Jessica Rogan Net Worth, Marriage with Joe Rogan, Career, And More Facts Unveiled

Full Name Jessica Schimmel Rogan
Date of Birth  June 28, 1978
Place of Birth Scottsdale, Arizona
Ethnicity Irish and Welsh
Nationality     American
Career Profession      Product Analyst, Producer
Parents                       Robert Schimmel and Vicki Schimmel
Stepmother    Melissa Schimmel
Sibling 6
Spouse Joe Rogan
Children          3
Net Worth $1 million

Jessica Rogan

Jessica Rogan started out as a humble cocktail waitress, and has now burst into popularity as a famous TV producer. She has worked with multiple standup events and comedy shows. Aside from these, she’s also made it big in the modeling industry thanks to her looks, wit, and charisma.

Things changed drastically in her life after meeting Joe Rogan. They married a few years after and now have a family of their own. Joe Rogan is a famous actor and comedian. Jessica was born in Arizona to parents who were active in showbiz.

As of now, she’s working mostly behind the scenes while producing some of the TV shows of her husband. Many believed that she’ll just stay in his husband’s shadow. But with the help of her passion and will to become more than that, she’s managed to break out of it.

Now, she’s made a name for herself in the TV industry. Some of her most notable early accomplishments were her roles in producing the famous documentary film entitled, “Hollywood and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed.”

Her role being an assistant producer had a huge effect on the success of this film. However, she’s still best known for being the wife of famous Joe Rogan who’s currently a UFC commentator, standup comedian, and podcast host.

Early Life and Childhood

Jessica Rogan was born on June 28, 1978 in the state of Arizona, USA. Being born in a big family wasn’t easy for her as she needed to adapt and know her place. This was especially true as she had five siblings, all of which, had a fair share of their parent’s love and attention.

Nonetheless, she was cool with this as she went well with her siblings. She graduated high school in her local hometown and further pursued higher education in the University of Arizona.

Jessica majored in Psychology as she was continuously baffled with how the human mind works. She also wanted to improve her social skills, perhaps because she had dreams of one day entering the showbiz industry.

However, it’s worth noting that she’s also studied in the California State University before attending college at the University of Arizona.

Her family had a huge effect on her career as she has said numerous times that she wanted to be in the same line of work as her family, specifically her parents. Jessica even considers Robert Schimmel, her father, as her role model.

Knowing Jessica Rogan’s Family

Jessica was born and raised in the family house of the Schimmels. Her father’s name was Robert Schimmel, while her mother was named Vicki Schimmel. Rober was a famous standup comedian while her mother also had been in the showbiz industry.

However, not much is known about her mother. Jessica has five siblings, but she grew up with six of them as the other one was her half brother named Sam. The names of her other siblings were Derek, Jacob, Max, and her sister named Aaliyah.

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Jessica Rogan’s Rags to Riches Career

Jessica Rogan had a rough start to her career. However, this wasn’t really bad as she considered this as a normal stage in anyone’s life. As soon as she graduated college at university, she started her career working as a cocktail waitress.

She wanted to make both ends meet as she wants to make a name for herself, and not just be in the shadows of her famous comedian father. Because of this, she was constantly looking for a better job while working hard as a cocktail waitress.

Her interest in TV shows had a huge effect on her. Soon after, she decided that she needs to use her father’s connections to somehow improve her career. This bore fruit, and later, she became one of the assistants on the famous animated comedy show, “The Simpsons.”

Jessica worked as the production assistant of the animated series for 15 episodes. Aside from that, she also took the role as production assistant in the documentary film, “Hollywood and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed.”

She even appeared alongside her father as she was featured in “The Howard Stern Show” together with her father, Robert. Things went even better for her as she was slowly gaining flack within the showbiz industry.

By May 2010, Jessica became a model for EM Model Management, a Chinese modeling company. Things started out great for her. However, she soon realized that becoming a model wasn’t her calling and swiftly lost interest.

Unfortunately, she had no choice but to finish her contracts. She then was featured in a few modeling assignments for “Wholesome”, a Korean company. It was a good deal for her, but still, her loss of interest in the field took a toll on her.

She continued working as a model for different companies soon after. Though she wasn’t really happy with it, it still did a lot of good to her. Well, it’s because it was where she met Joe Rogan.

By 2010, Jessica and Joe married each other. And by 2013, she started working as a product analyst at Volvo Motorsports. She still works on that position up until this day.

Most of her other career details aren’t available to the public, perhaps because she wanted some privacy. However, it’s a well known fact that she is working together with her husband and is overseeing his shows’ production.

Net Worth and Salary Income of Jessica Rogan

Jessica Rogan’s career is a success, and one of her biggest achievements is in working as a product analyst for car manufacturer company Volvo Motorsports. Thanks to her executive role there, she has earned and saved a lot through the years.

With this, Jessica’s net worth managed to hit the $1 million mark, together with all her assets and income. However, it’s worth noting that she also enjoys the fortunes of his husband, Joe Rogan.

The comedian/commentator is clocked in to have a whopping net worth of $25 million. This makes perfect sense knowing that he’s been into professional acting since 1988.

He also had a ton of commentator shows for the UFC, and a handful of comedy films, including “Here Comes the Boom”, which is one of his most successful films to date.

Marriage with Joe Rogan

Jessica and Joe Rogan started dating in 2008 and soon had a beautiful baby daughter. A year after giving birth to their first-born, the couple decided to bring their relationship to the next level.

Jessica took the family name of Rogan after she and Joe married in 2009. A year after and she became pregnant again and they welcomed another beautiful daughter.

However, Jessica also has another daughter from her previous relationship. She’s named Kayla and is currently 20-years-old. Fortunately, Kayla and her step father, Joe, shares a good relationship with each other.

Joe has in several occasions talked about the feeling of being a father. One of the most notable interviews was in 2008 when he was interviewed by The Orange County Register. Joe said that becoming a parent is one of the best things and feelings one can have, referring to having two beautiful daughters with Jessica.

However, his inner comedian self was still at play as he continued that it was also the worst feeling to having to deal with the cries of a baby. He said that he don’t know what the baby wants when they cry, whether they like milk, to have them carried around, or what.

Nonetheless, Joe is happy to be a father.


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What’s with her friend/step mother?

One of the most interesting news about Jessica’s life is when she revealed that her father had a relationship with her friend who was just 25-years-old. Jessica was still 21 by then.

This happened in 2004, and many were surprised to know that Robert Schimmel has a relationship with someone who’s aged like her daughter.

What’s more is that she confirmed that her father and best friend married each other. Jessica said that her relationship with her friend became awkward because her former friend is now a step mother, and that she was just four years older than her.

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