Evan Felker: Career, Marriage, Net Worth, Family, & More

Name Evan Felker
Birthday Mar. 24, 1984
Birthplace Okemah
Age 35-years-old
Career Singer
Net Worth $700,000
Height 5’3


Evan Felker is an accomplished singer who is best known for singing a number of country songs that became global hits.

He is also known to be the former husband of Staci Nelson, who is his long-time girlfriend. The couple got married, but things didn’t go as planned as they divorced just a year after their marriage.

Childhood and Bio

Evan Felker was born on Mar. 24, 1984. His birthplace is in Okemah, U.S.A. This makes him an American citizen because he was born inside the U.S.A. Very few details is known about his childhood because he wasn’t famous back then.

Is Evan Felker and Miranda Lambert dating?

According to a number of reports, Evan and Miranda are said to have been dating. Miranda is also known as the former boyfriend of Anderson East, a successful R&B musician.

This news and gossips about heir said affair came about because they were seen in a number of places to be together.

Also, the couple grew fonder of each other as they spent lots of time in each other’s company. Again, not much is known about their affair because they don’t share much information in social media and to their fans.

Furthermore, the two are said to have been involved with each other when Evan, together with his band called the Turnpike Troubadours, opened the concert tour of Miranda called, “Living Like Hippies,” with a stunning musical performance.

The couple was having a great time with each other throughout the entirety of the concert tour, as what many reports say. However, there was also a report saying on Aug. 2018 that they broke up and separated ways after dating for a number of months.

Miranda Lambert even talked about the said break up with him during an interview. This was with the media outlet, “The Tennessean.”

His answers were a bit vague and not very clear because of the reason that she said was low key. However, some reports say that they had a hard time understanding each other.

This caused them to have frequent fights and argments, which eventually, caused them to end their relationship.

Furthermore, his former girlfriend, Miranda Lambert, had already moved and is already happily married. She was married on Feb. 16, 2019, to Brendan Mcloughlin.

The marriage ceremony was held in a private area to maintain the solemnity and sanctity of the marriage. They also just invited their close family and friends.

She even said in one of her posts in social media that she already met the love of her life and that she had already been married. This surprised the media because nothing is known about the marriage, except for when Miranda talked about it in her social media account.

Meanwhile, Evan, on the other hand, said in an interview that he has no plans of being in good terms with his former wife named Staci Nelson.

Again, this was a surprise to his fans as many thought that he is going to reunite with his former wife. But then again, he was fast to deny such claims.

Marriage with Stacy Nelson

It’s worth noting that Evan had been married to Staci Nelson. Stacy worked as an accountant. They were said to have married each other on Sept. 2016.

However, a number of reports state that her wife, Stacy, filed divorce documents to finally separate them from each other. This was in 2018.

The divorce was filed at the Ditrict Court of Oklahoma County. And it’s also worth noting that the couple was just one and a half year from their marriage, which makes it still very new and early for both of them.

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What is Evan Felker’s net worth?

Evan Felker is no doubt a successful and famous musician. His songs are all quality, had sense, and had interesting and stunning tune and lyrics.

Combine all these together and you’ve got a great singer coupled with a cool song. He is also the lead singer, as well as guitarist of Turnpike Troubadours, which is the name of his band.

The bound started sometime around 2005, with their music label company being Bossier City Records. They signed a deal with the label in 2007, and since then, had been the one to supervise the release of their music albums.

Furthermore, one of the things that makes the band interesting is that they create stunning different kinds of music, such as rock, bluegrass, and country. They also have made a lot of music records, which is already around five now.

A good example of their success is “Goodbye Normal Street,” which is their third album. This managed to make it to the number 14th spot of the Top Billboard Hits.

With this being said, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that Evan has saved a lot of money to himself. Sources state that his net worth is around $700,000 and can even be higher.

Know More About His Family

Evan is said to like writing and composing music at the place of his parents. This is in the suburbs of Southeastern Oklahoma.

The reason behind this might be because it helps him relax and focus his mind and energy into writing the song.

Furthermore, it’s even said that this is one of the many reasons why he is able to make and create songs that managed to bag the top spots in the Billboard charts.

Showing how close he was to his parents and family, he even wrote a song in 2012 he called as “Goodbye Normal Street.” It was because he grew up and spent most of his early life in the place of his dad and mom.

Furthermore, it is also known that his family are fond of going outdoors. They also spent a lot of time going fishing and hunting. This is one of the reasons why his songs have soothing tunes and lyrics because of the peaceful environment that he has been used to living.

What is Evan Felker’s height?

Evan Felker is not like your standard male because she is shorter than most men. His height is around five feet and three inches. His weight, is, however, not known. Meanwhile, his ethnicity is caucasian because of his fair skin and features.

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