Manny Jacinto: Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, Career, and More

Name Manny Jacinto
Birthday Aug. 20, 1987
Birthplace Manila, Philippines
Age 32-years-old
Career Actor, Dancer
Net Worth $500,000
Schools Attended University of British Columbia

Many Hollywood celebrities started out in an academically inclined career and then decide to change path and head to the show business. Well, this is for those who knew that they are really into acting and that being an actor is their passion.

One of those guys is Manny Jacinto, an accomplished actor who had been studying civil engineering in college.

However, he later knew that this wasn’t the career for him which is why he dived into a different career. He then joined a hip hop dance contest, which later helped him make it to the TV and movie industry.

Childhood and Family

Manny Jacinto was born on Aug. 20, 1987. His birthplace is in Manila, Philippines. However, he didn’t grow up there as he lived most of his childhood days in Vancouver, Canada.

Very little information is known from his childhood days, but some sources state that he had been a smart kid back then. He was curious of the things around him and he had good socialization skills.

This mean that he had lots of friends and most of which are close to him. This helped him gain confidence in himself, thus helping him go towards achieving his dream of becoming a showbiz icon. Well, that’s just what happened to him now.

Where did Manny Jacinto study?

Manny had been a smart student during his early schooling days. He even managed to make it to college and study at the prestigious school, the University of British Columbia. It was there where he studied civil engineering and graduated a number of years later.

However, it’s nice noting that Manny wasn’t really into becoming an engineer. Though he passed his subjects and managed to graduate from that degree, he still didn’t feel that it was the right career choice for him.

This is why he dived into acting and dancing instead. His introvert attitude might seem strange for a celebrity, but that’s what gave him a boost in his chosen career. This is also one of the reasons why not much is known about his parents or what his childhood has been.


Manny Jacinto was an engineering graduate and he was in line to become one of the engineers in his family. However, that didn’t go the way it was supposed to be as he stopped himself from his engineering tracks and instead dived into becoming an actor and dancer.

He appeared in a number of TV shows and movies. But one of his first appearances was for the TV series, “iZombie.”

It was his acting debut because it was his first time to become an actor. It was a big hard for him at first but he still managed because he really wanted to succeed in the acting industry. Then came his acting debut in the movies. This was for the 2011 film, “Once Upon a Time.”

It was a hugely successful film for him as this showed that he had what it takes to appear and star in a big Hollywood film. Soon after, he then was chosen to appear in a number of other big movies because of his acting skills.

One of his most notable roles was in the hit film, “The Romeo Section.” He acted naturally in the movie, which in turn, gave him a lot of fans from different corners of the globe.

He also appeared in the 2016 movie, “The Good Place.” It was during these moments when his fame and reputation in show business grew. It then didn’t take long for him to be established as one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood.

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Is Manny Jacinto dating?

Manny Jacinto is the kind of guy who doesn’t share much information to the media because of his attitude.

Well, this has been confirmed a number of times because most of his friends say that he is a bit of an introvert, which means that he doesn’t socialize that much with people, but just for a select few.

Because of this, it’s hard to say whether he is currently dating or not as there are also no reports of him being seen or spotted with someone. Furthermore, it also seems like he is busy focusing on his career instead of other matters such as relationships and dating.

He is also a bit young and he might just want to stay single and live a free life. But we really can’t tell, as there is also no news of his former relationships.

The way he also acts now says so little about his possible dating life. Maybe he is dating someone but we just don’t know because he doesn’t post and share much about it in social media.

With this, it can be said that he is safely single.

How much is Manny Jacinto’s net worth?

Manny Jacinto might still have a long way to go in his career, but he already showed that he got what it takes to become one of the best actors in the showbiz industry.

Knowing that he starred in numerous films, TV shows, and has gained many fans around the globe, it’s safe to say that he’s one successful man.

According to sources, he has saved a net worth of $500,000. But it’s also likely that his net worth might be higher than that knowing how silent he is when it comes to disclosing his properties and assets to the media.

It’s also very likely that he has businesses that we aren’t aware of. If this is the case, then his net worth is surely higher than $500,000.

It’s also very likely that he’ll have a higher net worth in the future knowing that his career is in an upward trend and that he’s becoming more famous by the day.

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