Kimberly Anne Scott: Bio, Net Worth, Career, and Relationship with Eminem

Name Kimberly Anne Scott
Birthday Jan. 9, 1975
Birthplace Warren Michigan, U.S.A.
Age 44-years-old
Father Casimer Sluck
Mother Dawn Scott
Spouse Eminem
Career Author, Artist
Net Worth $2 million
Height 5’7
Weight 55 kg.

Kimberly Anne Scott

Kimberly Anne Scott is an accomplished American writer who has written numerous puzzles, greeting cards, and children books.

She also worked as a freelance illustrator as she had the natural talent in arts as well as her innate nature of being creative. However, Kimberly is also best known for being the former of legendary musician Eminem.

Yes, she’s an author, writer, and artist, but she came into the spotlight for being the spouse of one of the biggest names in show business and music industry.

Birth and Childhood

Kimberly was born on Jan. 9, 1975 in the United States. Her birthplace is in Warren Michigan, U.S.A. Her father is named Casimer Sluck, while her mom is Dawn Scott. She also has a sibling named Dwan Scott, who also happened to be her twin sister.

Unfortunately, her sister died due to heroin overdose just recently. Kimberly didn’t have a happy childhood because of the many issues and problems she and her family have to face. One of these problems was the alcoholic addiction of her stepfather.

To an extent, Kim ran away together with her sister because they already had too much abuse from their father. The two siblings then lived for a short time at Youth Home.

Soon after, they got out of the children’s shelter and lived together with Eminem and his mom named Debbie Nelson. Kim and Dwan attended high school together at Lincoln High School.

It was where she first met the student at that time, named Marshal Bruce Mathers III. He is now known as Eminem. Kim was only 13-years-old during that time, while Eminem was still 15-years-old.

Kimberly Anne Scott

Relationship and Romance

Kimberly first met Eminem in high school. It was when Eminem was still starting his career while rapping for the son of LL Cool J with the song, “I’m Bad.”

Time passed and Kimberly knew Eminem more. This was the reason why Eminem later decided to bring Kimberly in his house which he was living with his mother.

Fortunately, Eminem’s mom accepted Him and her sister because she knew that their stepfather was no good due to his alcoholic and abusive behavior. Kim and Dawn who was her twin sister ran away from their house and lived together with Eminem.

Take note, though that Eminem was still living with his mom at that time. It’s also worth noting that Kimberly and Eminem had an on and off relationship since they started dating in 1989.

Fortunately, they managed things and their formerly on and off relationship blossomed. They soon became high school sweethearts. Many believe that this was because they shared the same interests and had fun whenever they are together.

Eminem had always dreamed of becoming a successful and famous rapper since he was in ninth grade. Fortunately, he got all the resources and the talent when he was in high school. In fact, he was on the verge of making it big in his career while he was still dating Kim.

However, Kimberly got pregnant at that time. This resulted to the halting of Eminem’s dreams and then led to fights and misunderstandings between the two. Good thing they managed all these and started to live in harmony with one another.

Their daughter named Hailie was born on Dec. 25, 1995. It was a happy and joyous moment for them at that start as they finally had their bundle of joy. However, this slowed down Eminem’s progression in the music industry and his chosen career.

This led to numerous issues and, again, fights, between the couple. They were too young at that time, which is why it would not be a surprise if they kept on fighting and having arguments against each other.

However,  they still ended up together as they got married on June 14, 1990. Unfortunately, they separated and got divorced after two years.

The couple remarried in 2006, but again separated after just more than a month. Eminem was the one who filed for divorce against Kimberly. This devastated Kim which caused her to have a number of cases against the law.

Did Kimberly Anne attempt suicide?

Kimberly Anne Scott got herself charged with felony after she was convicted to possess the illegal drug, cocaine, in 2003. She was then sentenced to imprisonment in jail after that. However, her lawyer defends her, saying that Kimberly attempted suicide by taking in cocaine.

According to reports, Kimberly attempted to cut herself on her wrists when she knew that Eminem was still in love with her after the musician dedicated one of his songs to her.

Many agree to the fact that Kimberly feels unstable whenever she feels that his former husband, Eminem, is still in love and emotionally attached to her. She even attempted committing suicide by cutting her wrists. Good thing she failed with it.

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Who are the children of Kimberly Anne Scott?

Kimberly Anne and Eminem have a total of three children together. Their names are Whitney Scott, Hailie Jade Mathers, and Parker Scott. The couple also adopted another child they named as Alaina Scott Marshall.

Alaina was the daughter of Dwan Scott, who is also the twin sister of Kimberly. Dwan died in 2016 due to drug abuse. She also faced numerous charges due to her very serious drug addiction.

Many agree that the reason Eminem adopted Alaina was because of her mom’s bad reputation. He then later gave Alaina his last name, Mathers. Now, she is named and called as Alaina Marie Mathers.

Knowing the career and net worth of Kimberly Anne

Kimberly is best known as the former wife of Eminem. But that doesn’t mean that she fully depends on Eminem’s earnings and finances. In fact, she managed to save enough money thanks to her successful writing career in writing children puzzles, greeting cards, and books.

According to reports, Kimberly has a net worth hovering around the $2 million mark. That pales in comparison, though, to his former husband Eminem who has a staggering $190 million net worth.

Life After Divorce

Kimberly battled drug addiction and depression after she gone through her second divorce with Eminem. She even got herself in a car accident after crashing her car in a pole in Oct. 2015. It was then later found out that she was driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

But she later claimed that it was an attempted suicide because she felt like her life is no longer meaningful. Kimberly then attended alcohol and drug counseling for one year.

Fortunately, they managed to patch things up. Now, Kimberly Anne is believed to already be happy with her life and is already friends with Eminem.

What are the body measurements of Kimberly Anne Scott?

Kimberly Anne Scott stands at an average height of five feet and seven inches. She weighs around 55 kilograms and has light brown hair and gray eyes.

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