King of Pop’s Son, Prince Michael Jackson II: Net Worth, Age, Career, and Bio Revealed

Full Name Prince Michael Jackson II
Nickname Blanket, Bigi
Birthday Feb. 21, 2002
Age 17-years-old
Father Michael Jackson
Mother Unknown due to being born of surrogacy
Net Worth $100 million
School Attended Buckley School
Hobbies Martial Arts, Video Games

Prince Michael Jackson II

Prince Michael Jackson II, who is also known with the nickname of Blanket, is the son of Michael Jackson, the late King of Pop. Prince Michael is his youngest child who was born to a surrogate mother. He grew up together with his other siblings in his dad’s Neverland Ranch in California.

They were put to custody under Katherine Jackson in 2009, who happens to be their grandmother. This was based on their dad’s last will.

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Early Life and Education

Prince Michael Jackson was born in Feb. 21, 2002 to Michael Jackson and an unidentified surrogate mother. He is the youngest and third child of the King of Pop. He was widely known as Blanket during his earlier years.

However, he decided to change his nickname to Bigi to a number of reasons. Prince Michael Jackson was very young when his dad, Michael, died way back on June 25, 2009. He was only seven-years-old then.

Fortunately, his father had already a will to have his children be put in custody under her mother, Katherine, in case something happens to him.

Because of this, Prince Michael, together with his other siblings, Paris Jackson and Michael Joseph, grew up under the custody of their grandmother, Katherine Jackson. Unfortunately, Katherine was already too old to serve as the kids’ guardian.

This caused MJ’s children to go solo as young adults. As of now, Prince Michael is under T.J. Jackson’s supervision. T.J. is his older cousin. Prince Michael is also studying in a California private school.

Who is his mother?

Prince Michael is known to be Michael Jackson’s third child. However, the identity of his mother unknown as he was born into surrogacy.

According to reports, what usually happens with the case of surrogacy is that the identity of the surrogate mother is undisclosed to protect the ethical upbringing and existence of the child.

Also, Debbie Rower who happens to be the mom of MJ’s two other children, Michael Joseph Jackson, and Paris Michael Jackson, denied publicly that she is the biological mother of Prince.

She confirmed this to be the case as soon as Prince Michael was born and due to the media’s growing speculation that she is indeed the mother.

Prince Michael Jackson II

Death of His Father, Michael Jackson

The world was shaken when the King of Pop and father of Prince Michael died on June 25, 2009. The superstar died due to cardiac arrest while he was staying in is Los Angeles home. Michael Jackson was only 50-years-old during that time, but unfortunately, his life ended at that moment on.

Many thought and believed that cardiac arrest was the only reason for his death, but it wasn’t. In fact, it was disclosed that his cause of death was due to acute propofol intoxication.

This confirmation arrived a bit late as it was announced to the public in February of 2010, which is months after his death. Also, there was a police investigation revealing that Dr. Murray, Michael’s personal doctor, wasn’t licensed to prescribe the drug to the King of Pop.

Because of this, the doctor’s decision and actions were heavily criticized knowing that he was the personal caretaker of Michael’s health. On Nov. 7, 2011, the court ruled Dr. Murray to be the main reason why Michael Jackson died.

He was then sentenced to four years in prison due to homicide. Also, the family, together with the court strongly believed that entertainment company A.E.G. Live also had a huge effect on MJ’s death. A.E.G.

Live is Michael Jackson’s entertainment company that facilitated his supposed comeback series in 2009 called “This is It.”

According to findings, the company didn’t make sure that their singer was in good health and that they didn’t do anything to protect him under the care of Dr. Murray, his personal doctor.

Katherine Jackson, MJ’s mother, had again gone to court to file a lawsuit aimed against A.E.G., together with his kids’ Paris, Prince Michael, and Michael Jr. The court hearing started in April of 2013 and sought a staggering $1.5 billion.

The amount was an estimate of the money Michael Jackson could have made if he only didn’t die and continued with the supposed comeback concert tour. However, the odds turned against the Jackson’s favor as the court ruled out A.E.G.’s involvement in the death of Michael Jackson.

Lawyer of A.E.G., Marvin S. Putman, said that the death of Michael was a very big tragedy, but A.E.G. doesn’t have any direct contribution to it.

Prince Michael Jackson, together with his other siblings, decided to stay out of the spotlight and remain silent about the matter days after the court ruling.

However, their speech during their father’s funeral had been a touching source of inspiration, despair, and motivation to Michael’s fans around the world. Also, the kids showed up in the spotlight during the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010 where they received their father’s award at the Grammy Awards posthumous.

Net Worth

Prince Michael Jackson is one heck of a rich kid. This is because of the inheritance that he received from his father. According to reports, Michael Jackson left each of his kids $33 million.

However, Prince Michael, together with his other siblings, can inherit this when they turn 30-years-old. Analysts believe that the amount will be worth around $300 million when that time comes.

As of now, Prince Michael Jackson has a net worth of $100 million and is expected to increase in the coming years.

Most Notable Appearances

The first time Prince Michael appeared on TV was in “Living with Michael Jackson. It is a TV documentary that aired in 2003 which documented the life of his family.

Also, Prince Michael and his other siblings were made by their father to wear masks whenever they go to the public to avoid paparazzi and fans to get a picture of them.

One of the most notable events in Prince Michael’s life was when he decided to change his nickname of “Blanket” to “Bigi” because he was regularly bullied in school with the former name.

Prince Michael is also the child whom Michael Jackson dangled over a balcony railing in a Berlin Hotel just for his fans to see.

Hobbies and Past Time

Prince Michael is currently 17-years-old and is in ninth grade in Buckley School located in Sherman Oaks. He is fond of martial arts and is a gamer himself. Some of the video games he plays are “Dragon Quest Heroes,” “Lego Worlds,” and “Assassin’s Creed.”

How is he doing now?

Many reports state that Prince Michael Jackson II is living alone in a mansion owned by his grandmother. His residence is said to be located in Calabasas, California. Meanwhile, his siblings are already living on their own.

He also has an undisclosed family member who serves as his guardian and checks on him every now and then.

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