Matt Ox Life, Family, Career, Net Worth, Girlfriend, and More

Name Matt Ox
Birthday Dec. 13, 2004
Age 14-years-old
Career Profession Rapper
Mother Laurel
Net Worth $400,000
Civil Status Single
Height 5’7

Matt Ox is considered by many as one of the brightest young rappers of today’s generation. He is a native of Philadelphia and is known to many as the future of the hip hop genre thanks to his outstanding talent and strong attitude when it comes to creating quality rap music.

Matt even has more than 24 million views for his hit music video in YouTube called, “Overwhelming.”

Millions of people from around the globe consider him as one of the greatest rappers ever despite the fact that he’s still relatively young and new to the industry.

Some of his most popular and successful songs are his five singles, “This N That,” “Low Key,” “Big Enuff,” “Pockets Overflowing,” and “Michael Myers.”

Origins and Bio

Matt Ox was born on Dec. 13, 2004 and was born with the real name of Matthew Grau. He is currently five feet tall but his height is constantly growing knowing that he’s still 14-years-old. Many say that he can reach a height of around five feet and seven inches or even more.

However, he’s not just a famous rapper and hip hop singer as he also made it to fame thanks to his fidget spinning hobby. He even featured some of his fidget spinner tricks in the “Overwhelming” music video.

Personal Life

Matt Ox is a successful child artist who became famous thanks to his natural talent in rapping and singing. Unfortunately, his childhood was a bit different as her gone through hardships.

The name of her mother is Laurel Grau who is aged around 28-years-old. His father’s identity, however, remains a mystery as he isn’t known.

His mother, Laurel, was only 15-years-old when she gave birth to Matt which is why she had a hard time supporting his needs and making sure he lives a comfortable life. There are even reports that Matt’s father committed suicide when he was only around two years old.

This was because his dad suffered some kind of mental illness. Also, his father always said that Laurel focus on Matt’s welfare because she is the only one that Matt has in his life.

Also, it’s good to note that despite the fact that Matt Ox is still young, he thinks and acts maturely as he already knows how to make his life worth living, while making sure that the people close to him, specifically her mother, lives a good life.

In an interview, Matt said that her mother did the best of what she can do to help him live a comfortable life when he was still small.

He also said that he received the best care he could imagine from his mother during his childhood. Because of this, he feels the need to give back to her mom by helping her.

Since then, Matt experienced huge success in the music industry, which helped him save up huge money. As a good example of how much of a helpful child Matt is, he let her mother retire despite the fact that she is still young and hasn’t even yet reached 30-years-old.

This is because he wanted to give her mother the best life possible with the help of the money he earns from his own career.

Furthermore, Matt also has a brother, but whose name isn’t known.

And as of now, Matt is clearly focusing on his career instead of dating girls or spending his energy elsewhere. He just wants to build his career and bring out the best of all worlds.

However, it’s important to take note that even if Matt isn’t dating as of now, he still talked about girls in an interview. This was when he got interviewed for “No Jumper.”

He was asked who he wanted to have a collaboration with, and he said that he wanted to collaborate with Malu for a future song. The reason, he said, was because she was hot.

Matt Ox

Career and Rise to Fame

Matt Ox started small as he first shared his songs in SoundCloud. However, he deleted them later on after deciding that it wasn’t good enough.

His uncle then helped him start his career because he worked as a small-time video producer. It was where Matt learned all there is to know about music recording.

He then started recording songs using a basic microphone, his mom’s laptop, and his uncle’s recording studio. Even if he didn’t have the best gadgets, he still managed to pull it off smoothly.

He released his first album in 2017. It was called, “Pretty Penny,” and was a huge hit in SoundCloud.

Then he met F1lthy to serve as his personal manager. He then released other songs such as “Low Key,” “This N That,” “Problem Child,” and “Michael Myers.”

Matt then signed with Warner Bros in late 2017. This was a huge boost to his career as this finally considers him as a professional musician. He then performed in a concert in Los Angeles after Chief Keef invited him.

Matt then released a few singles with Warner Bros. These were “Messages” and “Youngest Coming Up.” However, his biggest breakthrough was when his track called, “Overwhelming,” was released.

This brought him millions of new fans from around the globe. He then got featured in Mashable, New York Times, and XXL, because of his very fast rise to fame.

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How much is Matt Ox’s net worth?

Matt Ox is one successful musician and rapper despite his young age of 13-years-old. However, this didn’t stop him from earning huge money.

In fact, sources state that he has a net worth of around $400,000, and is continuously growing through time. Even his song, “Overwhelming,” gained more than 24 million views, as proof of his huge fame.

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