Who is Ethan Cutkosky? Career, Family, Relationships, and Net Worth Unveiled

Name Ethan Cutkosky
Birthday Aug. 19, 1999
Birthplace St. Charles, Illinois
Age 19-years-old
Job Actor
Net Worth $1 million
Civil Status Single, in a relationship
Romantic Partner Brielle Barbusca

Ethan Cutkosky

If you’re fond of watching supernatural horror films such as “The Unborn,” then you’re most likely familiar with Ethan Cutkosky. He is most notable for playing the role of Barton.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the actor who managed to get millions of fans across the globe due to his acting skills and good looks. However, he’s more than just the man behind the role of Barton as he also aced his role as Carl Gallagher in the hit TV series, Shameless.

Indeed, he is one of the most recognized actors to date due to his acting prowess, stunning looks, and wit in the industry. If you’d want to know more about him, then continue reading. His net worth, family, career, and more details about his life are shown here.

Early Life and Education

Ethan Cutkosky was born in the humble town of St. Charles in Illinois, U.S.A. on Aug. 19, 1999. He is currently 19-years-old and is a full-fledged American citizen. His ethnicity is also pure white as both of his parents are pure Caucasian.

His birth horoscope is also Leo. Some say this is one of the reasons why he is a determined person and excels in his craft.

However, there are also those that think that his success in the industry doesn’t have to do with his horoscope as he is just naturally gifted in acting and has a natural charm that attracts fans from across the globe.

His father is David Cutkosky, while his mother is Yvonne Cutkosky. Interestingly, Ethan is closer to his mom than with his dad because he can discuss things to her without going through strict standards.

Unfortunately, it is unknown whether he has siblings or not. He’s also not just a pretty face as he also got the brains. Ethan finished high school at the St. Charles East High School. This was surprising of him as he was faced with numerous offers in showbiz while he was still studying.

However, he chose to focus on his studies first. Still, it showed that it was the right choice because he still became successful in his craft.

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Career and Rise to Fame

Ethan currently has a successful career. However, all these started a bit low, such as with his movies, “Conviction” and “Fred Claus.” Nonetheless, they are still hit films. One of his most successful projects was “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” where he appeared in 19 episodes.

His role as one of the main characters in “Shameless” is also a huge reason why he is now considered as one of the biggest stars. It’s been airing since 2011, and up until now, continues to gain revenue.

Unfortunately, things don’t go smoothly for everyone, including Ethan. One of the instances happened during November of 2017 when he was charged with DUI misdemeanor. According to reports, the incident was serious because he spent six months in jail and was fined $1,000.

However, this didn’t stop him from being even more successful in his career, as he continues to portray his character as Carl Gallagher in the hit TV show, “Shameless.” The series has been going on since 2011.

Also, his appearance during the celebration night event for the 100th episode of “Shameless” was one of his best joined events as this further solidified his fame. Ian Clayton who acts as his on-screen brother in the series is gay.

Many say that this is one of the reasons why the show continues to be a hit. However, there are also those saying that Ethan’s presence is the prime mover for the show’s success.

Whichever the case is, there’s no denying that the show has an ensemble cast of skilled and talented actors, including Ethan Cutkosky. It’s also worth noting that Ian got diagnosed with bipolar disorder during the end of season 4.

The TV series is currently on its 9th season with the latest season’s first episode having aired on Sept. 9, 2018. The series is produced in Los Angeles, with its official trailer being launched on July 26, 2018.

Up until now, the show is continuing to get lots of views because of Ethan’s presence.

Furthermore, Ethan is already back in the series’ 9th season. His character, Carl, has already focused his sights on the new thrills and events that await West Point. He is also preparing for his life as a cadet.

And while he is doing his best to improve his acting career, he is also setting his eyes on being an entrepreneur as he is about to launch “Khaotic Collective.” It is his own streetwear brand that he hopes will serve as his sideline in earning money.

Cutkosky has also been advised by Mike Cherman, the founder of Chinatown Market, to dwell more on entrepreneurship so that he will have other sources of income aside from being an actor.

He says to Cutkosky that this is important so that he will have a passive source of income. It’s also worth noting that he is regarded as one of the inspirations of Virgil Abloh due to his acting prowess.

Ethan Cutkosky net worth

Girlfriend and Relationships

Ethan Cutkosky is reportedly dating Brielle Barbusca, an actress of “Hope and Faith.” The couple has been dating each other since 2015. As of now, they are reported to be in a happy relationship as they are always seen together in different places.

Their social media accounts also show that they enjoy hanging out with each other. Take for example during the 17th birthday of Ethan in 2016 which he celebrated together with Barbusca. The couple is also seen together in an Instagram post for their anniversary.

However, it isn’t just Ethan who is always posting pictures of them, as her girlfriend is also equally proud of their relationship. Take for example the post of Brielle Barbusca on her Instagram account of her kissing Ethan on his cheek during his birthday.

The caption also said that Ethan Cutkosky is for her, her favorite person in the world. Then on March 25, 2018, the couple was seen hiking together, on what seems to be a special day out for them.

It was seen and followed by millions of fans on their Instagram account. Then there was a post of Brielle with a caption saying that she is happy and thankful that Ethan is her hiking buddy and boyfriend.

She even continued saying that Ethan holds her bag when she is tired or feeling lazy. The young couple is obviously happy with each other as what their respective social media posts show.

Ethan Cutkosky girlfriend

Net Worth

Ethan Cutkosky might still be young as he is still 18-years-old. But this doesn’t mean that he hasn’t saved a fortune because he currently already has a net worth of $1 million.

Many agree that most of his accumulated wealth comes from his acting career, as he’s been through numerous successful TV shows and films. Most of his income also comes from his appearance in the hit movie “The Unborn.”

Reports state that the film only cost $16 million to make. However, the returns were very big as it made more than $75 million at the box office.

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