Nicole Threatt a.k.a (Dr. Dres Wife) Net Worth, Bio & Facts

Full Name Nicole Threatt Young
Date of Birth 1st January’1970
Age 49
Birth Place Unites States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Famous as Dr. Dre’s Wife
Children 2

Nicole Threatt

Who is Nicole Threatt?

Nicole Young Threatt is a very attractive woman and the wife of the music legend Dr. Dre. She is famously known for being the wife of the man behind Eminem, 50 cents, Snoop Dogg and many more artists. Dr Dre has credited a lot of his success because of the constant support he has received from his wife. The two have spent more than a decade in a relationship and that’s more than most Hollywood couples.

Other than that, Nicole Threatt has been featured in some magazines as she is also a lawyer but currently not in practice. She has left the life of work to be a housewife to the music icon and enjoys her time being one. Both Dr. Dre and Nicole Young Threatt have kept their private lives away from social media as well as from the spotlight. The two are very secretive about their relationship and this just drives fans nuts because they do not know. However, this could be one of the reasons why the two have had a long-lasting relationship because we often do see the media ruining the lives of celebrity couples with scandals, affairs and what not.

Early Life and Career

Nicole Young was born on 1st January of 1970 in the US. Her real name was something else at the time and the current name she has is because of a previous marriage she had with the NBA player Sedale Threatt. Young was added after she married Dr. Dre and the both now are living peaceful lives as husband and wife. Nicole holds an American nationality but we can clearly see from the way she looks that she has mixed descent.

Her real name at the time of her birth was Nicole Kendra Plotzker. She is 5ft and 8 inches in height and has two children now that she loves. We can see from the few pictures that circle around on social media where the family is at a beach and all of them are having much fun. Other than that, the star’s wife has kept most of her personal information a secret regarding her parents, her place of birth and much more.

Her career as an attorney was ended when she married Dr. Dre and chose to be a housewife instead. She had completed her graduation in 1990 and went on to work for several law firms before she met her previous husband, Sedale Young. She terminated her career at that time and began enjoy to a quiet life as a housewife to her husband Young, before Dr. Dre. However, some fans do argue that the whole reason behind Dr. Dre’s success in music is Nicole because of excellent advice she gave him throughout his career.

Dr. Dre has had many hit songs and produced a lot of good music that resonates with the current generation. Nicole Threatt therefore can be said to have a huge part to play in her husband’s career as a music legend.

Nicole’s Net Worth

Nicole hasn’t had a professional career after her marriage however, she shares a combined net worth with her husband. Her husband’s current net worth is around $740 million which makes him one of the richest rappers in the world. Forbes declared that same thing a two years ago.

Her husband has followed several advices from his wife, including the one where the couple sold off the “Beats by Dre” to Apple for a staggering $3.2 billion. Both husband and wife now life in their $50 million mansion in Brentwood, California and are leading quiet personal lives. They bought this house in 2014 and it is one of the most expensive home on the block. The entire house is designed by a German architect and has support user-interface that reduces the human effort in almost everything. The two have a son and a daughter who are just as lovely as them.

Dr. Dre’s Wife

Nicole’s Relationship with Dr. Dre?

The two started dating in the 90’s when Nicole was still practicing law. At that point in time, Nicole was married to Sedale Threatt and had an affair with Dr. Dre. The two made it official in 1996 and so Nicole had to break away from the NBA star.

Nicole has given birth to two children. The son is named Truth Young and the daughter is named Truly Young. Truth Young was born one year after the marriage and the daughter was born in 2001. A long gap one would say, but both the parties decided it was best if Nicole would rest and focus on one child at a time. Nobody knows if the two have plans to conceive one more child.

Dr. Dre at the time of their marriage, was in a relationship with multiple woman. So it’s quite surprising how the two ended up so close to each other that they would marry. Dr. Dre also came along with his two other children from his previous marriage named Curtis Young who was conceived when Dr. Dre was still a teenager himself. In 1983, Dr. Dre and Lisa Johnson had a daughter who they named La Tanya Young. Other than that, he has two other sons who are Andre Young Jr. and Marcel Young so that makes quite a lot of kids.

However, Nicole accepted this side of him and this is why Dr. Dre has stayed true to her ever since they have been married. The kind of story the two share almost makes you want to believe love is a real thing.

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Previous Spouse of Nicole Threatt

Nicole got her last name ‘Threatt’ from her previous marriage with NBA star Sedale Threatt. The two had met during her college years and when she graduated, they ended up marrying but it was short lived. Both of them soon found that they weren’t compatible with each other and the affair proved that right. The two broke off before 1996 when Nicole Threatt married Dr. Dre.

Other Information?

There are rumors flying around about Dr. Dre and how he has apparently had an affair with a model named Kili. Dr. Dre has denied these rumors and has called them preposterous because he loves his current wife way too much, but one cannot be so sure in the world of stardom, right?

Nicole Threatt knows about all the past affairs and broken relationships the star had been through so it wouldn’t be surprising if she knew about the current affair as well. She is one tough woman for forgiving her husband’s past relationships and has refrained from condemning her husband or his past (or present) actions. Well, that’s not something new – the two are silent about just about anything about their lives.


Nicole Threat Young is one mysterious character if you think about it. She has managed to keep her relationship happy and chooses to live an ordinary life despite the fact that her husband is a music star. Her humbleness is quite beautiful to watch and her strength of character can be seen in the interviews she has given with her husband. She is one of the many few who is actually happy with who she is after having given up her career for an ordinary life as an housewife.

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