Sierra Skye Bio Discussed: Net Worth, Relationships, and More Unveiled

Real Name Sierra Egan
Nickname/Username Sierra Skye
Birthday Nov. 6, 1995
Birthplace California, U.S.A.
Age 23-years-old
Career Social Media Influencer, Model
Net Worth $1 million
Height 5’6
Weight 50 kilograms

Sierra Skye

Sierra Skye, who is also known as Sierra Egan, is one of the most beautiful faces in social media. She is best known for her charisma and charm, with millions of people from all over the world clamoring for her.

Sierra started out as a swimsuit model, but eventually ventured out and expanded into other avenues. Her startling cheekbones and stunning eyes are some of her features that make her stand out.

Egan is best known as Sierra Skye in social media. She currently has more than two million Instagram followers. However, Skye has more followers in her other social networking accounts.

Early Life and School

Sierra Skye was born in the heart of America, specifically in California, on Nov. 6, 1995. She is an American citizen and is white. Her birth horoscope is Scorpio. She went to a private school in the U.S. and finished her studies at the right age.

However, it’s disappointing to know that there are no details about her childhood or even family.

Nonetheless, what’s sure, though, is that she started her Instagram career in May 2015. She then posted photos of herself wearing different kinds of swimsuit in her account on Instagram.

Sierra Skye

Career and Rise to Fame

Sierra knew that her passion was modeling. She was fond of making herself look beautiful, trying out new fashion, and inspiring others to lead a happy and carefree life. As of now, Sierra is considered as one of the top models who hail from Malibu.

Interestingly, her first posted photo on Instagram isn’t of herself, but of her kitten. This was way back in 2015. Note that this was just a few years ago. Indeed, her rise to fame happened exponentially. Her username in Instagram is Sierra Skye.

It appealed a lot to the masses as she looked stunningly beautiful. Her photos are very attractive, not just because of herself, but also because of the background and places she goes to.

At first, she did all of this herself. But later, she got discovered by talent agencies in the country. This led her to become a sponsored model. Now, Skye is a model of Plumeria Lingerie and Boutine Los Angeles.

She also recently signed a contract that will make sure she’ll have a steady modeling job for the next months or even possibly years to come after confirming she’s recently signed with Elite Model Management.

Skye got more than two million Instagram followers and over 40,000 followers on Twitter. She has also experienced working as a swimsuit model for Boutinela, a famous company based in Hollywood, California.

Sierra also had been working with some of the best photographers in the world such as Bryant Eslava. She even went on a trip to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

With this, it is very clear that Sierra doesn’t only have the face, but also got the brains to manage all of this. Her wit, charisma, and negotiation skills sure did a lot to land her some big-time endorsement and modeling deals.

Sierra isn’t also just active on Instagram, but in Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook as well. She is indeed one techie person as she makes use of technology to further her income and become more popular not only in social media but in the whole world as well.

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According to reports, Sierra is dating Roman Palumbo, who is also a fellow Instagram photographer. Roman is living in Los Angeles, the same city where she stays. The two are seen to be together in a number of social media posts which include Instagram and Facebook.

Furthermore, Roman has also shared many posts, specifically videos, and photos, of Sierra online. Their relationship wasn’t only good for the two of them, as it also did a lot of good to Roman. In fact, his popularity increased a lot when the two confirmed that they are in a relationship.

Based on what Egan says in many of her posts, she is fond of Mexican food. She even says that these are her favorite and her weakness.

Sierra Skye

Sierra Egan Body Stats

Sierra Egan stands at five feet and six inches. She isn’t the tallest one out there, but she certainly also isn’t short. In fact, it’s her height that makes her ideally beautiful to most people. Her weight is around 50 kilograms as well, which complements her hourglass-shaped body.

Surprisingly, Sierra doesn’t feel keeping her plastic surgery to herself as she confirms she has breast implants. This, however, helped her increase her popularity as she was able to boost her bra size to a staggering 34D.

Furthermore, she has a body measurement of 36-24-37 inches, which is equivalent to 91-61-94 centimeters. This goes perfectly well with her light brown eyes and blond hair. According to some reports, Sierra Egan has a 7.5 feet size.

She’s also into regular exercise to maintain her fit body. She even makes sure she keeps up with her healthy diet.

In addition, Sierra is also into weight and cardio training which she regularly does in their gym located in her house. According to her, she works out almost every day or five times every week. Most of her workouts last close to an hour, specifically between 40 to 80 minutes.

However, there are instances where she works out for a straight 120 hours when she works out her glutes and legs. Meanwhile, her cardio sessions take around 15 to 30 minutes daily and mainly consists of regular outdoor walking and sometimes walking on the indoor treadmill.

Also, Sierra takes multivitamins daily and eats nutritious foods such as kale, olive oil, fish, lean meat, avocados, watercress, and brown rice.

Net Worth

Sierra Egan, also known as Sierra Skye, is reported to have a net worth of $1 million. However, there are some reports saying that she is worth more than that. Most of her money comes from her successful modeling career and social media influence. Her net worth is expected to increase further if her career continues to be successful.

Social Media and Beyond

More than just a social media icon, Sierra Egan is currently advertising and endorsing fashion brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Fashion Nova. She is also sponsored by some online store companies.

Furthermore, some photos of herself and her boyfriend are shared on her Facebook page. Meanwhile, she shares her thoughts on Twitter, together with some of her daily activities. Sierra Skye also appeared in famous publications like GQ.

It was where she talked about her modeling experience when she was still with Coachella. And aside from being a social media influencer and model, Sierra Skye is also a licensed esthetician as she is interested in skin care.

She also does community work whenever she’s free such as helping children and people who need special care.

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