Hollywood Superstar Sylvester Stallone: Net Worth, Age, Career, Marriage, Family, & More

Name Sylvester Stallone
Birthday Jul. 6, 1946
Birthplace New York City
Age 73-years-old
Career Actor
Net Worth $400 million
Civil Status Married
Spouse Jennifer Flavin
Schools Attended University of Miami

Sylvester Stallone is one of the most iconic and famous actors in the showbiz industry. He isn’t just successful, though, as he is also a decorated one.

In fact, he is an Oscar nominee and is best known for hit iconic characters such as John Rambo and Rocky Balboa. But he’s more than just those two characters.

Read on to know more about this interesting guy who has transformed the film industry for the better.

Knowing More About Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone became renowned after being successful in becoming one of the writers and as the lead character of the hit boxing film, “Rocky.” This was way back in 1976.

He then became a famous action star, being considered by many as one of the best. He then reprised his role in the 1982 movie, “Rocky and First Blood,” as well as for many more sequels.

Some of his latest appearances are in the films, “The Expendables” and “Creed,” which launched in theaters in 2010 and 2015, respectively.


Sylvester Stallone was born on Jul. 6, 1946. His birthplace is in New York City.  He is also best known for his droopy attitude. Unknown to many, this was caused by a forceps accident when he was born where a nerve was cut.

This caused changes in his self, one of which being his slurred speech and dreamy look of his eyes. This also caused him to have a hard childhood.

His parents also fought always, which caused him and his brother to be emotionally affected. He even spent most of his early days in a foster home.

He, together with his family then moved to Washington, D.C. when he was still five-years-old. He then stayed with his father in Maryland after his parents divorced.

He had a hard childhood, specifically in school because he could not concentrate on his studies. He then lived with his mom and step father in Philadelphia after some time.

It was then where he studied at a special high school that was specifically designed for kids who were having a troubled childhood.

Where did Sylvester Stallone go to school?

Stallone finished his high school at a special schools intended for troubled kids. He then furthered his studied and studied at the American College located in Switzerland. It was where he studied acting and drama.

He then moved again and transferred o the University of Miami where he got arts and dramatic classes. He didn’t finish school, though, as he dropped out of college after deciding to pursue a career in acting.

How did Sylvester Stallone’s career start?

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone worked on different kinds of jobs for him to have enough money to support his needs. One of his first jobs was as a cleaner of lion cages located at the famous Central Park Zoo. He then appeared in the movies, “Klute” and “Woody Allen’s Bananas” in 1971.

Stardom in Showbiz

Sylvester finally had his career big break in 1976 as he starred in the hugely successful and very famous film, “Rocky.” The movie even got ten nominations in the Academy Award as well as getting the best actor, best picture, and best director awards.

It wasn’t an easy challenge for him and the rest of the production crew as the movie,”Taxi Driver,” became its largest competitor. But take note that “Rocky” earned more than $110 million in the box office.

He then starred in the hit 1978 film, “F.I.S.T.” It was a successful movie but it didn’t get much media attention.

He then starred again in “Rocky II,” where he reprised his character Rocky Balboa. This was in 1979. A few years after, he again starred as Rocky.

This time, it was in 1982 and for the third movie in the film series, “Rocky III.” This was also the same year when he starred in another hugely successful film series bearing the title, “First Blood.”

His character in this hit movie was John Rambo. Furthermore, he also starred alongside Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes in the 1993 film, “Demolition Man.”

And here comes one of his most successful and latest characters where he starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis.

This was for the 2010 movie, “The Expendables.” It was an ensemble cast of action stars as Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Randy Couture were also some of his co-actors.

What are Sylvester Stallone’s career achievements?

Sylvester Stallone received numerous awards for the many years that he has appeared in various blockbuster hit films. Some of these awards are Cesar Award and an acting award that he got from the 1997 Stockholm Film Festival.

He also became the first celebrity to get the Zurich Film Festival Golden Icon Award.

Additionally, Sylvester also got a lifetime achievement honor from the prestigious Hollywood Film Awards in 2012.

Is Sylvester Stallone married?

Sylvester Stallone is alread married for three times. As of now, he is married to Jennifer Flavin, a former super model. They also have three kids, all of which are daughters.

Their names are Sistine, Sophia, and Scarlet. He also has two kids from her former marriage to Sasha Czack. They are Seth and Sage.

What’s up with Sylvester Stallone’s current career?

Sylvester Stallone starred in the sequel film, “The Expendables 2,” which premiered in theaters last Aug. 2012. It even made it to the number one spot in the box office.

He starred again in the 2014 film, “The Expendables 3,” alongside Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford. Sylvester Stallone again starred as John Rambo in “Rambo: Last Blood.” It was a 2019 film, that sought to bring back his former glory. However, it got negative reviews from critics.

How much is Sylvester Stallone’s net worth?

Sylvester Stallone is one of the most famous and successful actors in the showbiz industry. His net worth is said to be hovering around $400 million, and likely even higher.

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