Lisa Bonet Life, Net Worth, Family, Career, and Bio Unveiled

Name Lisa Bonet
Birthday Nov. 16, 1967
Birthplace San Francisco, California
Age 51-years-old
Father Allen Bonet
Mother Arlene Litman
Career Actress
Net Worth $10 million
Ethnicity African, American, Ashkenai Jewish
Height 5’2
Weight 53 kilograms
Body Measurements 32-23-31

Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet is a popular American actress and is best known for her role in the NBC sitcom show, “The Cosby Show” for the role of Denise Huxtable.

She is one of the most distinguished actresses to date because of her acting prowess and the ability to take on any character that is given to her.

Childhood and Early Life

Lisa Bonet was born on Nov. 16, 1967, in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Her parents are Allen Bonet and Arlene Litman. Allen is a singer for operas while her mom is a music teacher and has Jewish heritage.

She is an American citizen and her ethnicity is of mixed American, African, and Ashkenai Jewish. Meanwhile, Lisa’s birth sign is Scorpio.

Where did Lisa Bonet go to school?

The name of the high school that Lisa Bonet attended was Birmingham High School. However, she left it and transferred to Reseda High School. It was here where she knew that her passion was acting and that it was her calling.

Though she wasn’t the best student in school, she did her best to excel in her studies and eventually finished it. However, this wasn’t her plan in life as she still decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.

Start of Career

Some of the first acting roles that Lisa had was playing the character of Carla for the American black comedy medical drama TV show called, “St. Elsewhere.” She also appeared for the show’s seventh episode titled, “Entrapment,” for its second season.

This episode aired on TV on Dec. 7, 1983. That, however, was still a small-time role for her. Many say that her biggest breakthrough came out in 1984 when she played the character of Denise Huxtable.

Huxtable was a rebellious and free-spirited second child of Clair Huxtable and Dr. Cliff Huxtable. The role was for the hit American TV show, “The Cosby Show.” This was one of her biggest career accomplishments as she starred together with showbiz legend, Bill Cosby.

The show titled, “The Cosby Show” premiered on Sept. 20, 1984, on NBC and aired on TV for a total of eight seasons. Unfortunately, it ended on April 30, 1992. Despite that, it ended on a high note as it was the number one ranked TV show for five consecutive seasons.

Bonet gained great popularity as a result of taking the role of Denise in the hit TV sitcom show, “The Cosby Show.”

Furthermore, she also appeared on and off the show which started from its first pilot episode called “Theo’s Economic Lesson” until the 24th episode of season seven called “Cliff and Jake” which aired on April 11, 1991. With this, Bone appeared for a total of 98 episodes all in all.

She didn’t just appear for the show for the sake of acting, as she poured her effort and passion into it considerably. In fact, this enabled her to win an Emmy Award and was even nominated for the Young Artist Award.

Then in 1985, Bonet got featured in two anthology TV series in  the U.S. where she took the role of Justine for the TV show, “Tales from the Darkside.” She appeared in the show’s episode entitled, “The Satanic Piano.”

Furthermore, she also played the character of Carrie in the TV series, “ABC Afterschool Special.” She also had a successful small screen character with her role as Denise Huxtable.

However, she wasn’t just made for TV shows as she also had a number of successful films such as for the psychological horror movie, “Angel Heart,” directed by Alan Parker. She took the role of Epiphany Proudfoot in the film, who was one of the main characters.

Bonet starred alongside Robert de Niro and Mickey Rourke and was launched in cinemas on March 6, 1987.

Lisa Bonet net worth

What are the achievements and awards Lisa Bonet won?

Lisa Bonet was a successful actress because of her many accomplishments. Some of the biggest ones being her Young Artist Award for the Best Young Actor or Actress Ensemble for TV Comedy, Drama Series, or Special for the 1984 film, “The Cosby Show.”

Furthermore, her role for the 1987 movie, “Angel Heart,” also landed her big time success as she got the Best Young Female Superstar in Motion Pictures award for that film.

Her role for the TV movie, “Lathe of Heaven,” is also one of her accomplishments as the Philip Haas directed film which was released on Oct. 29, 2002, granted her awards for her role as Heather Lelache. Bonet starred alongside Lukas Haas and James Caan in the movie.

The film also got the Best Single Program Presentation award from the 2003 Saturn Award nomination.

In addition, Lisa Bonet’s portrayal of the role of Queenie in the film, “Biker Boyz,” which was released on Jan. 31, 2003 was, unfortunately, heavily criticized by people due to the pace and theme of the movie.

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Digging Deeper into Her Career

However, she had more movie endeavors that made up for her failure to make ends meet for that one single movie. This was for her role as Mae Evans for the 2005 movie, “Whitepaddy.”

Her role as Magdalena in the blockbuster hit drama thriller movie called, “Road to Paloma,” was also a huge hit.

It’s also worth noting that Lisa managed to juggle her small screen and big screen roles, just like what she did with her role as Maya Daniels for the U.S. adaptation of “Life on Mars,” a British sci-fi crime drama that was also positively acclaimed by movie critics.

She appeared on the show’s five episodes, with a total of 17 episodes airing from Oct. 9, 2008, to April 1, 2009, in ABC.

She also worked in a number of other TV shows such as for “Drunk History” which aired from 2013 to 2014. Bonet also appeared in 7 episodes of the series, “The Red Road” from 2014 to 2015 and a few episodes in the 2016 show, “Girls.”

How much is the net worth of Lisa Bonet?

Lisa Bonet has been in the showbiz industry for some time now. Because of this, there is no doubt that she has already amassed enough wealth to make her one of the richest celebrities to date.

And according to reports, Bonet has a net worth of around $10 million. However, many believe that her specific net worth is more than that as she has numerous other assets and properties scattered around the U.S. and over the globe.

What are the body measurements of Lisa Bonet?

Lisa Bonet is not very tall as she has a height of 5 feet and 2 inches, which is shorter than the average American. Furthermore, she also weighs 53 kilograms, which is by all means, fit and standard.

Her body measurement is 32-23-31 inches, which again, is fit for her height. Her hair is colored black, as well as her eyes. Also, her shoe size is 8 while her dress size is usually around 2.

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