Jess Hilarious Bio, Career, Family, Net Worth

Name Jess Hilarious
Birthday Feb. 13, 1992
Birthplace Baltimore
Age 27-years-old
Career Social Media Star
Net Worth $300,000
Civil Status Single
Height 5’2

Jess Hilarious

Changing your name into Hilarious is surely surprising. But that’s just what great, and literally hilarious people do. Well, that’s just what happened with the case of Jess Hilarious.

Jess’ real name is Jessica Moore, but she decided to change her family name to Hilarious in order for herself to complement her career as a comedian.

Not only does it make her fans laugh, but it also makes people wonder about her and feel curious as to the real meaning behind her name.

Nonetheless, that’s just what made her famous among the millions of people around the globe, of course, thanks to her social media presence, specially in Instagram.

Jess has been the subject of many controversies because of her strange posts. But then again, this is what makes people tick these days.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with her posts. It’s just that it gets the attention of so many people, and those people can’t help but feel curious about it, and of course, her.

If you you’re into her, and you want to know more about her life, then read on. We’ve got all the information about her, along with her family, career, dating, and more.

Bio and Childhood

Jess Hilarious whose real name is Jessica Moore, was born on Feb. 13, 1992. This makes her currently 27-years-old. Meanwhile, her birthplace is in Baltimore City, making her a full-fledged American citizen.

However, not much is known about her personal life, along with who her parents are and what their names are. Even her educational background isn’t known, maybe because she doesn’t want to disclose much information especially if it’s her personal data.

What is Jess Hilarious’ ethnicity?

Her ethnicity is African American, which most likely means that she’s got parents who are also African American. She’s one of the best examples of how African American woman strive for equality in this current society.

What is Jess Hilarious’ height?

Jess Hilarious isn’t a tall girl. But she’s not short either as she stands at a height of five feet and two inches.

Jess Hilarious


Jess Hilarious is one of the most famous and successful social media sensations in the globe today.

Because of this, she manages to live a luxurious lifestyle just like any other celebrity out there. She’s a fully loaded comedian and she’s appeared in numerous TV shows, which surely has brought huge fortune to her.

One of the shows she appeared in is “Wild n Out,” which airs in MTV Channel. Many say that this is her claim to fame. It is a famous reality TV show and highly successful as well as it has aired for ten seasons in MTV Channel.

She also has been a part of other shows such as “BET,” “VH1,” and many more.

Also, she’s appeared in “Carolines on Broadway,” “Cracking Up Comedy Tour,” and “Improv Comedy Club and Restaurant.” With this, one can say that she’s one sensation to look out for, not only in social media and TV, but in tour shows as well.

How much is Jess Hilarious’ net worth?

Jess Hilarious is no doubt one successful celebrity as she’s been in a number of shows around the country and likely around the globe.

Because of this, she has amassed a net worth of $300,000. This can still increase knowing that she’s becoming more famous. However, this isn’t the only time as Jess always manages to appear in the headlines with her cryptic posts.

How is Jess Hilarious doing in social media?

Jess Hilarious is one big celebrity in social media. She even has more than four million followers in Instagram alone.

Because of this, she can’t help but fall to numerous criticisms about her posts and the things she shares in Instagram.

Take for example her heated argument that became a big issue when she discussed with Azealia Banks the seemingly low priced tickets she’s been selling.

Nonetheless, no doubt that Jess considers herself as one of the most successful comedians and social media sensations there is because of the quality of her posts and her continuously growing audience from around the globe.

All she needs to do is to make sure that she comes up with very interesting content, as well as continue to diversify her topics and stories so that more people will follow her. Well, that’s not hard to do knowing that she’s got the skills and talent to do such.

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Who is Jess Hilarious’ boyfriend?

Jess Hilarious is currently living with her child named Ashton. However, the birth father of her child isn’t known by the media. But surprisingly, she always roasts her child’s father, but without mentioning her name in social media.

Furthermore, it’s known that she dated a guy named Chris. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last due to various reasons.

Jess even shared a video on her YouTube account saying the things she felt about their relationship and breakup.

Surprisingly, Jess still continued sharing photos of her former girlfriend in social media. Because of this, Jess decided to finally tell Chris to finally stop uploading her photos in social media because they are already done.

Jess even continued saying that she will never be back with her former boyfriend, Chris. She won’t even use the followers she gained in P.S.A.

After their relationship, Jess moved on and dated another guy named Kountry Wayne, whose also a comedian.

However, she disclosed their alleged affair in social media because of the fact that Kountry Wayne was already a married man.

The former wife of Kountry Wayne gone to great lengths to go against their alleged affair, saying that Jess Hilarious is a homewrecker. She even shared their marriage certificate in social media.

Currently, Jess Hilarious is happy living together with her child. There are no current issues or controversies that seem to have a negative effect on her life. With this, it’s safe to say that she’s in for a good time in her career and life.

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