Mary Lee Harvey: Breakup with Harvey, Career, Net Worth, and Bio in Detail

Full Name Mary Lee Harvey
Maiden Name Mary Lee Shackleford
Place of Birth Texas, USA
Former Spouse Steve Harvey
Career Profession Housewife
Length of Marriage 17 years
Net Worth $500,000

Mary Lee Harvey

Mary Lee Harvey is born as Mary Lee Shackleford in Texas, USA. Her exact birth date is unknown, but it’s widely accepted that she’s born around the late ‘60s. She is also best known for being the former wife of famous comedian and host, Steve Harvey.

Mary Lee is Steve’s second wife. They’ve been together for 17 years but unfortunately ended in divorce.

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Childhood and Early Life

Mary Lee led a private life before meeting Steve. Because of this, there are no details on her education, childhood, and other details about her early life. What’s sure, though, is that she had lived an average life, and most likely had an average working-class family.

According to reports, Mary Lee and Steve first met in one of the latter’s comedy show in 1989 in Arlington, Texas. Many say that the two had a strong affection for each other. They dated for around a year before deciding to get married on that same year.

However, this isn’t the first time because Steve gets married as he is already a divorcee. Her first marriage was with Marcia Harvey whom he married in 1980. He also has three children with her. But then again, little details and information can be obtained from her previous marriage.

Meanwhile, his marriage with Mary Lee had been good for the first few years. They even had a baby boy together. Unfortunately, things changed and Steve’s career was too big for her to handle. His popularity grew rapidly, which caused a negative impact on his relationship with his wife.

Nonetheless, Mary Lee supported Steve in his career and things still went well for them.

Knowing Steve Harvey More

Steve had a great time in the showbiz industry. Things went very well for him in 1990 when he joined the Second Annual Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search. He was a finalist for that show, which proved to be a stepping stone for him to further his career as a comedian.

Soon after, he became the host of the show “It’s Showtime at the Apollo.” His hosting career went very fine since then due to his natural sense of humor and wit. This enabled him to broaden his field and dive into TV shows.

He got his own show entitled, “The Steve Harvey Show” in 1996. It proved to be a huge success, which is why he was given more projects like “Racing Stripes.” He then released and published his book which was titled “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.”

This brought in huge money for him. He even went on to radio broadcasting as he hosted a radio program called “The Steve Harvey Morning Show.” Up until now, the radio show continues to air.

He was even part of the “Celebrity Family Feud” and “Family Feud.” Many people also know him for being the host of Miss Universe, which he started hosting in 2015.

Steve has gone through a lot of achievements in his career, but he also has his ups and down. One of which was his mistake in saying the winner of the Miss Universe pageant.


Infamous Divorce

Many thought that Steve and Mary Lee were having a good time as a couple. However, they were wrong after they officially ended their marriage with a divorce. They were married for 17 years but still failed. According to reports, Steve had another girlfriend, named Marjorie Bridge.

The former couple even had to go through a lengthy child custody battle. In fact, Mary Lee shared a number of videos on YouTube to get the sympathy of people to her side. She even accused Harvey of not being a good husband and father.

Because of this, Steve decided to say something about the accusations. He defended himself and filed a case in court citing slander against her former wife. Steve said that there was no strong evidence that what Mary Lee was saying was true.

Many also believe that another reason why the couple divorced was that Steve was becoming very popular, that Mary Lee couldn’t anymore cope with her husband’s celebrity status.

However, Steve still won their child’s custody battle, but this also meant Mary acquires the mansion of Steve and was to get $40,000 monthly for four years as welfare.

Aftermath and beyond…

Mary Lee was forced to keep her silence about the matter as the case has been settled in court. However, she still continued sharing statements against Steve in public. This meant that she violated the order of the court, which eventually led her to be jailed for 30 days.

This wasn’t enough to stop her. As soon as she was released, Mary Lee made another statement to the public saying that she didn’t violate court laws.

Meanwhile, Steve finally found his happiness back as he and Marjorie Bridges were married in 2007. She was the same woman whom Mary Lee accused of having an affair with his husband.

However, Steve said that Marjorie was the one who made him a better man. He also said that he became a better father to his kids. Similar to Steve, Marjorie also has children from her previous relationship.

Specifically speaking, she has three. Fortunately, Steve treats her kids just like his own. Additionally, the couple has four grandchildren now. Life has indeed managed to be good to Steve after the tribulation he has to go through in his previous marriage.

Mary Lee also remained quiet since then and she has been out of the spotlight for some time already. But reports state that she also has remarried, this time, with a person who isn’t a celebrity. It is said that the man he marries has a family name called Vaughn.

Mary Lee also recently demanded $60 million from his husband, but still lost the battle.

Net Worth

Sources state that Mary Lee Harvey has a net worth of $500,000. This sum of money came from her many sources of income such as her being the former wife of Steve Harvey. His former husband, however, has a staggering net worth of $140 million.

It is expected that Mary Lee Harvey will have a higher net worth in the months and years to come because of her many investments and businesses. It also doesn’t mean that she lost most of her fortune after their divorce because she also has independent sources of income.

With this, one can easily say that Mary Lee is an independent woman who is strong enough to overcome challenges in her life. However, life has been a bit hard for her because of her unfortunate marriage.

Nonetheless, she managed to overcome all these challenges because of her self determination and will to live a happy life.

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