Tony Romo: Who is His Wife ? Net Worth, Children & More

Key Information

Legal Name: Romo, Antonio Ramiro

Birthplace: San Diego, California. USA.

Date of Birth: 1980, 21st of April.

Current Age:  38 years old

Height: 6 feet 2 inches (188 centimeters)

Weight: 230 pounds (104 kilograms)

Biological Mother:  Joan Jakubowski

Biological Father:  Ramiro Romo Jr

Nationality: American (Mexican ancestry)

Most Recent Education: University Graduate (Eastern Illinois University)

Current Profession:  Former Football Quarterback, Sports Analyst

Overall Net Worth Income:  Around $70 Million (Estimated)

Tony Romo

Who is Tony Romo?

Tony Romo is infamous among American football and sports fans alike. He has played for the Dallas Cowboys team in the NHL as a star quarterback. These days he debuts as a professional sports analyst and commentator on football games.

He started off as an average kid with a good passion for sports and propelled himself forward. He became a major sports star and rose to great fame. A lot of people dream of having a career doing what they love but few achieve to the point that Tony Romo has.

Eventually he retired from his position in professional sports. But that didn’t stop him from showing his love for the game. Today he has set himself as a commentator and a sports analyst for games and events.

He has settled down with his beautiful and talented wife Candice Crawford and his three sons. He now sits peacefully on an empire of fans and records that he has made while living with a loving and caring family.

Tony Romo Life and Early Years

Anotonio Ramiro Romo had been born to his father Ramiro Romo Jr. and mother Joan Jakubowski on the 21st of April, 1980 in San Diego, California. He is one of three siblings with his two sisters Jossalyn Romo and Daniele Romo.

Although he’s mostly been referred to by the nickname Tony, his birth name Antonio comes from his Mexican ancestry. His paternal grandfather Ramiro Romo Sr. had immigrated to the States from Mexico as a teenager.

Tony Romo’s father was a Navy recruit who was stationed in San Diego during which Tony was born. The family would then move again to their home town in Burlington, Wisconsin which is where Tony would spend most of his childhood growing up.

He loved playing baseball as a small kid and he was athletic and sports driven by nature. He played for his high school team the Burlington Demons as a quarterback. He would even branch out into other sports like basketball, golf, and tennis. No sport was far from his reach or mastery.

Tony Romo eventually began to play professionally with the Dallas Cowboys team for the NHL as a quarterback. He would play for the Cowboys for a few years before eventually retiring and from playing professional sports all together.

Nowadays he works for CBS as a sports commentator and analyst for professional sports like football. Through getting into this profession, he got to get in touch with Candice Crawford who he married after going out with her for a long while. Now he lives happily with his family while still continuing to showcase his love and support for the professional football scene.

Tony Romo Career and Net Worth Today

As a kid, Tony room would start with an affinity towards sports at a very early age. He would play Baseball during his younger years around his neighborhood. His talents would get recognized early on and he was playing Baseball professionally in a Little League All Star team.

His passion for sports would grow and he would start to transition into other sports as well. At his high school in Burlington he would began to play American Football. He was on his high school team as a quarterback which earned him several honors. He would join his high school’s varisty basketball team for a brief moment.

Tony Romo’s stint into professional sports came with an undrafted role with the Dallas Cowboys in early 2003. His early years started as holder but his talents made him work his way up to the role of a star quarterback after a good three years of joining the team. During his time with the team he was on the receiving end of several awards and accolades that garnered his fame.

After the 2016 season he would end up quitting the team in order to move on with his life. Tony Romo’s knowledge and passion into professional sports and his experience from the NHL would carry his career forward. CBS Sports would hire him for the position of a sports analyst and color commentator for their sports telecasts.

Owing to his NHL career and his foray into CBS has secured his earnings over the years. Despite not even being a drafted player, he’s made a lot working for the Dallas Cowboys and CBS. It’s estimated that Tony Romo’s net worth today comes close to $70 million.

Tony Romo’s Height, Weight and Personality

As a professional athlete, it’s not farfetched to presume that Tony Romo has a fairly athletic build. He stands fairly tall at 6 feet 2 inches which has made him perfectly built for sports like football and basketball. More importantly, he has worked on his build to make him suitable for football. He weighs 230 pounds which gives him just enough edge to handle a contact heavy sport like American football.

In terms of personality, Tony Romo has been described as very personable and social. His fans and colleagues have commented on how he is easy to talk to. During his time in the game, he would be very focused and determined. At home, he is affectionate and close with his wife and children.

Tony Romo’s Romantic Affairs

Tony Romo has had several romantic affairs over the years before he settled down with his current wife. In his high school he was a star athlete on his football team which made him very popular among girls in his school. He would have the same kind of experience in his college at Eastern Illinois University.

In 2007, he began dating the famous American singer Jessica Simpson after she visited him at one of his games. But it didn’t end up lasting and they broke up nearly two years later.

Tony Romo’s Wife

After his brief foray with Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo began dating KDAF journalist, sports reporter, TV anchor, and beauty pageant winner Candice Crawford. Within a year they were married and now have three sons named Hawkins Romo, Jones Romo, and River Romo. They live happily in their home at Bent Tree County Club in North Dallas.

What Sports has Tony Romo Played?

Tony Romo has been a sports fan his entire life. He started out by playing baseball passionately as a kid with other kids in his neighborhood. He even went so far as playing in a Little League All Star team. In high school, he began to play the more popular high school sport, American football. He was in the high school team known as the Burlington Demons as a quarter back. While at Burlington, he even branched off at one point to join the high school varsity basketball team.

Tony Romo has even tried to enter the golf scene as a passion hobbyist and an enthusiast. He has tried to enter many golf championships but has failed to qualify. He still plays the sport for fun and leisure from time to time.

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