Troy Gentile: Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Career, & Much More

Name Troy Gentile
Birthday Oct. 27, 1993
Birthplace Boca Raton, Florida
Age 26-years-old
Career Actor
Net Worth $500,000
Height 5’10



Troy Gentile is an actor from the U.S. who has been in the showbiz industry since he was still a child.

Because of this, he is regarded as one of the most successful and loved child actors during his early days in show business. But he’s not anymore that chubby kid which many used to know him for as he’s already grown up.

One of his most notable characters was in “Bad News Bear.” He also is most notable for appearing in the TV show, “The Golberg,” as well as in many more successful Hollywood films.

If you like to know more about him, it’s best that you read on. Here’s everything you need to know about Troy Gentile. His net worth, current life, career and background, as well as his family, are all documented here.

When is Troy Gentile’s birthday?

Troy Gentile was born on Oct. 27, 1993. The place where he was born is Boca Raton, Florida.

What is Troy Gentile’s height?

Troy is a tall guy as he stands at an approximate height of five feet and ten inches. Unfortunately, his weight isn’t known, but he sure is already fit now, unlike before where he was fat.

What is Troy’s citizenship?

Troy is an American citizen as he was born inside the country of the United States. His parents are also American citizens, so he’s automatically one as well.


Troy Gentile and his family moved to L.A., California when he was just four-years-old. It’s worth noting that Debbie, his mom, was once a worker in “Boca Raton News.”

She hails from New York and has a mix of Italian blood. Then there is his father who is named Albert Farshi. He is from Iran, which explains him being a product of two different races.

Where did Troy Gentile study?

According to sources, Troy studied at a community college. This was before he was chosen to be one of the cast members of “The Goldbergs.” However, the school’s exact name as well as the many other schools that he has studied in, aren’t known.


Troy Gentile had an early start to his career because he was still 11-years-old during that time. This was when he played a supporting character role in the 2005 film, “Bad News Bear.” The character he played there was as the boy, Matthew Hooper.

He then appeared in the 2006 comedy film, “Nacho Libre.” He also took the character of Tenacious D. This was for the film, “The Pick of Destiny.”

He then played the character of Young Stu in the 2007 blockbuster drama movie, “Good Luck Chuck.” It was a change of direction for him as he started to take on more serious and mature roles in show business.

Troy then got his breakout character role in the comedy movie, “Drillbit Taylor,” along with some of the biggest names in the acting industry, one of which being Owen Wilson.

Furthermore, Troy appeared on different TV shows and films between the years 2007 and 2011. Some of his most notable appearances during those moments was in “Pineapple Express,” “Entourage,” Hotel for Dogs,” as well as in the hit, “Hawthrone.”

He also played one of the main characters in the ABC hit TV show, “The Golberg.” His character there is as Barry Golberg. Troy has been in the show since 2013. The movie was a film about the brother of the show’s producer, Adam Golberg, named Barry Golberg.

How much is Troy Gentile’s net worth?

Troy Gentile has been in the showbiz industry for some time already, and knowing that show business pays good money especially if you’re famous, it’s a no brainer that he has saved huge cash over the many years he’s been in it.

What’s more is that he’s a decorated actor as he won the 2005 Young Artist Award for appearing in “Bad News Bear.”

According to a number of reports, Troy has a net worth of around $500,000. However, some say that his actual net worth goes higher than what is declared in the media.

How did Troy Gentile lose weight?

Troy Gentile was best known for being a fat kid during his early years in the film industry. However, he has changed, specifically with his weight as he now looks better and fitter.

Many say that he gone through major medical procedures and serious lifestyle changes to get rid of his fat body and become fit and healthy.

However, there are no confirmation whether he really did go through these methods. What’s sure, though, is that he might have changed his lifestyle habits and that he wanted to look better so that he can land better and bigger roles in the future.

Is Troy Gentile dating?

Not much is known about the personal life of Troy because he doesn’t share much information regarding his day to day life.

However, he had been matched with his on-screen partner, AJ Michalka during the shooting of the 2013 show, “The Golberg.”

However, their romance only stayed in the screen and they didn’t bring it to their respective real lives. Furthermore, Troy confused and surprised a lot of his fans when he tweeted on his Twitter account that he was going to get married. This was last Aug. 12, 2015.

Many of his fans even believed him as he got many congratulations messages. However, there is no confirmation whether that’s true or not.

It’s most likely just a prank or some kind of joke to stir up the people in social media. He also didn’t give out any hints about his possible and likely girlfriend.

Aside from those, there are no more news or sources saying things about his love life. It’s just that he is most likely to be single as of now. Maybe, the reason behind this is that he just wants to focus more on his career.

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