Mike Fisher: Everything to Know About His Net Worth, Career, Family, and Bio

Full Name Mike Fisher
Birthday June 5, 1980
Birthplace Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Age 39
Status Married
Spouse Carrie Underwood
Father Jim Fisher
Mother Karen Fisher
Career Profession Professional ice hockey player, actor
Net Worth $30 million
Height 6’1
Weight 98 kg, 210 lbs.

Mike Fisher is well known as one of the best NHL players to date. He’s also the husband of famed singer sensation, Carrie Underwood. Indeed, they’re a delightful celebrity couple, apart from the fact that they’re also one of the richest in the industry.

If you’d want to know more about Mike Fisher, including his wealth, family, and relationship with wife Carrie Underwood, then you’ve just found the right place. Here, we’re going to show you his net worth, family background, marriage, current lifestyle, and many more personal details.

Early Life and Family

Mark Fisher was born on June 5, 1980, in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, to Jim Fisher and Karen Fisher. He has three siblings. They are Gregory Fisher, Rob Fisher, and Meredith Fisher. Among his siblings, the one he’s closest to is Gregory as the two both share a passion in ice hockey. Gregory is also a professional ice hockey player.

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood’s Salary and Net Worth

Mike Fisher who is currently 38-years-old has already retired from his former NHL career. However, he’s shifted industry and now enjoys being an actor. Retiring from professional hockey was a game changer for him.

But still, this didn’t cause any negative effect on his finances as he still earns a huge income from him being an actor.

According to reports, the net worth of Mike Fisher as of 2018 is hovering around the $30 million mark. Many believe that this will increase in the next months and years to come knowing that he has numerous acting projects lined up.

He also has a number of investments, but unfortunately, they aren’t disclosed to the public. Reports also state that Fisher received a staggering $4.8 million salary annually. Again, this is expected to rise in the near future with a number of endorsements lined up.

His numerous undisclosed businesses will also add more income to his already high yearly income. Some of his most notable Hollywood projects are “Glory Road” and “Remember the Titans. However, his biggest break was in the movie “Transformers.”

With the help of these, he managed to accumulate another additional $19 million to his net worth.

He earned an additional $4 million for being a part of the Nashville Predators for his 2016-17 season in the NHL. As of 2015, it was reported that his earnings have reached a staggering $8 million annually, with many saying that it can even go beyond that.

Fisher recently signed another two-year contract with the Nashville Predators. However, he again retired after a devastating loss against the Winnipeg Jets which eliminated them off the playoffs.

Combining the total net worth of Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood and you get a staggering $115 million. Interestingly, Fisher’s net worth pales in comparison to his wife, Carrie’s as she has a whopping $80 million. Indeed, the couple is having a blast in their lives with all that money.

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Mansions and Car Collections

Mike Fisher is an avid car enthusiast as he keeps a startling luxury car collection. One of his most notable cars is his Porsche 911 which costs $130,000. It’s color blue. His cars are too many to mention.

But rest assured that all of them are downright jaw-dropping gorgeous.

There’s no doubt that Mike is one avid car guy. But that’s not all of him as he also has a villa mansion in Nashville. The value of the real estate? Well, it’s just another $3.2 million property. Aside from that, he also has other houses in Petersburg and Ottawa.

He’s indeed living a luxurious wife together with his beautiful and talented wife.

Career Achievements and Highlights

Mike Fisher is a former Canadian NHL player. His last team was the Nashville Predators. It all started in 1998 when he was drafted as the 44th overall second-round draft pick in the 1998/97 NHL Entry Draft.

His professional debut was during the 1999/00 season with the Senators. Unfortunately, he sustained an injury leaving him no choice but to leave the season barehanded. Nonetheless, he managed to go beyond these challenges.

And after 12 successful seasons with the Ottawa Senators, he transferred sides, this time, to the Nashville Predators. His transfer was a huge surprise for the 2011/12 NHL season.

He continued playing for the team for six full seasons until he was named as the team captain of the Predators on Sept. 7, 2016. However, he addressed a letter to the NHL on Aug. 3, 2017, announcing his retirement from the game.

It was a sad day for his fans and the rest of the hockey community as he was considered as one of the most influential players of the game.

Mike Fisher and Wife Carrie Underwood’s Married Life

Mike Fisher first met Carrie Underwood in 2008 through Carrie’s bassist friend, Mark Childers. Since then, they started dating each other. They grew fond of each other and after a few months, they were considered as one of the most inseparable celebrity couples.

They dated for two years and later decided to get married. They tied the knock on July 10, 2010, at the Ritz Carlton resort located in Georgia’s Lake Oconee. Five years on and the couple welcomed their first child whom they named Michael Fisher. He was born on Feb. 27, 2015.

Though the couple is very busy with their respective jobs, they still manage to find time for each other. And whenever they have time, they make sure they spend it in the best way possible, whether it be through a vacation or a simple date.

They also share their life stories and moments to their followers and fans in their respective social media accounts.

One of the highlight posts from the couple comes from Mike where he teased her wife with throwback photos during her birthday. These instantly became viral in Instagram and Twitter because of its cheesy nature.

Issues and Rumors About Marriage to Carrie Underwood

Even if Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood are happily married, them being celebrities still means that they’re not free from the intrigues that come along the way. There have been numerous reports saying false stories about them.

Some of the most notable rumors that are downright false are that the two have already separated because they aren’t anymore getting along with each other. There was also another rumor that Fisher was the one who caused Underwood’s accident fall in November of 2017.

Many believed that Fisher actually pushed his wife due to a fight with her. However, this is downright false as the former NHL player wasn’t even home when Carrie Underwood fell and was injured.

What’s true, though, is that Fisher flew to her side as soon as he knew that her wife had been injured. Meanwhile, Fisher addressed those who were spreading rumors about their divorce, saying that they have never been as better as before.

Mike Fisher Body Statistics

Mike Fisher stands at a height of 6 feet and one-inch and has a weight of 98 kilograms, which is equivalent to around 210 lbs.

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