Sommer Ray Bio, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & More

Name Sommer Ray
Date Of Birth 15th September’1996
Birthplace Colorado
Age 22
Birth Sign Virgo
Famous For YouTuber, Instagram
Subscribers 1.2 Million
Net Worth $8 Million
Nationality American

Sommer Ray

Who is Sommer Ray?

Sommer Ray is an American Instagram and Facebook model who has won the hearts of many people around the world. She has done this from her extrovertish personality, amazing body and her fashion sense which has put her at a staggering $8 million net worth at such a young age. She is also a YouTube vlogger who is loved for her witty content and hilarious short videos.

The YouTube star picks up recent trends and integrates them into her videos to make them as comic as possible. Her viewers leave several comments that relate to how she looks ‘beautiful in a dress’ or ‘sexy in an outfit’. Her amazing body gets loads of comments on all her social media content sites and this is the reason why she has earned 1.2 million subscribers on her page. Her fans usually drool over the model’s great sense of humor followed by her sex-appeal in most of her videos.

Sommer Ray’s Early Life?

The vlogger was born on 15th of September, 1996 in Larkspur Colorado. Both her father and her mother were competitive body-builders which is how she received her own liking for going to the gym. Her mother, Shannon Ray, also worked as a beauty blogger and an Instagram model and was quite famous at her time which can still be seen on her social media profiles.

Sommer Ray has mixed descent as her mother is from Czechoslovakian and her father is American and was an adopted child. Sommer has two siblings named Savana and Skylyn. Savana is the elder sister and Skylyn is the younger one. All three are famous models on Instagram and have truly followed in their mother’s footsteps.

Sommer’s early life mostly consisted of the entire family moving from place to place. The parents’ profession required them to be hired by different agencies in different cities, hence they had to move from one place to the other. This constant movement had an impact over the extrovert nature of the sisters as they had to adapt and interact with new people as quickly as possible before the next move. This helped them socialize in different schools properly. However, the drawback to the moving was that they never were able to make any long-lasting friends initially, before they finally settled down in Lone Tree, Colorado.

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Sommer’s Workout Regime?

Sommer Ray along with her two sisters started working out when they were really young. Their mother wanted them to stay fit so she would get them enrolled in aerobics or other sports that helped keep their physique well-maintained.

Sommer’s current workout regime consists of a high-rep range that consists of 13 to 15 reps per set. She prioritizes her exercise and takes care to eat properly to keep her weight under control and her body well-toned. Her primary focus is on her lower body and the 13 to 15 reps per set is to make sure she does not compromise on lower-body strength. Her favorite exercise is squatting because it helps keep her thighs and butt in shape.  Both contribute heavily to her overall fan-following.

Sommer’s most hated exercise would be cardio because it ends up reducing her weight by a lot. She has a good metabolic rate that keeps her weight under check so there is no need to go excessively into cardio training. Still, she does around 10 minutes of cardio on the treadmill as a warmup exercise before she gets into her grove.

Sommer Ray’s Social Media Fame?

Sommer Ray has a huge following on Instagram where she has gained around 18 million followers. Her content mostly comprises of fitness videos and comical videos for laughs. You might occasionally see her flaunting her amazing body as well and the fans love it.

She reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube by 15th December 2017. Her fitness videos get on average of 54 million views which makes her a top model and YouTuber of her time. She was also part of ‘Cloutgang’ that stirred up quite some amazing content in the YouTube vlogger market. The group was kind of like a response group to Jake Paul’s ‘Team 10’ and was aimed to grabbing subscribers and sharing content that was new and better than the other group. Sommer Ray featured in a lot of videos through the platform along with other YouTubers like Faze Banks, Amar Koomz and Ugly God etc.

Sommer Ray is also available on Vine and she has amassed several followers who enjoy the content she sends there. The short videos are her way of keeping the world in updated of her activities and making sure that her fans get what they expect.

The benefits that she has received from her popularity are only growing. She recently got casted at MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out” and she is also thinking about doing more TV shows. Sommer Ray is an inspiration for many women who view her page to take fitness advice or simply to admire her strong physique especially when it comes to her lower body.

Advice from Sommer Ray?

The most amazing fitness advice Sommer Ray has given to her followers revolves on the idea of how the human body can withstand anything. Sommer is a big believer in working hard to make yourself look good and she has vouched several times for the benefits or working out regularly. Sommer Ray believes that young people have a lot of stress energy that they keep inside especially in this day and age. She believes that working out is the best way forward for anyone who is keeping all their frustrations inside and do not have an outlet to let go.

Another one of her sayings is that fitness is like a relationship. There are loads of people out there who are not true to any workouts that they design. Those workouts may actually benefit them more in the long-run. They end up not taking proper diets or even end up doing the exercises wrong. Sommer Ray focuses on the type of exercise and its technique in her videos, so people know the exact proper way to execute something as simple as squats or something much more complex.

Other than that, she really wants people to have an optimistic attitude to life. Her bikini modeling and her lifestyle is all about letting lose and engulfing yourself in the freedom of just being able to breathe.


Sommer Ray is one amazing model and is probably one of the few social media celebrities who have acquired so many followers in such a little amount of time. She inspires countless women through her social media posts with her over-the-top quotes and sassy tone. She also has a lot of posts that teach her fans to not care about what anyone thinks and to just be yourself day in, day out.

The model is worth $8 million and that might just be the beginning of her career. Fans really do wish to see her in a movie or two, so let’s see if the social media star is actually going to challenge herself and audition for a role. Until then, Sommer Ray’s fans can expect to see more of her pictures in bikinis and her working out in the gym.



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