Terri Irwin: Husband, Age, Net Worth, Career, Family & More

Name Terri Irwin
Birthday Jul. 20, 1964
Birthplace Eugene, Oregon
Age 55-years-old
Career Naturalist
Net Worth $66 million
Father Clarence Raines
Mother Judy Raines
Civil Status Married
Spouse Steve Irwin
Height 5’3

Terry Irwin is a famous author and naturalist who is half Australian and half American. She is also the owner and founder of the “Australia Zoo” located in Beerwah, Queensland.

Furthermore, she is also best known for being the widow and former wife of Steve Irwin, a celebrity naturalist who is renowned all over the globe due to his contribution to wildlife as what is seen in various TV shows.

Bio and Childhood

Terri Irwin has her birthday on Jul. 20, 1964. Her birthplace is in Eugene, Oregon. Her citizenship is duel as she is both Australian and American. Meanwhile, she belongs to the caucasian ethnicity due to her features and fair skin.

The name of her dad is Clarence Raines. Meanwhile, her mom is Judy Raines. She came from a well to do family because they were owners of a trucking business.

This is one of the reasons why Terri had the resources to fuel her passion and support her interest, in this case, the natural world.

And because of their trucking business, her dad usually brought to their home injured animals and wildlife that he saw along the highways.

This is also one of the reasons why she became fond of wildlife. She then got interested in rehabilitating and saving wild animals and making their lives more meaningful and safer. Since she was a child, she then became very determined to save animals’ lives.

Where did Terri Irwin study?

Terri Irwin is surely an educated lady as she has the scientific background and knowledge in handling wildlife.

The way she examines animals does her work, and how she acts and socialized with people also shows that she’s educated.

However, there are no details as to where she studied or what is her educational attainment. What’s sure, though, is that she received a formal education as this is needed by naturalists.


Terri Irwin had her first job as a veterinary technician. She did this job so that she can get more learnings and knowledge from the animal world, specifically on how to take care of animals and make sure they are safer.

She toured Australia in 1991. It was then where she met and found Steve Irwin, who became her husband in the future. In fact, it was during their honeymoon that they filmed their first-ever TV documentary show, because of the same passion and field of work that they are in.

The name of the TV documentary show was, “The Crocodile Hunter.” It became an immediate hit in the U.S. because of the interesting plot and stunning wildlife footage that Steve Irwin had always been in.

Because of the show’s success, they then decided to release a separate feature film of the show in 2002, which they called as, “The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.”

They then did a great narration of the events while the shooting took place. This helped their audience know what was really happing in the jungle while they do their job with the crocodiles underwater.

However, her husband died also due to his work. But this didn’t stop her from being intertwined with the natural world. In fact, she has become a strong supporter of raising awareness and in the promotion of the welfare of animals.

How much is Terri Irwin’s net worth?

Terri Irwin is a successful naturalist and is renowned all over the globe, not just because she is the widow of world-renowned naturalist, Steve Irwin, but also because she has her own fair share of huge contribution in the industry.

Because of this, she has a massive net worth that has already reached $66 million.

Who is Terri Irwin’s husband?

Terri Irwin married Steve Irwin in the fourth of June, 1992. They had a happy marriage as they shared the same passion and are also in the same career job. As a result of their marriage, they had two kids, Robert Clarence Irwin and Bindi Irwin.

However, things didn’t go as plan in 2006 after Steve Irwin died. This made her a widow. But then again, this didn’t stop her from being one of the strongest supporters of wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

Nonetheless, she decided to not share any information or detail concerning her life and her family after her husband died.

She even did her best to delete all traces and footage videos of how her husband had died while in his work. It was because it became viral and she didn’t want the world to remember and see Steve Irwin die that way.

Now, she has dedicated herself to achieve and finish all the dreams and goals that she, together with her husband, Steve Irwin, should have fone and accomplished together.

Aside from that, there is no more information concerning her private life. There is also no news or gossips about whether she’s dating someone. Nonetheless, this stays highly unlikely.

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What is Terri Irwin’s height and weight?



Terri Irwin isn’t very tall as she has a height of five feet and three inches. However, there is no solid confirmation as to what her weight is. Nonetheless, it’s sure that she has a healthy and fit body.

The color of her eyes are blue, and she’s got blond hair, making her more attractive. But then again, there are no details as to what her body vital statistics are.

How is Terri Irwin doing in social media?

Terri Irwin might be famous around the globe, but this doesn’t mean that she’s also got a huge fan base in social media.

This is because she doesn’t have an account on Instagram and Facebook. She has a Twitter account, though, which has around 100,000 followers and increasing.

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