Elizabeth Huberdeau Bio: Life, Career, Net Worth, and More

Name Elizabeth Huberdeau
Birthday Sept. 28, 1979
Birthplace West Newbury, Massachusetts
Age 40-years-old
Career Real Estate Agent
Net Worth $10 million
Civil Status Divorced
Former Spouse John Cena
Schools Attended Springfield College

Elizabeth Huberdeau

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a successful real estate agent who has achieved massive fame thanks to her own accomplishments, both in life and career.

However, she is also best known for being the former wife of John Cena, the celebrity wrestler who is considered one of the biggest names in the wrestling industry.

Because of this, she has achieved even greater fame because she has been the former wife of a celebrity wrestler. John Cena currently wrestles at the WWE, a wrestling league where some of the biggest names in the world of wrestling compete in.

The two have been married for a short span of time, just between the years 2009 and 2012. However, that’s not the entire story of Elizabeth Huberdeau.

If you’d want to know more about her, then you’ve got your lucky day because we have all the information for you. Read on to know the real score with her life, marriage, career, as well as how much her net worth is.

Childhood and Family

Elizabeth Huberdeau was born on Sept. 28, 1979. Her birthplace is in West Newbury, Massachusetts. Her citizenship is American. Meanwhile, her ethnicity is caucasian and North American.

Very little information is known about her childhood because she wasn’t in the spotlight during her early years. This is the reason why the names of her parents, as well as with her siblings, aren’t known.

However, it’s known that she grew up and spent most of her childhood days in her birthplace, which is West Newbury, Massachusetts.

Where did Elizabeth Huberdeau study?

Elizabeth is surely an educated and learned lady as she is a successful real estate agent. However, the name of the school she studied during her early days aren’t known.

Some say, though, that she did study in her birthplace, in West Newbury, Massachusetts. After that, she then furthered her education and studied at Springfield College, also located in Massachusetts.

Many say that she was a studious girl because she was focused on her studies and her search for a brighter future along with her dream career. Well, this can be seen based on how she handles her career and job now.

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Elizabeth Huberdeau is a successful real estate agent as she has achieved massive fame and success in the real estate business. However, not many details can be found about her career because these kinds of jobs aren’t really the main focus of celebrity gossips.

But then again, what’s sure is that she buys and sells properties and assets in the forms of buildings, lands, and houses.

She also supervises their construction and designs them based on her experience. After that, she then sells them. For sure, she earns a lot of money knowing that she is a successful real estate agent.

For now, it can be said that she earns a great deal of money because that’s how real estate agents live life, especially if they’re really good in what they’re doing. Unfortunately, there are no solid evidence as to how much she really earns.

How much is Elizabeth Huberdeau’s net worth?

Elizabeth Huberdeau might be in the spotlight, but because of the nature of her work, her exact financial figures aren’t known. However, there are some reports saying that she has a net worth of around $10 million.

Though this isn’t much proven by the financial analysts and with concrete details, many agree that this is her actual net worth. Meanwhile, her former husband, John Cena, has a massive net worth of around $50 million.Marriage with John Cena

Marriage with John Cena

Elizabeth Huberdeau has only been married once. And even though she is already separated with John Cena, his former husband, she still isn’t married again and doesn’t seem to have any plans about her life when it comes to marrying.

Nonetheless, John Cena was her first husband, a famous celebrity wrestler wrestling in WWE. According to sources, the couple has been dating since they were still in high school. This means that they are high school sweethearts.

The two then dated for some time while still in school, and eventually, their attraction towards each other turned into a serious relationship.

They’ve been dating for many years until in 2012, John Cena finally announced that they are already engaged with each other. The announcement took place during the promotion of his film in 2009 called, “12 Rounds.”

They then finally got married on Jul. 11, 2009. The marriage ceremony happened somewhere at Boston, which is also a city that belongs to the state where she grew up. It was a peaceful and solemn marriage which was attended by their close family and friends.

However, things did not go well for the two of them after a few years of being married to each other. John filed a divorce in May 2012. The development of the divorce settlement was fast as the divorce was then finalized a few months after, in July.

According to sources, the reason for their divorce varied, but there’s no concrete information as to what it really was. Currently, Elizabeth is enjoying a happy life together with her boyfriend, Eli Ayoub.

What is Elizabeth Huberdeau’s height and weight?

Because of Elizabeth’s nature of work, her specific height and weight aren’t known. What’s sure, though, is that the color of her hair is dark brown. Meanwhile, her eyes are colored brown as well. There are also no details about her shoe size and dress size as well.

Does Elizabeth Huberdeau have any social media account?

No, she doesn’t have any. This might be due to the fact that she doesn’t want to share much information and details about her life to the media.

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