Vanessa Ferlito Career, Bio, Net Worth, Family, and More Info

Name Vanessa Ferlito
Birthday Dec. 28, 1980
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York City
Age 38-years-old
Career Actress
Net Worth $6 million
Height 5’6
Weight 50 kg.

Vanessa Ferlito

Vanessa Ferlito is a famous actress from the U.S. She has graced the big and small screen numerous times, all of which are hugely successful blockbusters. She is best known for her role in the hit TV series, “24.”

Also, she’s found in “CSI: NY.” Her big career break in the TV industry was when she played the character of Charlie Lopez in the hit TV show, “Graceland.”

Furthermore, she also starred in a number of successful movies such as the 2004 blockbuster superhero film hit, “Spider-Man 2,” the 2005 movie, “Shadowboxer,” and the 2005 successful film, “Man of the House.” Also, she can be found in the 2007 film, “Death Proof.”

With this, many can say that she’s got a very successful film in the industry. Not only does this mean that she’s a great actress, but this also shows she’s a natural fit in the industry.

Bio and Childhood

Vanessa Ferlito was born on Dec. 28, 1980. Her birthplace is in Brooklyn, New York City. She’s an American citizen because she was born in the U.S. She’s also born to American parents. However, she has a mix of Italian descent because of her parents.

Not much is known about her family, which is why many of the details surrounding her childhood are left for speculation. However, it has been known that his dad already died due to overdose of the illegal drug called heroin.

She was just two-years-old when her father died due to the unfortunate accident. Aside from that, nothing is known about her parents or what are the names of her father and mother.

Where did Vanessa Ferlito study?

Again, very little information is known about Vanessa’s childhood. Because of this, the names of the school she studied aren’t known. What’s sure, though, is that she did have gone to school and has gone through formal education.

Vanessa Ferlito

Career and Life as an Actress

Vanessa started acting for the TV movie called, “The Sopranos.” This was back in 2001, a time when she wasn’t yet very known in the industry. The character she played there was as Tina Francesco.

A year after that, she again got another minor role in one of the episodes of the hit TV movie, “Third Watch. This was a huge success as it meant that she’s getting more audiences and fans because of the bigger reach of the show.

Meanwhile, her debut in the big screen happened in 2002 for the movie, “On Line.” She played as Jordan Nash in the film. In 2004, she again had another breakthrough role as Louise. This was for the hugely successful superhero film, “Spider-Man 2.”

She also starred in a number of minor roles both for TV films and movies. One of which was when she played as the character of Claudia Hernandez for the TV show, “24.” She had a great time in the series as she appeared there from 2003 until 2004.

Meanwhile, her breakthrough TV role was when she got the chance to play the character of Charlie Lopez in the successful show, “Graceland.” It was one of her biggest appearances as this solidified her name in the showbiz industry. This spanned from 2013 until 2015.

Furthermore, she also starred in a handful of films such as “Man of the House,” “The Tollbooth,” and “Nothing Like the Holidays.”

Additionally, “Stand Up Guys,” is also one of her best appearances in the movies. She also stars as the lead character of Tammy Gregorio in the chart-topping TV series, “NCIS: New Orleans from 2016 until now.

How much is Vanessa Ferlito’s salary?

Vanessa is the kind of lady who doesn’t want to share such information. Because of this, not very many details about her life are known.

However, there are some sources saying that she has a net worth of $6 million. This is acceptable because she has been working hard in the showbiz industry for many years.

Is Vanessa Ferlito a racist?

Vanessa Ferlito has been criticized as a racist because of her allegedly racist comments. Her statement was directed straight to Simone Biles who won the World Gymnastics Championships held at Antwerp.

Simone Biles is an African American. However, there are no proof that she is indeed racist. Many say that it’s just a misconception by other people who think too much.

Is Vanessa Ferlito dating?

Vanessa Ferlito doesn’t like to share much to the media especially if it’s about her personal life, more so, her dating life.

However, it has been confirmed that she is single as of the moments. She is also unmarried. Also, details about her former relationships and likely boyfriends can’t also be found.

Does Vanessa Ferlito have a child?

Yes, Vanessa does have a child, specifically a boy. He named his child, Vince, who was born on Sept. 2007. However, the identity and name of the father of her son isn’t known.

Based on sources, many say that she is currently single. She also is living peacefully and happily with his son, Vince, in Brooklyn, New York.

What is Vanessa Ferlito’s height and weight?

Vanessa Ferlito is not very tall. However, she isn’t short also. Specifically speaking, she stands at a height of five feet and six inches. Also, her weight is around 50 kilograms, meaning she’s fit and slim.

She also has a body vital statistics of 32 inches by 24 inches by 33 inches. Meanwhile, she has a 32B bra size. The color of her eyes are brown, as well as with her brown hair. Her shoe size is eight and her dress size is six.

Does Vanessa Ferlito have a social media account?

Vanessa Ferlito is a lady who is up to date with the latest trend. However, she doesn’t have her own social media accounts, which is surprising. But then again, she might just be using a different name so that the media won’t know about her day to day life.

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