Joie Chavis: Net Worth, Family, Childhood, Marriage, and More

Name Joie Chavis
Birthday Sept. 27, 1988
Birthplace Torrance, California
Age 31-years-old
Career Social Media Star
Net Worth $1.5 million
Civil Status Single
Boyfriends Bow Wow, Future
Schools Attended Torrance High School, University of California
Height 5’4
Weight 50 kg.


Joie Chavis is an American social media star who rose to fame thanks to her many interesting posts and life. She is also best known for having dated musicians, Future and Bow Wow. Aside from that, she also served as a backup dancer.

And she’s not just into the world of entertainment as she’s also an entrepreneur as she has her own online shopping store. However, that’s not just her story as she has more interesting things about her life.

If you’re into that, then continue reading. Here, we’ve got all the information you’re going to need, such as her life, how much her net worth is, her career, and many more.

Childhood and Bio

Joie Chavis was born on Sept. 27, 1988. Her birthplace is in Torrance, California. Many agree that she has had a normal childhood just like most of us because she had the starting resources to become a successful social media star with millions of followers around the globe.

There are not many details about her family, though, because, despite her fame, she likes to keep things about her personal life including her family, to herself and to her close family and friends. It’s known, though, that she has a sister who is named Phatara Chavis.

Where did Joie Chloe study?

Joie Chloe is like most of us, who went to school, studied a number of subjects, and made friends in school. In Joie’s case, though, she studied at the Torrance High School.

After graduating there, she then studied at the University of California. Reports say that she had a bit of a hard time during her first days in university.

However, she easily adapted to it because she had many friends. She was also happy and contented with her course back in college, which is why she had a very good and productive time in school.

It was a great time from her because it was where she learned all there is to know about life and how to become competitive in the working landscape. However, the degree and course that she took isn’t known.

Career and Entering the Spotlight

Joie Chavis gained the attention of many after it was confirmed that she dated Shad Gregory Moss. He is a famous musician and rapper who also comes by the name of Bow Wow.

Furthermore, Joie also worked as one of the backup dancers of many hit music videos for top singers in the music industry.

And not just that, but she also has the entrepreneurship side of herself, knowing that she’s CEO of her online shopping store which she called “Shop Shia.”

The reason behind that name is that her daughter’s name is Shia Moss. Many people follow her, mostly because of her interesting and stunningly gorgeous photos on Instagram.

Also, her account got a popularity boost after it was also confirmed that she dated another raper, this time, Future.

How much is Joie Chavis’ net worth?

Joie Chavis is a solid example of how social media stars can get to earn a lot, even though they just need to make sure that they maintain an interesting account.

Well, she’s one of the many social media influencers who earned huge money. In fact, sources say that her net worth is around $1.5 million. Meanwhile, her salary is around $100,000 annually.

It can be said that her net worth will increase in the coming months and years knowing that she’s becoming more famous by the day. She’s also got a bright mind, so it’s safe to say she’s got everything in control.

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Is Joie Chavis currently dating?

No, Joie Chavis is currently single. However, she has been through a number of relationships before, some of which are with musicians, Bow Wow and Future. She first dated Bow Wow.

Many say that the couple has been dating on and off for around four years, until they finally decided to separate.

She even has a child with Bow Wow, specifically a daughter whom she named Shia Moss. After her breakup with Bow Wow, she moved on and dated another guy, this time, another rapper musician named Future.

And just like her relationship with Bow Wow, she also just dated Future for a short span of time. The reasons aren’t known, but it’s safe to say that she and Future might have many misunderstandings.

She also has a child, but this time, a boy whom she named as Hendrix, with the father being Future. And despite the fact that they have already broken up with each other, he still makes sure that he will be there to support his child.

What is Joie Chavis’ height and weight?

Joie Chavis has an average height, specifically because it’s standard among women. She stands at a height of five feet and four inches. Meanwhile, her weight is around 50 kilograms, meaning that sh’e fit, slim, and has a healthy body.

Her body’s vital stats measures 37 inches by 26 inches by 38 inches. The color of her hair is black, and she’s got dark brown eyes.

Many agree that Joie is doing her best to have a slim and fit body so that she will look attractive to her audience and followers. It might be that she’s doing this by maintaining weekly regular exercise.

How many followers does Joie Chavis in social media?

Joie Chavis is a full-fledged social media star. With this, it can be said that she’s big on social media. She, however, just one account, and this is on Instagram.

Her account there has around a million followers, with the figure increasing by the day. The reasons aren’t known why she doesn’t have an account on Facebook and Twitter, but it might be because she just wants to focus her effort and energy on her Instagram.

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