Sarah Jeffery Bio Discussed: Net Worth, Family, Career, Dating, and More

Name Sarah Jeffery
Birthday Apr. 3, 1996
Birthplace Vancouver, British Columbia
Age 23-years-old
Career Actress
Net Worth


Father Lee Jeffery
Mother Teresa Jeffery
Civil Status Single
School Attended Langley Fine Arts School

Sarah Jeffery

Sarah Jeffery is a famous actress. However, she’s not just all about acting as she is also a successful singer. She is best known for starring as Amy Breslow in the hit Fox mystery TV show, “Wayward Pines.” This was for the series’ first season.

After that, she then started to star as Princess Audrey for the Disney original TV film called, “Descendants.” It was a breakthrough appearance for her as she gained more fans than she ever imagined. This is because of her lovable character in the movie.

Furthermore, she also became the voice actress of her former character for the Disney animated show, “Descendants: Wicked World.” This was between the years 2015 and 2017.

Again, this was another successful project for her because of the way she adapted to the needed voice role. Her enthusiasm and natural talent in conveying her emotions made it easy for her to ace her role, even if it means her being a voice actress.

Also, Sarah has been starring as Maggie Vera for the fantasy drama TV show called, “Charmed,” since 2018.

But that’s not all of her story as she has more interesting details about herself. Well, if you’re up to that, then you’ve just found the right spot as here we’ll show you everything to know about this interesting lady celebrity.

Bio and Childhood

Sarah Jeffery was born on Apr. 3, 1996. The exact place where she was born isn’t known, but it’s sure that her birthplace was in Vancouver, British Columbia.

This means that she is Canadian. Her first language is English, even though there are a lot of Canadians who are French speakers.

Who are Sarah Jeffery’s parents?

Sarah Jeffery was born to Lee Jeffery, his father, who is also an actor like her. Meanwhile, her mom is named Teresa Jeffery.

Not much is known about her mother, but it can be concluded that she got lots of care from her when she was a child.

And knowing that his dad was also an actor, it’s very clear that she did get the full support of his parents. She also has the needed resources and support to fuel her love for acting.

Her dad is an African American. Meanwhile, her mom has a mix of Native American and English ancestry. This explains her distinctive physical look and appearance.

Where did Sarah Jeffery study?

Sarah Jeffery is an educated lady as she has gone and experienced formal education. But then again, the lack of details concerning her earlier years meant that the schools she studied in when she was still a child isn’t known.

Fortunately, it’s confirmed that she did study at the Langley Fine Arts School. She learned and harnessed all of the skills she needed to have a successful acting career. Well, it did her just fine as she is now an accomplished and successful actress.

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Is Sarah Jeffery dating?

Again, because of the fact that Sarah doesn’t share all of her personal stories and life updates to the media, her love life is left for speculation.

It’s because of this that many don’t know the actual and current story about her love, specifically as to who she might be dating.

However, there were sources saying that Sarah did have an affair with the teen heartthrob sensation, Justin Bieber.

This was in 2016 when she and Justin Bieber were seen in a housewarming party of Jennifer Lopez. Sources state that this was held in Las Vegas. But then again, this wasn’t confirmed.

Sarah Jeffery net worth

When did Sarah Jeffery have her film debut?

Sarah Jeffery had the career break she’s been waiting in the TV industry in 2016. This was when she starred and finally got her acting character for the romantic comedy film, “Be Somebody.”

It was where she played the character of Emily Lowe. It was a surprisingly successful show for her as this showed that she can be a great actress even in the big screen.

When was Sarah Jeffery’s TV debut?

Sarah Jeffery had an earlier start to her TV debut as she had her first small-screen role in 2013. This was for the pilot episode of the hit show of Cartoon Network called, “Aliens in the House.”

And on that same year, Sarah again got cast as one of the characters for the DirecTV series entitled, “Rogue.” She played the role of Evie Travis who is the daughter and child of another main character in the show, Thandie Newton.

She had a great time in the shoe as she starred there for years. Specifically speaking, she was part of the show for three seasons, from season one to season three. And more so, she was one of the main characters.

When was Sarah Jeffery’s music debut?

Sarah Jeffery isn’t just a talented and great actress, but she is also a singer. She has the voice, charisma, and the looks to be one of the most competitive singers in the music industry. In fact, her debut single was called, “Ghost of Our Past.”

She collaborated with Derrival, a band, for that single. Furthermore, she was the one who sang the soundtrack of the 2015 film, “Descendants,” called, “Set it Off.” Walt Disney Records was the music label company who produced, supervised, and released the song.

What are Sarah Jeffery’s achievements?

Sarah Jeffery is one talented and skilled actress. Because of this, it wouldn’t be surprising that she’s had a number of achievements.

One of which was for her appearances as Amy Breslow for the show, “Wayward Pines.” Her character as Princess Audrey in the shoe, “Descendants,” is also critically acclaimed.

Because of her excellence in her acting career, she managed to be nominated in the Leo Awards. This was for the category of Best Supporting Performance, specifically by a dramatic series featuring a female. This was also for the TV show, “Rogue.”

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How much is Sarah Jeffery’s net worth?

Sarah Jeffery is said to have a net worth of around $500,000. However, some say her actual net worth far goes beyond that.

Is Sarah Jeffery a brand endorser?

Yes, Sarah Jeffery is a brand ambassadress as she endorses some of the biggest brands in the commercial field. Specifically speaking, she’s an endorser for “Off-White Vancouver,” “Nissa Jewelry,” “Kukka Jewelry”, “Bronx and Banco,” and “Alo Yoga.”

She has more brand endorsements going on in the future.

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