Heidi Russo Wiki: Who is Her Son ?

Key Information

Full Name: Heidi Russo

Year of Birth: 1969

Current Age: 49-50

Relationship Status: Married

Nationality: American

Background: White Ethnicity

Who is Heidi Russo?

Not much information is known about the life of Heidi Russo. She is known to have turned 49 in 2018. Her current occupation is nursing. According to her Twitter, she claims that she co- founded Linked Through Love with Jami Marcantonio, so she could show her support against the stigmatization and stereotyping of birthmothers. She wanted to make people see the idea of adoption in a better light.

Heidi Russo gave birth to Colin Kaepernick on 3rd November 1987. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Heidi was 19 years of age when she became a mother. She was unmarried at the time. The father of the child abandoned Heidi after he discovered about the pregnancy. He remained absent throughout after that.

Heidi Russo’s son

Since Russo did not get the support of her husband throughout her pregnancy she was worried about how she would raise her child. Russo did spend a lot of time to consider the best options for her child months before she gave birth. It was harder for her to raise the child on her own since the father of the child was not concerned about his birth. He did not want anything to do with her and the child. Russo was only a teenager then and her options were hard enough already. She was in a complex situation.

Heidi decided to give the child up for adoption weeks after giving birth. Through a mutual friend, Russo was introduced to Teresa Kaepernick and her husband Rick Kaepernick. The couple decided to adopt the child and so her child grew up to Kaepernick, a famous NFL football star.

Kaepernick already had two children of their own at that time, a son and a daughter known as Kyle and Deon Kaepernick. The couple had lost two babies before due to a result of heart defect. This was six years ago and the Kaepernick’s wanted more kids, so they decided to adopt Colin.

Heidi Russo decided to give up her son so he could have a better life, proper upbringing, and a better future. This was despite the fact that her parents were ready to support her if she decided to keep the child rather than giving him up for adoption.

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Who did Heidi Russo give her child to for adoption?

Heidi had seen many ups and downs in life, and during her nine month of pregnancy, her parents James Zabransky and Phyllis were convinced that she would not give the baby up for adoption. However, she faced some emotional trauma after which she decided that it would be best that she gave the baby up for adoption.

Colin was later adopted by Teresa Kaepernick who was a fellow nurse of Heidi and her husband Rick. He was raised in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, the United States. Heidi wanted to keep Colin away from her, but the Kaepernick family would send pictures and old letters to Heidi every now and then. Heidi asked the Kaepernicks to cut off contact with her as she had had made her decision about her son. However, Colin’s foster parents met Heidi afterwards without Colin and stated that they had no issue in speaking to her.

Heidi’s relationship with her son and his foster parents now

After giving up her son for adoption in 1987, Heidi was still in contact with the adoption parents. The updates and pictures were sent only till he was 7. That’s when they lost contact with her. After some year she tried to reestablish that contact and tried being involved in his life but Colin Kaepernick didn’t allow it much.

As for now, Heidi is known to use social media to be in contact with her son and she has also congratulated him regarding his success in the football world. Some time back Colin posted about his decrease in body fat to 7%, on which Heidi commented saying that 4% or 5% would be better and told him to keep working hard. However, it is well-known that the footballer does not agree on keeping any kind of contact with his biological mother since he considers it unfair to his foster parents.

Heidi still follows his sports when he is playing and even goes to see his games. She says that she has always had him on her mind and also regrets giving him up for adoption, but she had no choice. She wanted him to have the best in life and she was at that time unable to give him that.

Does Russo have any children now?

Heidi married afterwards and had more children as well. Michael, Ethan, and Alex are their names and that’s all that is known about these kids

Heidi used Twitter to express her displeasure with Colin Kaepernick

When Kaepernick’s kneeled down during the national anthem in condemnation for the abuse of blacks and minorities, everybody had something to say about it. His birth mother was no exception. Russo took to Twitter to tell the NFL star that she thinks that there are numerous ways that one could make changes without bringing disgrace to his nation and family, both of which had given him a great deal. She finished by encouraging him to be less disrespectful and more smarter.

Obviously, while there were some that appreciated her, there were a lot more that criticized her to publicly use social media to reprimand him.

What makes this much more fascinating is that while she chose to reprimand him, his foster parents gave him their complete support to the extent that they made a public announcement, expressing they were unquestionably with him.

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