American. She is best known for appearing in the hit 2007 movie called, “Illegal Tender.” Many say that this is her claim to fame because of her impact in the film industry during this time.

Also, some of the other films that she appeared in are “Takers,” “Boy Wonder,” “Fighting,” “Hostel: Part III,” and “The Single Moms Club.”

However, she’s not just successful in the film industry, but she’s also got a lot of appearances in TV shows. Some of her most notable appearances in TV series are in “If Loving You is Wrong,” “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” as well as in the top-rating series, “Kevin Can Wait.”

But that’s not all of it as she’s not just limited to these things. In fact, she’s achieved a lot of things in her career. If you like to know more about her, then we suggest you read on as we have all the information about her for you here.

Background and Childhood

Zulay Henao was born on the 29th of May in 1979. Her birthplace is in Medellin, Colombia, which is also the place where the famous narco drug lord, Pablo Escobar, was born. Meanwhile, her nationality is American and Colombian. Her ethnicity, however, isn’t known.

After some time, she moved together with her family to New Jersey. The reasons aren’t known, but it’s most likely because they are in search of greener pastures.

The names of her parents are, however, not known as well because she likes to not share personal information with the media.

Where did Zulay Henao study?

Zulay Henao is an educated lady as she studied in high school. The name of the school isn’t known, though.

After graduating there, she immediately joined the U.S. Army. She even served the military for three years. After that, she decided to have a change of path as she continued her studies.

She studied then at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. It was where she honed her talent and skills in acting.


Zulay Henao had her career break in acting in 2005. This was for the movie, “Film 101.” And on that same year, she starred as Gloria Rojas for the blockbuster hit film, “Clearview.” It was a great start for her as she adapted to the industry.

A few years passed and she started appearing for different characters. Some of the films she appeared in are “Illegal Tender” and “Feel the Noise.” She also was in the film, “Saturday Morning.” All of these are huge blockbuster hits because of her spectacular acting.

However, her career break didn’t come until she starred in the 2007 movie, “Illegal Tender.” She also appeared in the movies, “Takers,” “Fighting,” “Boy Wonder,” as well as in “Hostel: Part III.” She also starred in the film, “The Single Moms Club.”

Additionally, she also starred in a number of successful TV series. Some of these were “If Loving You is Wrong,” “Law and Order: Special Victims Units,” as well as in the hit and chart-topping TV series, “Kevin Can Wait.”

Furthermore, she got the character of Monica Hatcher for the movie, “Takers.” Zulay then starred as Nikki for the horror-thriller film called, “Hostel: Part III.”

Her acting was so good that the number of career offers kept adding up through time. This is due to the fact that she can easily adapt to whatever role and character is given to her.

Adding up to all these, the Colombian actress also appeared in the films, “Grow House,” “Meet the Blacks,” “White Space,” “Destined,” and many more. Then there are her most recent characters for TV series just like “MacGyver” and “Kevin Can Wait.”

How much is Zulay Henaos’ net worth?

Zulay Henao has starred in many successful movies and TV series, and she’s been doing this for many years now.

Because of this, it’s safe to say that she’s saved a lot of money. According to sources, she has amassed a net worth that now amounts to around $1 million. This, however, can still be higher knowing that she’s most likely to have other assets that aren’t disclosed to the media.

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Is Zulay Henao dating?

Zulay is currently single and is not yet married. However, it’s worth noting that she had been in a relationship with Terrence Howard before. In fact, she got engaged to him and was already set for marriage.

The couple started dating sometime around 2008. Then they got engaged to each other a year after, in 2009. However, things didn’t go well for them because instead of marrying each other, they separated and gone to different directions in 2010.

She then moved on and dated Joel Rush. This was in 2014. Sources say that the couple dated for around four years. Now, they’ve already been dating for around five years.

There is no news about them, though, except for the fact that they’ve been seen in public areas many times already by the media.

It’s also safe to say that they’re having a good time with each other and that they are happy with their company. They are currently happy enjoying their lives together as they are in love with each other’s company.

What is Zulay Henaos’ height and weight?

Zulay Henao stands at a height of five feet and five inches. This makes her a lady that is not that tall or is not that short. In simpler words, she’s of average and standard height.

Meanwhile, her weight is around 50 kilograms. Her eyes are colored dark brown. This matches her brown hair. Meanwhile, her body measurement’s vital statistics are 36 inches by 25 inches by 37 inches.

How is Zulay Henao doing in social media?

Zulay Henao has a huge fanbase in social media. In fact, her social media accounts prove this. Take for example her Instagram account which has around 150,000 followers.

Her Twitter, on the other hand, blossoms with 30,000 followers, and another 30,000 followers and more in her Facebook account. The numbers are also increasing by the day.

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