Nate Ruess Bio: Net Worth, Wife, Music Career, Family & More

About Nate
Full Name Nathaniel Joseph Ruess
DOB 26 Feb., 1982
Nationality American
Citizenship American
Marital Status Unmarried
Birth Place Iowa City, USA
Zodiac Pisces
Spouse Charlotte Ronson
Ex-Girlfriends Ellie Goulding & Rachel Antonoff
Gender Male
Net Worth $15 million
Race White
Education Deer Valley High School
Height 1.74 m
Career Singer
Father Larry Ruess
Mother Bess Ruess
Sibling  Elizabeth Ruess


Nate Ruess

Nathaniel Joseph Ruess is popularly known as Nate Ruess, was born on 26th Feb. on the year 1982. His origin is from Iowa City, USA He is an American Song writer and a very popular singer. He was a lead singer to a former band The Format and now a lead singer of the popular pop band called Fun. Nate has released a lot of albums, out of which, the albums, ‘Some Nights’, ‘All the Pretty Girls’, etc came out to be pretty popular. From being lead singer in the former band The Format and then to a trio band Fun, Nate make a turn to his singing career from being a band singer to a solo musician. ‘AhHa’ & ‘Great Big Storm’ are some his best singles that are in the recording market.

Nate Ruess Personal Details

Nate Ruess is a 37 years old American citizen. His sexual orientation is straight. He is handsomely 1.74m tall man who comes from a white race. There are a lot of women fans out there who are just attracted to his face and body, along the music. With a charm in his face, amazing expressions while singing, he has been able to gain a lot of audiences. His zodiac sign is Pisces. He has a body weight of 67 kg. The color of Nate’s hair and eyes is dark brown. Currently, Nate lives in New York. He has his house in Houston Street.  He has a net worth of 15 million US dollars. With his music career besides working in the firm, he has been able to earn name, fame, & fortune.

Nate Ruess Early Life

Nate Ruess belongs to a family of four. Being a younger child of Larry Ruess and Bess Ruess, Nate has an older sister, Elizabeth Ruess. He spent his childhood in Glendale after suffering from Pneumonia. He took his school education from Deer Valley High school. Nate became a graduate in the year 2002. One of his uncles was already performing in the Broadway then, which inspired him to get into the music industry. As his love and dedication towards music industry rose, he eventually pursued music career to a serious note. Before forming an official band, Ruess enjoyed performing along with the bands like Nevergonnascore & This Past Year.


Being the youngest child, and the only son, Nate received all the support from Bess & Larry. The entire family shifted to Glendale after Nate was constantly sick Pneumonia. Nate also shares a happy childhood with his sibling, Elizabeth. Uncle John was a Broadway performer. He saw the talent of his nephew. With his advices the young boy focused in the music career. Therefore, Uncle John is his sole inspiration towards music industry. Nate has received all the love and motivation from the family which is the result of his present fame and success.

Pursuing Music Career to a Serious Note

At the young age of 19, Nate along with his best friend Sam Means released their first local album in the year 2002, which became a popular record then, and became the choice of a large mass of people. In 2003, Electra Records signed The Format to release the album Interventions and Lullabies. In 2006, The Format released ‘Dog Problems’ which became another hit album.

It was a turning point in the year 2008 when the band no longer existed. In the same year, Ruess formed a new band called Fun with trio band members, himself, Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost. In year 2009, Fun released its first studio album, and in year 2012, released its second album called ‘Some Nights’ which gained a lot of popularity and fan base in the musical market. In year 2014, unfortunately, ‘Harsh Lights’ became the last venture of the band Fun.

All the three artists of the band seem to enjoy solo performance now. Ruess has been performing as a solo musician with many hit songs on his way. He has also performed along with popular artists like Pink & Eminem. The best of the best was when Ruess received two Grammy awards for the album ‘Some Nights’. He received one for the song ‘We are young’ and the other with the title of Best New Artist. One of his duets with Pink, ‘Just give me a reason’ also became a popular and an award winning piece.

Relationships, Marriage & Kid

Nate Ruess has had two girlfriends, namely Rachel Antonoff & Actress Ellie Goulding. He came to know Rachel Antonoff, as she was his band member Jack Antonoff’s sister. He was in a relationship with her during the time he was performing in the band Fun. Later, on his visit to Australia, he was found to be dating the song writer and multi instrumentalist, very popular Ellie Goulding. Despite being in news and covering the media for some good time, the relationships ended. Having some of his massive heart breaks, Ruess is dating Charlotte Ronson now. He has been in love and a relationship with Ronson for a long time. Though the couple hasn’t married yet, but the couple seems to be tying a knot soon. Ruess became a father to a child, Levon Ronson Ruess in 2017. Charlotte became pregnant in the mid 2016 and the little boy Levon was born on the 2017.


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Social Sites & Fans

Nate Ruess is always conscious enough about what his details are going out in the social sites. He is a disciplined artist, who doesn’t fuss unnecessary things just to create an attention. Despite his little information out there, the fans are always with curiosity about his upcoming move. He has a large fan base. Specially, the fans are women. More than half of his audiences are females who are not just spellbound by his songs but also by his facial expressions and charm he has. He is popular in his Instagram account too. He has never disappointed his fans and always makes them happy with his debuts and social site presence.

What you don’t know about Ruess!

  • Ruess shifted along his family to Glendale from Iowa City after being severely sick of Pneumonia.
  • Nate is specialized in the genre of Baroque Pop, Alternative Rock & Indie Pop.
  • He has also done a role in a movie ‘The Grand Romantic’ which is somehow related to his fate.
  • Before or along his beginning of a music career, he worked in a Lawyer’s office to help pursue his music expenses.
  • Uncle John was the only person involved in music industry in his family background, who became his sole inspiration.
  • Being not married officially, Ruess is a father to Levon Ronson Ruess, who is a two year old boy.
  • Ruess is a two times Grammy’s award holder for two titles within a same year.
  • Initially in the punk bands in high school, Ruess formed a band called The Format in the year 2002 with his best friend, Sam Means, later forming another band Fun in 2008 with three members, the band also famous as trio band, and then getting back to performing as a solo artist in the year 2013.

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