Doris Burke: Bio, Net Worth, Career, Family, & More

Name Doris Burke
Birthday Nov. 4, 1965
Birthplace West Islip, New York
Age 54-years-old
Career News Reporter
Net Worth $6 million
Schools Attended Manasquan High School, Providence College
Height 5’8

Doris Burke is a famous and renowned sports reporter and news analyst. She is best known for being one of the premiere courtside reporter in the NBA, specifically for sports channels, “ESPN” and “ABC.”

She is even considered by many to be one of the best reporters and announcers for sporting events, specifically in basketball.

Childhood and Family

Doris Burke was born on Nov. 4, 1965. Her birthplace is in West Islip, New York. She came from a big family as they are eight siblings all in all.

However, there is no solid information and details about her parents or what the names of her dad and mom are. Even their job isn’t known. Her parents are both Americans which is why she is also an American citizen. Furthermore, she is the family’s youngest child.

Meanwhile, her ethnicity is North American, specifically caucasian. It’s also worth noting that despite being born in West Islip, New York, she grew up and spent most of her childhood in Manasquan, New Jersey.

Doris was already sports-minded since she was still a little girl. In fact, she’s fond of basketball. However, very little information is known about her childhood days as she wasn’t still in the spotlight during those days.

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Where did Doris Burke study?

Doris Burke is a smart kid during her school years. She studied at the Manasquan High School, which is also where she had been a member of their basketball varsity team.

Specifically speaking, she played as the point guard for the team. She, however, had been to different schools during her childhood days.

A few years later, then enrolled at the Providence College. It’s where she honed her basketball skills even more as she became one of the players of the Providence Friars basketball team for womens.

She was also the point guard in that school. She even managed to bag the Co-Female Athlete of the Year Award in 1987.

Later on, Doris continued her studies by further studying in college. She was successful because she got a bachelor’s degree in social works and health services.

Furthermore, she even furthered her studies by graduating with an education master’s degree. Doris, because of her hard work and determination, managed to become part of the Providence College’s prestigious and honored hall of fame.



As soon as she graduated from Providence College,  Doris stopped and retired from being a basketball player. This was because she wanted to become a broadcaster. This was in 1990.

The first work that she got after graduating in college was a sports analyst in radio. She then became a TV sports analyst. This was when she got hired by the Big East Women’s games.

After that, she worked for the Big East Men’s games and then later became one of the leading sports analysts in ESPN in 1996.

Doris was covering the WNBA during this time. Then in 1997, Doris became the main TV and radio voice analyst of the WNBA team, New York Liberty.

Then in 2000, she became a sports analyst assigned to the NBA team, New York Knicks. This was both for TV and radio shows.

Doris was then managed to belong to the ESPN’s top ten best sideline reporters. This was specifically for ESPN as well as in ABC’s NBA coverage.

She then won the 2003 Best New Face in Sports TV award from USA Today. After that, she became a mainstay sideline reporter for ABC’s coverage of the 2009 NBA finals.

She then managed to make it to video games as she appeared as the sideline reporter for the NBA in 2K sports basketball simulation game, NBA 2K11.

Then in 2013, Doris signed a deal to work for ESPN, and as one of their commentators. She was then given the Silver Anniversary Award due to her spectacular performance for being one of the best courtside reporters in the basketball world.

How much is Doris Burke’s net worth?

Doris Burke is a successful and accomplished basketball player, courtside reporter, and sports TV personality. This helped her achieve a massive net worth of around six million dollars.

Many, however, say that her net worth is higher than that because it’s very likely that she’s got a lot of other properties and assets that she didn’t confirm and say to the media. If this is the case, then her net worth would surely be higher than that.

Furthermore, there are also some sources saying that she has many businesses that can add up to her overall net worth. With this, it can be said that Doris Burke is indeed a wealthy lady thanks to her passion and great performance in her chosen career.

Is Doris Burke dating?

Doris Burke had been in a relationship with Greg Burke. He was also a famous TV celebrity in the early ‘80s. They’ve been dating for some time and they decided to finally marry each other. This was in 1989.

They’ve been married for four years until they finally had their child. This was in 1993. Then in 1995, she became pregnant and bore a child again.

However, the couple broke up and separated. They then had a divorce just a few years ago, with the reason being known. As of now, Doris Burke is single and she is focused in making sure that she does her best with her work.

What is Doris Burke’s height and weight?

Doris Burke stands at a height of five feet and eight inches. However, her specific weight isn’t known. It’s sure, though, that she’s fit and has an athletic body build. Her body vital stats is 34 inches by 27 inches by 37 inches. Meanwhile, she’s got a 34B bra size.

How is Doris Burke doing in social media?

Doris Burke has more than 50,000 fans on Twitter. She, however, doesn’t have any Instagram and Facebook accounts, with the reason being not known.

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