Digging Deeper Into Kat Stacks’ Life: Family, Career, Net Worth, and Bio Revealed

Full Name Kat Stacks
Real Name Andrew Herrera
Birthday Nov. 2, 1989
Birthplace Caracas, Venezuela
Age 29-years-old
Career Rapper, Vlogger
Number of Children 1
Net Worth $200,000

Kat Stack

Kat Stacks is a famous hip hop artist, vlogger, and rapper. However, she is best known for her YouTube channel that continues to attract viewers from around the world due to her interesting contents.

Stacks’ real name is Andrea Herrera and was born on Nov. 2, 1989, at Caracas, Venezuela. She has been through a number of issues and controversies due to the things she posts on her YouTube channel. Many of which are controversial.

However, she managed to dish away all the rumors and challenges as she continues to thrive along with her social media accounts. She’s been in the vlogging business for nearly a decade now as Kats started vlogging in 2010.

Early Life and Family

Unfortunately, there are no details to her early childhood or the names of her parents. What’s sure, though, is that her family is mainly and originally from Venezuela. However, they transferred to the United States in search of a better life.

Kats was still eight-years-old at that time. What makes their stay in the country challenging is that she overstayed and went beyond the allowed length of time stipulated in her temporary visa. Because of this, she is considered an undocumented immigrant of the country.

Kats had a hard time growing up in the U.S. as she and her family lived in a poor neighborhood. There were a lot of things going on in her life since then. People who were bad influences on her were literally everywhere and surrounded her from different angles.

Unfortunately, she was too young to know what’s right and wrong during those times. Soon after, she met a guy and fell in love. It took them around six months before the guy asked her to sell and use her body to make money.

Kats was very young at that time, as she was only 14-years-old. She objected at first, but soon accepted because she needed money to survive. Kats then entered the world of prostitution at such a very young age. Specifically speaking, Kats was only 15-years-old at that time.

Life went on for her, but things became harder. After a while, she became pregnant. It was a disaster for her as she didn’t want the baby at first. However, she accepted her fate and knew she had to take care of the baby.

She continued with her unfavorable career for six more years, thus losing any hope of living the normal life and having an education.

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Things had a drastic change in her life when she turned 20. Kat decided to speak about her experiences being a prostitute for more than six years. She even said in her social media accounts the names of her clients.

This is what brought people’s attention to her. Surprisingly, some of her clients were famous hip hop celebrities such as Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Soulja Boy. This sparked an uproar in social media as it caused a lot of controversy on the rappers’ names.

Unsurprisingly, the celebrities she mentioned immediately retaliated. These, however, were snubbed as she gained the sympathy of the many. In fact, Kat Stacks gained supporters and fans worldwide for speaking up.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t easy for her as she experienced many criticisms for her act. She was even physically assaulted when she was slapped off her chair by one of the men she mentioned in social media.

This, along with many other struggles she went through, was one of the reasons why she became more famous around the globe. Stacks even managed to become a member of DREAMers.

It’s a non-profit organization which helps undocumented immigrants seek justice for various abusive cases they experienced.

While all of these were taking place, Kat didn’t allow this to bring her life back to chaos as she furthered her musical career. She used her experiences and fame to create diss tracks aimed at her so-called abusers.

Diss tracks are derogatory songs which criticize specific people. Up until now, Kat continued to make vlogs and diss tracks for her social media accounts.

Challenges and Issues

Aside from the challenges and series of bad experiences she had to go through her childhood days, Kat also had a few more in her later years. One of which is an incident in 2010 where she allegedly didn’t show up in a concert that she was paid to perform in and attend.

She was quickly apprehended by an official at the airport, as what her promoter in Nashville said. The airport staff then did a serious background check on her identification and cards, and soon discovered that she was an illegal and undocumented immigrant.

Kat Stacks was then arrested and charged with illegal stay in the country. To make things worse, her arrest tainted her reputation after the judge said that the country cannot benefit from her stay even if they were to reconsider her to stay in the U.S.

More so, the judge continued saying that Kat was foul-mouthed and that she brags about having slept with famous celebrities to get money from them. The judge even went on saying that her behavior in the online community motivates the young ones to follow her as a bad example.

The court hearings then concluded against her favor and she was set to be deported back to Venezuela. Fortunately, she is a member of DREAMers, and thanks to the non-profit organization, her claim to stay in the country were supported.

According to DREAMers, Kat was dragged to the U.S. along with her family and was forced into prostitution because of economic issues. And deporting her would only aggravate her unlucky scenario.

This angle and perception gave the court a negative reputation, which is why the decision was canceled in 2011. Since then, Kat Stacks was allowed to legally stay in the country.

Being an Author

Kat Stacks isn’t just famous for her reputation, but she’s also got another side to herself. In this case, it’s being an author. Stacks wrote a book when she was on the verge of deportation, entitled, “Admire Andrea: Surviving Savagery to Saving Lives.”

It was her autobiography which she wrote herself. It was published by Worldstar Publishing, LLC on Nov. 2013. Though this didn’t become a best-selling book, this gave her a decent income, along with her popularity in social media.

Family and Son

Kat gave birth at the young age of 14-years-old. Her child was a boy whom she raised by herself. Up until now, she still lives with her son. Unfortunately, the name of the boy is unknown, but many agree that it has an initial TJ to its name.

The father of the boy is also unknown. However, Kat Stacks was said to already be pregnant even before she joined the world of prostitution. With this, it’s safe to say that the father of the child is her boyfriend.

Net Worth of Kat Stacks

Various reports state that Kat Stacks has a net worth of $200,000. Most of her income comes from vlogging on YouTube, as well as her numerous other social media accounts. She also regularly has concerts, which then again, adds more money to her funds.

There are also a lot of projects lined up for her. With this, it can be expected that her net worth will increase in the coming months or years.

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