Knowing Jasmine Guy: Net Worth, Age, Career, Bio, and Much More

Name Jasmine Guy
Birthday Mar. 10, 1962
Birthplace Boston, Massachusetts
Age 57-years-old
Career Actress, Singer, Director
Net Worth $4 million
Civil Status Single
Spouse Terrence Duckett (divorced)
Schools Attended North Atlanta High School, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center
Height 5’2
Weight 50 kg.


Jasmine Guy is a famous singer, actress, director, as well as a renowned and accomplished dancer. She is best known for having the character of Dina in the 1988 movie, “School Daze.”

She also starred as Whitley Gilbert-Wayne in the hit NBC spin-off show of Bill Cosby called,”A Different World.”

But that’s not all of her story as she has an interesting life which will surely inspire and motivate all. If you’d like to know more about that, it’s best that you continue reading as we have all the details for you here.

Family Background and Early Life

Jasmine Guy was born on Mar. 10, 1962. The place where she was born is in Boston, Massachusetts. The name of her dad is William Guy, while her mother bears the name of Jaye Rudolph.

Her dad was said to be a reverend as was a Christian and taught the church’s teaching. Specifically speaking, his father William served as a pastor.

This was for the church called Friendship Baptist Church located in Atlanta. Meanwhile, her mother had served as a high school teacher.

Furthermore, her dad also worked as a teacher and college instructor who taught the subjects religion and philosophy. Jasmine also has a sister. She comes by the name of Monica Guy.

Jasmine is an American citizen, while she is of African-American descent. There are also other sources saying that she has Portuguese blood running in her veins.

Aside from those, there are no more information about her childhood as she lived a private life during those times. The media also didn’t focus on her childhood days as her accomplishments in her career have a stronger hold in the media.

Where did Jasmine Guy study?

Jasmine Guy made sure she finished her studies because she wanted to be an accomplished actress and dancer in the future. Because of this, she did her best to finish her studies.

The school where she spent her high school days was at the North Atlanta High School.

She then moved and transferred her residency to New York City when she turned 17-years-old because she wanted to focus on her future showbiz career. She then studied at the famous Alvin Ailey American Dance Center where she took dance classes.

Career and Life as a Star

Her TV debut came when she became a dancer for the hit 1982 TV show, “Fame.” She appeared in a total of seven episodes for the TV series.

She then starred in the 1991 hit TV series, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” She starred as the character of Kayla there along with Will Smith who got the main character role.

After which, she starred as the mom of the character of Halle Berry in the miniseries which aired in TV entitled, “Queen.” This was in 1993 when she was still starting to gain the attention of the mainstream media.

It then didn’t take long for her to star as Dr. Jessica Bryce. This was for the 1996 show, “Living Single.” Since then, she had become one of the most sought-after actresses in the showbiz industry because of her prowess in acting.

After, she then starred as Teri Washington for the film, “The Outer Limits.” Jasmine appeared in the film, “The Parkers,” where she played the character of Delilah. Her most recent appearance was for the character of Sawyer. This was for the 2019 film, “OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes.”

Furthermore, Jasmine also dived into voice acting as it was her voice that played Sawyer in the 1997 hit, “Cat’s Don’t Dance.” She was also the one who played Linda for the 1999 blockbuster film, “Guinevere,” and in the 2000 movie, “Diamond Men.”

She appeared in “Stomp the Yard: Homecoming” as Janice, then as Mary, who was the nurse in the 2011 movie, “October Baby.” She’s also in the 2014 movie, “Big Stone Gap.”

Aside from her career in acting, Jasmine is also into music. Her debut in the music industry was in 1990.

She even managed to let her album make it to the #143 spot in the U.S. Top 200 Album Chart. Some of her most notable singles are “Another Like My Lover,” “Try Me,” as well as “Just Want to Hold You.”

What are Jasmine Guy’s awards and achievements?

Jasmine Guy is called successful for a reason, and that’s because she got numerous awards in her career. Some of the most notable ones are the Outstanding Leading Actress award which she got from the Image Award.

She even had been nominated for the Outstanding Supporting Actress for Drama in the Image Awards. This was for her appearing in the drama TV show, “Dead Like Me.” She’s also been nominated numerous times in her illustrious career.

How much is Jasmine Guy’s net worth?

Jasmine Guy isn’t only successful and famous around the globe, but she’s also wealthy. Well, a number of sources confirmed her net worth to amount to $4 million.

Meanwhile, there are those saying that her net worth is really higher than that as it’s likely that some of her assets aren’t disclosed to the media. It’s also possible that she’s into business as well.

Is Jasmine Guy dating?

Jasmine Guy isn’t dating. In fact, she is single. However, she had already been married, and this was with Terrence Duckett. The couple married on Aug. 1998. Then a year after, in 1999, their first child was born. She was a healthy baby girl whom they named Imani.

Their marriage did well in the first few years. However, they didn’t last because misunderstandings were already very prevalent.

This caused them to break up and separate. Then in 2008, the couple finally confirmed that they are divorced despite being married for ten years. She then moved to Atlanta, which is her childhood hometown. There, she lives with her daughter.

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What is Jasmine Guy’s height and weight?

Jasmine Guy is short by today’s standard. This is because she stands at a height of five feet and two inches. Meanwhile, she’s got a weight of approximately 50 kilograms, but maybe higher. The color of her eyes are dark brown, while her hair is colored black.

Does Jasmine Guy have a social media account?

Yes, Jasmine Guy has her own social media accounts. In fact, she has more than 200,000 Instagram followers. Her Twitter, on the other hand, has around a hundred thousand followers. Then there’s her Facebook which got around 20,000 followers.

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