Everything to Know About Sophia Miacova: Net Worth, Relationships, Career, and Bio

Name Sophia Miacova
Birthday Jan. 2, 1994
Place of Birth Houston, Texas
Age 25-years-old
Ethnicity French, Mexican
Nationality American
Profession Social Media Influencer, Model
Weight 50 kilograms
Body Measurement 33-24-35
Net Worth $1 million
Boyfriends Rory Westfield

Sophia Miacova

Sophia Miacova is a famous Instagram star and social media influencer who rose to fame due to her interesting posts and stunning beauty. She currently has more than 3 million followers on Instagram alone, and hundreds of thousands, if not millions more, in other social networks.

Her travel photos and videos are what makes her stand out among her competitors. Sophia also regularly posts photos of her gym training sessions. Because of this, she is able to acquire different audiences from varying markets.

Sophia is more than just a beautiful face as she is also a fitness expert. Her knowledge of healthy living and simple exercises to maintain a fit and healthy body has proven to be beneficial to many people.

She’s also a certified fashion geek thanks to her experience being a model. Furthermore, Sophia is also global warming and climate change advocate.

But all of these aren’t just about for the sake of fame, as she managed to save a fortune thanks to her social media influence, and of course, modeling career. Indeed, she’s got an interesting life story. If you’d want to know more about her, then we’d suggest you read on.

Early Life

Sophia Miacova was born on Jan. 2, 1994. Her place of birth in Houston, Texas. It’s known that her first career choice was to enter the world of medicine, specifically in beauty, and become a dermatologist herself.

However, she had a change of plan as she realized that it wasn’t her passion. Instead, she dived deeper into a passion, which is beauty and healthy living, and focused on building her social media influence at such an early age.

Miacova has a mix of French and Mexican heritage. However, she grew up in the U.S. and is currently an American citizen.

Her shift to professional modeling wasn’t easy for her as this meant adapting to the needs and requirements of the industry. This also meant that she needs to build up a stable and strong following to support her endeavor.

Fortunately, she got the support of her family and close friends. This made her determined enough to pursue her choices, which ultimately proved successful.

Her social media presence solidified her credibility because the content she posts on Instagram, such as photos and videos, are all of high quality. They are also useful and meaningful and helps to improve the standard of living of her followers.

Interestingly, Sophia is a full-fledged vegan. She even leads the vegan lifestyle. Nonetheless, she doesn’t receive criticism for it as she shows that being vegan doesn’t mean you’re going to grow weak and flimsy. In fact, it’s the other way around.

Her fitness and ideal body build are what helped her achieve fame and success. She is very dedicated to her work as she exercises regularly just to keep in shape.

In addition, Sophia also endorses numerous vegan wears such as shoes and apparels, alongside famous people like Madelaine Petsch and Miley Cyrus.

Sophia Miacova

Career and Social Media Influence

Sophia Miacova is a full-time social media influencer, specifically an Instagram model. Her modeling career in Instagram by sound low-key, but it’s exactly what brings in lots of money to her. She currently has more than 3 million followers.

However, experts believe that this figure is going to increase in the next months to come due to the constantly improving quality of her posts. Also, her continuous determination to improve her skills and learning on beauty, fashion, and fitness attract more people to follow her.

Sophia Miacova, being born as a millennial, reaps the advantages of this generation as she’s into technology. She knows that Instagram isn’t the only avenue for her to make money. And so, she also built up her presence in other social networking platforms such as YouTube and Vine.

The first stage of her rise to fame was mainly in Vine. However, the social network is now on a decline. She has also one of the most prominent fashion and fitness channels on YouTube. The name of her channel is Sophia Esperanza.

She has around 100,000 subscribers, but again, is expected to rise soon as she’s having more and more views every post. Sophia even gets an average of 50,000 views monthly.

Furthermore, she’s also built connections across the social media paradigm as she makes regular appearances in other Instagram accounts together with Bianca Kmiec in fitnessgirlsmotivation.

To an extent, Sophia even also has an appearance on the small screen as she appeared in “Nuclear Family,” a TV series in 2016.

Net Worth

Sophia Miacova earns money from different various sources. However, most of her income comes from her social media presence, specifically on Instagram. She also has numerous modeling gigs, which sure adds up to her bank account.

Her YouTube channel is also income generating due to the hundreds of thousands of views it gets. It’s even expected that she’ll get more than one million views sooner or later if she continues to post quality content.

According to sources, Sophia Miacova has a net worth of around $1 million. Unfortunately, there is no report as to how much she earns on her salary.

However, if one was to look at the average salary an Instagram model gets, as what Forbes magazine says, Sophia will be earning around $150,000 monthly. Though it might not be her exact salary, it’s sure, though, that she’s getting a figure that’s around that.

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Sophia Miacova is currently unmarried. However, she’s already been through a number of relationships. One of which is with Rory Westfield who is also a famous personality in Vines. He is popular in the platform just like Sophia as he has around 750,000 followers.

The two knew each other on Facebook after a short chat conversation. Many were excited when the two confirmed their relationships. However, they did not last long as they broke up months after.

Fortunately, this wasn’t the end of the road for Sophia as she then started dating Eli Wahbe, a successful Los Angeles businessman. Wahbe owns Pink Dolphin, a clothing company that Sophia had encountered in one of her job searches.

He also has other businesses such as restaurants scattered across L.A. The two first met in social media when Wehbe sent a direct message to Miacova. But just like her previous relationship, the couple didn’t take long to separate.

As of now, Sophia is enjoying being single. She also didn’t say anything about her plans, but it’s likely that she is still searching for the right guy.

Sophia Miacova boyfriend


Sophia Miacova is a vegetarian as she lives the lifestyle to stay healthy and fit. Her favorite dish is Mexi-bowl, mainly because of her Mexican heritage.

Her main focus in life is to live healthy and happy, which is why she makes it a habit to exercise and keep an impressive fit figure. Furthermore, she’s very active in advocating against climate change.

How is Sophia Miacova’s body doing?

Indeed, Sophia Miacova has one good looking body as her measurements are 33-24-35 inches. She weighs around 50 kilograms and has a naturally brunette hair.

This goes perfectly well with her brown eyes and bra size of 33a. Her dress size is 4 and shoe size is 7.


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