Wendy Fiore: Know Her Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, Bra Size, and More

Wendy Fiore is one of the most popular Instagram influencers in the field of fashion and beauty. Thanks to her stunning looks, glamorous lifestyle, and natural talent in entertaining, she became an Instagram star.

She is born on Dec. 21, 1983 and is currently residing in Chicago. She’s a full-time social media star who is best known for her dazzling Instagram page. Her posted photos of her daily life and modeling career sure have played a huge effect on the rise of her popularity.

This isn’t surprising at all as many Instagram users who dive into the beauty and fashion niche have proved successful. However, what makes her stand out is her consistency in posting photos of her day to day life.

She has also got a flare when it comes to showcasing her stunning body to the world. Because of this, she managed to stand out from the rest even if that means competing in fan-base from her fellow beauty and modeling influencers.

Wendy Fiore

Life of Wendy Fiore

Wendy Fiore considers herself as a millennial, having been born in Dec. 21, 1983. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, but the exact place of her birth is still unknown. This, again, isn’t surprising as she’s been secretive about details on her personal life.

Though some facts are known about her, much deeper details aren’t.

Wendy is currently 35 years old, but the way she looks doesn’t reflect that. In fact, many mistake her for still being in her early 20’s! Well, that may be due to her fit shape and stunning looks. Her smooth skin also says a lot about her daily body regiment.

Being a Capricorn also did her a lot of good as this enabled her to break out of her comfort zone, and in the process, shun away all the criticisms. Perhaps, this is a direct effect of her being a self-reliant and confident person.

Many persons with a Capricorn horoscope turn out to have that same characteristic.

Wendy currently has 450,000 followers, but it’s continuously rising as we speak. This figure is expected to increase two or even three-folds if she manages to keep her current fan base intact.

Many expect her to share more dazzling photos, even much more stunning than the ones presently found on her Instagram page. This, according to many, will help a lot in increasing her followers. By the end of this year, it’s safe to assume that she’ll be having close to one million followers.

Furthermore, Wendy is also an active advocate for the finding of a cure for Chron’s Disease. This shows that Wendy is more than just a beautiful face, as she’s also got a beautiful heart. This serves her just right as this is her way of striking back at her critics who say that she rose to fame just because of her stunning body.

Well, that’s one of the factors, but obviously isn’t the only reason why she’s on a stardom status now. Wendy Fiore started out just like any one of us. However, instead of directly going to Instagram, she started out first on Twitter which she joined in March 2010.

She didn’t create much of an impact in the social media network, but that wasn’t much of an issue for her. Anyways, she still had her Instagram account. She went on naturally and started posting photos of herself on Instagram, along with photos of her day to day life.

And unexpectedly, she got lots of engagement, and in the process, the number of her followers rose by the hundreds and then by the thousands. In fact, Wendy Fiore is now considered as one of the richest celebrities and Instagram stars.

Also, Fiore has been vocal about her avid fandom for NBA team, the Chicago Bulls, especially with their shooting guard, Jimmy Butler. There’s still no response as to how Butler reacted to this news. But rest assured that that’s just what he likes.

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Wendy Fiore’s Net Worth

Wendy Fiore surely earns a lot from being an Instagram influencer, as well as her other gigs and businesses. However, the exact amount of her net worth varies as it’s not specifically known. Estimates of her net worth also vary from source to source.

Her net worth revolves around the $400,000 mark, but many believe it’s worth over that figure. It’s also worth noting that it is unknown as to how much she has spent over the years. Her expenses sure have a huge effect on her net worth.

Fiore is also an American glamor model, so it’s safe to expect that she’s having more sources of income for just the way she looks. With this, it would be safe to say that her net worth is more than just $400,000.

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Career and Rise to Social Media Stardom

Wendy Fiore is also known as Wendy Combattante and is best known for displaying and showcasing her healthy bust and tiny waist. This is the new trend now, especially with glamor girls in the United States. But nonetheless, this did her more good as it became her main source of income. As of now, she’s currently living in Hollywood California as she seeks to improve her status in the world of beauty, fashion, and modeling.

All this started way back in 2006 when she started a MySpace account. It was there where she posted photos of herself, which to her surprise, made her one famous girl. Since then, she appeared on many other sites such as ActionGirls.com, PunupFiles.com, and SportsbyBrooks.com. This elevated her status and made her one of the most distinguished glamorous identities in the world of social media.

Wendy Fiore is best known for her larger than normal breasts and her close to nude photos. Many see this in a negative light, but she doesn’t care much as she sees it as her way of showing what she is to the world. It’s more of like her way of expressing herself through her body.

Body Statistics

Wendy Fiore isn’t the tallest model out there, nor is she short by standard means. She stands at a height of 5’5, which is equivalent to 165 meters. With this, one can say that she’s got an average height.

She also weighs 125 lbs which is around 56.7 kgs. However, many expect that she’ll have a lower weight in the months to come as she’s now being more conscious about her size. Fiore also does her best to eat healthy foods to stay in shape.

Also, she wants to advocate healthy living by spending time with nature and doing exercise regularly, as what her Instagram photos show.

Wendy Fiore has large breasts as she has a breast size of 32J. This is two to three times larger than the average breast. However, she doesn’t mind it as she considers it as her asset. Without it, there’s a good chance that she wouldn’t attain star status.

Because after all, her large breasts are what gives her the needed appeal to stand out from the rest. Meanwhile, Fiore’s dress size is six. However, this depends from brand to brand. She also wants to get dresses that are her exact fit so she’ll look fitter and more in shape.

Additionally, Wendy Fiore’s she and foot size is 8.5 inches. But just like the other statistics, this still varies as other shoe brands have larger or sometimes small size variants. Wendy’s hair color is naturally dark brown, which many consider as another factor why she is attractive.

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