Tom Hanks : Career, Net Worth, Age, Marriage, Family, & More

Name Tom Hanks
Birthday Jul. 9, 1956
Birthplace Concord, California
Age 63-years-old
Father Amos Mefford Hanks
Mother Janet Marylyn
Career Actor, Director
Net Worth $390 million
Civil Status Married
Spouse Rita Wilson
Schools Attended Skyline High School, Chabot College, California State University
Height 6’0
Weight 70 kg.

Tom Hanks is one of the most notable and successful actors in the showbiz industry. He is also regarded as a renowned director of blockbuster hit movies.

He won two consecutive Academy Awards for the Best Actor category for his character in the 1993 film, “Philadelphia,” and the 1994 movie, “Forrest Gump,” a film which many agree to be one of his breakout roles.

He is also known for appearing in many classic films, all of which, are also blockbusters. Some of these are “The Green Mile,” “Cast Away,” “Apollo 13,” and “Saving Private Ryan.”

He also was awarded a prestigious award called the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former U.S. President Barack Obama. He also was awarded the French Legion of Honor in 2016.

Bio and Childhood

Tom Hanks was born on Jul. 9, 1956. His birthplace is in Concord, California. He’s indeed a legit Californian since birth. But unknown to many, his name isn’t just Tom. Instead, he was born with the full name of Thomas Jeffrey Hanks.

His parents’ names are Amos Mefford Hanks and Janet Marylyn. Amos, his dad, worked as a cook who traveled to different places to meet his clients’ demands. Meanwhile, his mother worked in the hospital.

However, his parents’ marriage didn’t end happily as they separated in 1960. Furthermore, Tom has four more siblings.

Three of them are elder than him, while the other one is his younger brother. Tom is an American citizen. His ethnicity, on the other hand, is a mix of Cornish, German, English, and Portuguese descent.

Where did Tom Hanks study?

Tom Hanks is a smart kid as he knew that he needed to develop his intelligence and critical thinking skills for him to become a successful actor.

And that’s just what he did during his time spent in school. He studied at the Skyline High School.

This was located in Oakland, California. As soon as he graduated there, he then studied theater and arts for him to develop his acting skills. This was at the Chabot College found in Hayward, California.

But he decided to transfer to another school, this time, at the California State University in Sacramento, California. However, he knew that college wasn’t for him because he really wanted to focus on acting.

This is why he dropped out of college and pursued his acting career instead. In fact, Tom was listed in Tim Magazine’s “Top 10 College Dropouts” as he still succeeded in life even though he didn’t finish college.


Tom Hanks started his acting career when he was still studying in college. The first character that he played was as Proteus in 1978. This was for the Shakespeare show which was called as, “The Two Gentlemen of Verona.”

It was a great start for him as he won the Best Actor award from the Cleveland Critics Circle Award for the character that he played on the show.

He then moved to New York City in 1979. Then came his movie debut when he starred in the 1980 movie, “He Knows You’re Alone.” He then managed to grab another character in the TV film, “Mazes and Monsters.”

He then starred in more films and shows after that. Meanwhile, his debut as a director came in 1996 when he directed the movie, “That Thing You Do.” He was also the writer, director, and producer of the HBO documentary drama show, “From the Earth to the Moon.”

He also helped in producing and directing the HBO miniseries, “Band of Brothers,” in 2001. This was one of the biggest TV film series in HBO because of its magnitude, mainly due to its storyline, visual effects, and characters. This was even called an Emmy Award-winning show.

Furthermore, Tom also starred in the films, “The Terminal,” “Catch Me if You Can,” as well as in the 2015 hit movie, “Bridge of Spies.”

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What are Tom Hanks’ awards and achievements?

Tom Hanks is a heavily decorated actor. He’s bagged an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for the category of Best Actor thanks to his character in “Philadelphia.”

Another one of his most notable roles, as Forrest Gump, also landed him an Academy and Golden Globe Award, as well as a People’s Choice Award and Screen Actors Guild Award.

He then was given the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for his spectacular career in movies. This came from the famous and prestigious governing body, the British Academy of Film and TV Arts. This was back in 2004.

He also was awarded the Kennedy Center Honor in 2014 as well as a Presidential Medal of Honor in 2016, which was given to him by then U.S. President Barack Obama.

How much is Tom Hanks’ net worth?

Because of the hugely successful career he had, not only in acting but in producing and directing multi-million dollar blockbuster hit films, he has amassed huge fortune. In fact, sources state that his net worth is now around $390 million.

Is Tom Hanks married?

Tom Hanks has had gone through two marriages. Samantha Lewes was his first wife whom he married on Jan. 24, 1978.

They had two kids from their marriage. They are Elizabeth Hanks and Colin Hanks. However, they separated in 1987.

He then married again on Apr. 30, 1988, this time, with Rita Wilson, another famous and successful actress.

They also had two kids together. They are Truman Theodore and Chester Marlon Hanks. They are already married for more than 30 years now.

What is Tom Hanks’ height and weight?

Tom Hanks is a tall man as he has a height of around six feet. His weight, on the other hand, is around 70 kilograms. His blue eyes and brown hair makes him also one of the most appealing men in show business. Meanwhile, he’s got an 11 shoe size.

How is Tom Hanks doing in social media?

Tom Hanks has a huge fan base on social media. His Instagram, alone, has more than three million followers. Not to mention that he’s got 14 million more followers in Twitter and another seven million followers on Facebook.

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