Michael Schoeffling Career, Bio, Net Worth, Family, Wife & More Discussed

Name Michael Schoeffling
Birthday Dec. 10. 1960
Birthplace Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
Age 58-years-old
Career Actor
Net Worth $500,000
Civil Status Married
Spouse Valerie Carpenter Bernstein
Height 6’0

Michael Schoeffling with wife

Michael Schoeffling is a famous actor who had his peak in the ‘80s. It was a time when high concept films were starting to take a solid grasp in the film industry. It was because of this that makes Michael as one of the most important actors in the foundation of the showbiz industry.

He is best known for taking the role of Jake Eyan in the hit ‘80s flick show, “Sixteen Candles.” His character in the show was just so good because of his natural acting skills. It was just like him in real life.

However, he lies low in his acting career and eventually left the industry completely in 1991. Since then, Michael was never seen in the big or small screen.

Furthermore, Michael wasn’t just popular because of his talent in acting, but he also got a stunning and attractive body. In fact, he made it to the 22nd spot of the Teen Magazine Biggest Hunks of the 1980’s.

Some of the movies he appeared on are “Slaves of New York,” “Racing with the Moon,” and “Mermaids.” These films further show how good of an actor Michael is, not only because of his talent, but also because of his passion for acting.

Bio and Childhood

Michael Schoeffling was born on Dec. 10. 1960 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. However, he didn’t grew up there as he spent most of his childhood in Southern New Jersey.

He lived a normal and happy childhood as he got the support of her parents, both physically and emotionally.

What is Michael Schoeffling’s height?

One of the things that makes Michael attractive is not only his face and looks, but also his height. Specifically speaking, Michael is one tall man as he stands at a height of six feet.

Where did Michael Schoeffling study?

Michael Schoeffling is known to have studied in the Cherokee High School. It was also where he spent all his high school days as well as graduated there. The school is located in New Jersey.

Michael Schoeffling now


Michael Schoeffling had a different start to his career as he didn’t start out as an actor. Instead, he started as a wrestler.

He was very good at it as he received many medals after being a part of numerous national and international competitions. He even has a gold medal from his successful act in freestyle wrestling.

His fame then grew, which eventually enabled him to shift career and dive into the acting industry. His acting debut was for the hit film, “Sixteen Candles.” The character he played there was as Jake Ryan, one of the main characters in the film.

His performance for that movie was indeed outstanding. This immediately brought him immense fame, not only in the U.S., but throughout the world as well. This also enabled him to further develop his skills, as well as build his network and connections in the industry.

Some of his other hits in the showbiz industry are “Slaves of New York,” “Mermaids,” “Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken,” “Let’s Get Harry,” “Racing with the Moon,” and “Vision Quest.” These are just some of his most successful films, with a lot more to name.

However, Michael soon decided to leave the acting industry because it was taking too much of his time, which he supposedly spend with his family.

Because of this, along with a number of reasons, he left the industry for good. He then retired completely from acting and decided to dwell into entrepreneurship instead. According to reports, Michael started his own business dealing with handcrafted furniture.

Michael Schoeffling young

What are Michael Schoeffling’s biggest achievements?

Michael was a great and famous wrestler in his earlier years. In fact, he was one of the best and elite wrestlers of the U.S. Jr. wrestling team. He even won a gold medal at the European Championships held in Germany.

Who is Michael Schoeffling’s wife?

The ‘80s was a time for Michael to find the career path he wanted. Well, this ended up him leaving for Europe to start venturing into the career for him.

However, it wasn’t only a place where he found his modeling career, but it’s also where he got the boost in his personal life which he always wanted.

It was because it was where he found the love of his life named Valerie Robinson. Valerie was better known with the name of Valerie Carpenter Bernstein at Zoli, which is a modeling agency.

They then started having mutual affections for each other, which then resulted to them dating each other. It didn’t take long for them to finally get married. However, the exact date of their wedding day isn’t known.

Their love for each other then resulted to an additional member in their newly built and happy family.

The couple are now parents to two healthy and beautiful kids. They have a son whom they named Zane Schoeffling, who was born in 1989. They then got a second child, this time, a daughter, whom they named Scarlett Schoeffling, who was born in 1991.

Scarlett is just like her mother as she is currently a professional model. Indeed, beauty and talent runs in their blood.

Michael Schoeffling 80s

How is Michael Schoeffling doing now?

Michael Schoeffling had been out of the showbiz industry for some time now. But it wasn’t the wrong choice for him. In fact, he’s happy he’s out of the industry as this meant having more privacy and more time for his family.

Now, he is living in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, running a thriving business which deals in building various hand-crafted furniture.

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How much is Michael Schoeffling’s net worth?

Michael Schoeffling is currently 58-years-old, and is said to have a net worth of around $500,000 for being a former model and actor. However, it’s likely that his net worth is higher than that as he now has a successful handcraft furniture business.

His role as Jake Ryan for the 1984 film, “Sixteen Candles,” grossed a whopping $23 million in the box office, which was already a huge figure back then. Take note that it only had a budget of $6 million.

He was active in the showbiz industry from the years 1984 to 1991.

The last time he appeared in screen was in the 1991 movie, “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” where he got the character of Al Carver.

He then retired at 30-years-old, and since then, focused on his carpentry and handcraft furniture manufacturing business.

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