Lena the Plug Bio, Facts, Net Worth & More

Name Lena Nersesian
Date of Birth 1st July 1991
Birthplace Glendale, California
Nationality American
Age 27
Birth Sign `Gemini
Ethnicity Armenian-American
Relationship Status Committed
Boyfriend Adam Grandmaison


Who is Lena the Plug?

Lena Nersesian is a YouTuber and Instagram model who has gained fame through the use of her several online vlogs and her bad attitude. She is the type of ‘bad girl’ that every guy goes for in a class. Lena the Plus is an ambivert and is gaining popularity day by day. She is relatively new as a YouTuber but has taken the same stage as the YouTube greats such as Jake Paul or Sommer Ray.

Every blog on the internet will talk about the controversies that she is overshadowed in so we will take a different path. It is important to focus on the kind of person she is and relate that to her life choices. Lena might be gaining most of her following due to her fans’ insatiable desire to see her naked but as a person, she is one of the nicest people you could meet.

Her typical ‘bad girl’ image is just the shell of her personality because she is more sensitive than most people think. She defines herself as a ‘dork’ because she loves books and also reads and writes poetry. However, it is important to mention that she does wish to increase her worth or capitalize on the idea of sex.

Early Life of Lena the Plug?

Lena Nersesian was born to two Armenian parents on 1st July’1991. Her family mostly comprised of conservative people who were mostly Christian. She was born in Glendale, California and lived there for a good chunk of her life.

As a child, Lena was very sweet and very smart as well. She got good grades constantly and was able to impress most of her teachers. She graduated from high school in 2009 and was able to gain admission into the University of California in Santa Cruz. This indicates that Lena Nersesian had a really smart mind and she was heading toward a different direction. This was so until she couldn’t go to University of Southern California because she couldn’t afford the fees. The fees that they asked amounted to $80,000 and it was unaffordable.

This left an impact on her where she decided to change things and start earning money by herself. Other than that, Lena Nersesian graduated with a degree in Psychology in her undergraduate program. She has also spent some time in Sweden as an exchange student where she helped take care of children as a nanny. This way she was able to earn some cash to get by. She even worked as an Uber driver to some extent to earn extra so she could enjoy the local delicacies. She is one hard-working woman.

Career Life of Lena the Plug?

Lena’s first few jobs included being a superstore attendant as well as an Uber driver where she didn’t even earn half of what she earns right now. She kept this going for a year before she finally realized that there was much more potential in social media than there was in physical tasks that paid less. She put two and two together and before you know it, she saw an increase in her following due to her hot body and extrovert charm.

She got the idea to venture into social media after she had worked for a social media related company. She gained some valuable experience from the job after which she ended up opening her own YouTube channel and Instagram account. The very first things she posted were fitness videos on how to exercise properly. She later moved on to a more comical stance and ended up taking part in some funny short videos after which she became used to videos that characterized her as a bad girl.

Lena found that videos where she had posted something ‘naughty’ and ‘sexual’ in nature got way better views and increased her followers accordingly as well. This is when she decided to post her famous ‘Sex Tape with boyfriend for 1 million’. The idea was that if she were to get 1 million followers, she would release a sex tape for her fans that they could enjoy without having to pay for it.

As of now, Lena the Plug has around 1.2 million Subscribers on YouTube and she regularly uploads videos of gluteal workouts. Her focus on her lower body is the reason why she has kept her fame intact. Her hot body combined with a bad girl personality is what is reflected to the millions of fans who watch her YouTube videos.

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Lena’s Overall Net Worth?

Sources say that although Lena’s net worth as of now is in the thousands, she actually earns a lot more than what is known. For example, just on her YouTube channel, she has over 1 million followers. That’s very impressive and YouTube pays a shit ton of money to vloggers who get that many. It is estimated, that Lena the Plug’s channel earns her around $900 to $15000 a month and around $11,000 to $176,300 per year.

That’s not all however. Lena the Plug also has an online store where she sells apparel amongst other items related to fashion. Her website is called lenetheplug.com and earns her up to $10,000 to $100,000 a year. Lena also has an Instagram account to take into consideration where she has more followers than anywhere else. Her Instagram followers amount to 1.2 million, but recent updates show that it might have been taken down due to the kind of content shown. However, Lena has plans on building a new one where she would regain her lost followers back.

Her being active on all these social media platforms allows her fan following to keep up-to-date with her since she is a very moody person and things change quite instantly for her.

Lena the Plug’s current Boyfriend?

Lena has had some very controversial love stories and the current one is a man named Adam Grandmaison who is known by the alias of Adam 22. The couple has lasted for over 3 years now and they first started dating in November 2016. Her boyfriend owns his own BMX clothing line and has also been part of a BMX website that he claims to be the most popular BMX website on the internet. Both are committed to each other and despite Lena has had many affairs, she is truly not thinking about ditching her current boyfriend.

He is the envy of many of her followers because since Lena declared she would make a sex tape with Adam, the followers have been eager to get her following up to 1 million to see what they do. She told in an interview how she and her boyfriend had once joked about the current deal they are putting forward for their followers. Nobody knows exactly how or when the tape will be released but one can hope and wait.


Lena the Plug is an interesting character with a lot of interesting life choices. She currently stated that she doesn’t exactly find her work to be the ‘job of her dreams’ but it does get her the required money she needs to accomplish things she had only dreamt about. She and her boyfriend therefore, are moving forward despite all the hate messages she receives about herself and her attitude.

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