Keisha Chambers Married Life with Justin Chambers, Net Worth, Kids & More

Key Information

Full name: Keisha Chambers

Year of Birth: 1970

Date of Birth: Not available publicly

Current age: 48 years old

Relationship status: Married to Justin Chambers

Nationality: American

Religion: Christianity

Background: Hispanic, Africa and Caucasian

Keisha Chambers

Who is Keisha Chambers?

Keisha Chambers is a former Hollywood actress who was born in the United states of America in 1970. The actress is currently 48 years old and her exact Date of Birth is not known by the media. She is five feet four inches tall. Keisha belongs to Hispanic, Africa and Caucasian background and was born to a middle-class family. She is the only daughter in the family and has two elder brothers. She holds American nationality and follows Christianity. As for her height Keisha is only a few inches shorter than her husband Justin Chambers who has a height of 1.8 meters (5′ 10¾”).

Early life of Keisha Chambers

Since Keisha was born to a middle-class family she did not have a fancy childhood and she completed her higher education with the help of her brothers who worked hard to make sure that her education was not compromised. Since childhood Keisha was interested in acting and the glamour industry and wanted to peruse the career of acting but was cut short as her friends mocked her for the dark color of her skin. However, Keisha opted for a job at the modelling agency as a trainer and grooming instructor of models.

Keisha Chambers’ Net Worth

The exact earnings of Keisha have not been revealed to the public as of yet and though she is a well-known personality of the 90’s and early 2000’s she has no source of income as she is not working. As the wife of Justin Chambers, she is known to have a share in his fortune and earnings. Other than this she is usually busy in her household chores and raising her children. Her husband has a net worth of around $18 Million and is known to have an annual salary of $9 million. His personal investment is known to be around $11.5 million.

The couple owns a luxurious house worth $1.5 million in Los Angeles. They also known luxury cars including a BMW and a Porsche.

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Keisha’s Personal Life

Keisha Chambers is the wife of the Justin Chambers and the mother to five children, son named Jackson and four daughters named Isabella, twins named Kaila and Maya and Eva. Keisha has a very healthy relationship with her family and is known to be a very supportive wife. According to her husband they have been together for a very long time and he does not know what he would do without her. She is now a homemaker and devotes most of her time to her husband and children at home.

When asked, her husband said that they have been with each other since such a long time that he can’t see life without her. He said that he remembered them having conversations related to their grandparents and now his grandparents are no more, they went through that together and now that their own parents are aging, they are going through that together as well.

Keisha has a very healthy relationship with her in-laws and other family members of her husband. She is very close to her mother-in-law, Pam Chambers and her father-in-law, Johan Chambers.

Marriage to Justin Chambers

Keisha gained public attention after she got married to the well-known actor Justin Chambers. Keisha and Justin Chambers first met back in the 90’s when Keisha worked as a model trainer at a modelling agency and Justin was working for ad campaigns for Calvin Klein. At the time Justin Chambers had completed his four years study at the H.B studio. They both got married in 1993 and have been together for more than 24 years. The wedding was a private one and only close friends and family were invited. Through the years the couple has not lost interest in each other and are often seen accompanying each other at different public events

The couple appeared at the American Music Awards along with their daughter in 2007, the function took place in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theater L.A LIVE.

They were also seen at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shown November 2016 and attended a party held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California.

In addition to this, they made another appearance at the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on 27th August 2016. The awards took place in Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles, California.

Keisha Chambers Husband

Justin Chambers was born in Springfield, Ohio on 11 July 1970.  Justin Chambers entered the modelling world after getting discovered by a model scout in a Paris Metro station. Chamber was also seen campaigning as a representative for Calvin Klein fragrance. He made his acting debut in a recurring role in a soap opera called ‘Another World’ which aired on National Broadcasting Company (NBC). The very first film he acted in was a comedy drama known as Liberty heights. However, he became more prominent in the public eye when he was casted as Dr Alex Karev in the famous TV series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. He was also named in the list of the 15 highest paid TV actors in the world.

Justin Chambers is quite active in social works too. He is a member of the nonprofit Pentecostal Christian Church mission Dream Center of Los Angeles.

Keisha’s life after marriage

After getting married, Keisha left acting and the glamor agency, so she could pay proper attention to her family. She once revealed in an interview that her family is her top priority and she likes to devote most of her time to the upbringing of her children. She is now a homemaker and a very supportive wife to her husband. She has two rescue dogs as pets as well and does not plan to have any more children as of yet.

When asked about planning on having any more children in an interview, Justin Chambers said, “No, no, no. We just got two rescue dogs. Of course, we got two, and not one. I guess we can’t do anything in moderation.”

Keisha Chambers social media accounts

Though her husband has many websites dedicated to him, Keisha Chambers is not known to have any social media accounts run by her.

Other information

As of now this is the only information about the life of Keisha Chambers that is known to the public. Though the couple is usually in the public eye, Keisha Chambers prefers to keep her and her family life private and hence not much information regarding the family is revealed to the public.

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