How To Know If A Guy Really Likes You Or NOT? 15 Sure Signs That Shows He’s Crazy!

Ahh…the wonderful feeling of new love!

Ladies, listen up! Are you going through a phase where you can’t figure out if your crush or your so-called “lunch buddy” is actually interested in you? Are you tired of plucking flower petals or matching horoscopes to see if the guy is really head over heels for you?

If you are, then don’t worry, we’ve come to your rescue. There must be some subconscious signal that he’s sending you, making you think he wants to be “more-than-just friends”. But like all women, you might be too shy to approach him and ask him out for a coffee, right? Trust me, we’ve all been in this kind of pickle. It would have been a lot easier if he could just put across his feelings in words, (which men generally do not do!).

So, to make things less complicated, we’ve listed these 15 undeniable signs that will prove he really likes you.

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#15 He’s not on his phone around you

Mobiles and cell phones have taken over our lives and it’s rare to see someone not checking their phone whenever they’re free. With that being said, if he keeps using his phone whenever you’re talking or just around him, it’s clear he’s not interested in you. However, if the guy gives his full attention to you and do not play with his phone, whenever you’re around him, then that’s a thumbs up!

#14. The Way He Smiles

‘Smiling’ is an expressive way of communicating. We smile and greet our friends, families, co-workers and seniors but how do you know if a guy likes you through his smile? Well, it depends on the type of smile he expresses when he glances at you. If he’s shy when he smiles and his entire face lights up when he smiles at you, then there’s a good chance he likes you. But before coming to the conclusions, make sure he smiles differently for you. If he smiles the same way, when he sees a friend or a colleague, then he might just be friendly.

#13. He Mimics Your Activity

This is one simple tricks that’ll help you find if he’s into you. Look at his actions carefully while having a conversation. For instance, if you’re playing with your hair and sitting with your legs crossed, does he do the same? Many men mimic the action of someone they like without knowing that they’re actually mimicing the action. So, if you notice this behaviour, there’s a good chance he likes you.

#12. He’s nervous around you

Do you find him stuttering or asking awkward questions like, “Do you like water?”, every time you have a conversation? A quirky laugh and sweaty palms indicate that the guy is really nervous around you. This is because he gets butterflies in the stomach and rush in his head when he sees you and this clearly means the guy is into you!

#11. He gazes and steals glances

When a guy really likes a girl, he just can’t take his eyes off of her. So, if you catch him stealing glances whenever you two are in a room full of people, he definitely likes you. Also, when he smiles at you, every time your eyes meet, love bug got him.

#10. His Body Language

As men are not that vocal about their feelings, body language is another thing that can tell you how much he likes you. If you’re standing in front of ‘your guy’, he’ll lean into you and face you, look into your eyes, letting you know that he’s interested in the conversation. He might also touch you in subtle ways like holding hands or a soft pat on the back, just to make you feel that he’s looking after you.

#9. He initiates the conversation

Guys are generally not a chatterbox like us ladies. But if this guy initiates conversation and finds small reasons to talk with you and stay awake all night to text you, rest assured, the guy likes you. Not that he just wants a one-night stand; but this might mean that he wants to take you out on a date and who knows, even marry you! 

Guy Really Likes You

#8. He wants to know more about you

When both of you sit down to talk, pay attention carefully. If he goes on and on about himself and his stuff, this might be a red signal. This shows that he thinks of you as a friend and he just wants to talk, nothing more. A guy, if he really likes you, will take all his time to know more about and ask you questions about your family, work and so on.

#7. He laughs at your silly jokes

You’re trying so hard to impress your friends and out of nowhere, you crack a not-so-funny joke. Nobody laughs, except him. What does this mean? Well, it’s obvious he likes you and he does not want you getting insulted in his presence. He’ll show up at your presentations, meetings and be there for you no matter what.

#6. He compliments you

If he compliments your outfit or notices minute details about you like your hair or your shoes, then he’s interested in you. He will compliment your work, your choice of perfume, or food. This is a way of indirectly telling you ‘Pssst…I like you’.

#5. He lifts his eyebrows when he sees you

This might even sound and look weird but if a guy likes you, he may raise his eyebrows every time he looks at you. Not only this, body language expert, Patti Wood states that dilated pupils also signal that a guy is attracted towards you. Dilation is a brain response that occurs when like something or someone you see.

#4. He starts to groom himself

Is he making efforts to look good and groom himself? Does he smell good and dress well whenever you’ve scheduled a meeting or a team works together? Does he readjusts his clothes and makes up his hair every time you walk up to him? If he does then this clearly means that he likes you and he wants your attention.

#3. He makes you jealous

Well, this might be a bit tricky. Sometimes, a guy wants to test whether or not you’re interested in him, before letting out his feelings, with the fear of getting rejected. So, he might bring a date to a party, just to see your reaction before going all aboard on the love ship. But girls, do not get confused if he keeps dating this girl and still shows an interest in you. He’s not worth your time if this continues!

#2. He gets jealous when you mention other guys

It’s a man-thing for a guy to get overprotective and jealous when the girl he likes talks to other guys. If he sees you talking or flirting with other men, he’d definitely want to know what’s going on and he might even come up to you and ask you about it. If he does this, then he’s yours! 

#1. He teases you and plays pranks

A guy who has a playful and fun personality will play a prank and tease everyone. But what if he teases and plays pranks with only you? A major possibility of this happening is that he likes you and wants to have fun with you, just you. So, instead of spilling out all of his feelings and getting emotional, he might tease and prank you.

Now that you know all the signs that can tell if he likes you, there are some guaranteed signs that’ll show he DOES NOT LIKE YOU.

It’s important to look for both the red and green flags when it comes to men. Guys give specific signs that they are not interested and just want to be friends. They might not say it out loud but their behavior explains it all. So watch out for these signs and avoid getting hurt and wasting your time for the wrong person.

Signs He Doesn’t Like You! (Get Ready To Get Your Heart Ripped Out of Your Chest)

  1. If the guy you’re thinking “The One” flirts with every girl in the office or flirts with his friends, including you, he doesn’t really like you. He’s just bored and basically wants a one night stand!
  2. One obvious sign he doesn’t like you and is not interested in you is when he doesn’t remember the little things (birthdays, childhood memories of yours, family background) you told him.
  3. He doesn’t get jealous when you go out on a coffee with a colleague, not even in the slightest way possible. CONCLUSION: He’s not the one.
  4. If he doesn’t treat you differently, he’s not into you. Define different you might say. Well, let me explain. When we like someone, we care a lot what he/she thinks of us. We want to make a good impression on that particular person, that’s why we act differently around them. So if a guy is nice and kind and helps you going out of his way, he definitely likes you and vice- versa.
  5. He Never Calls Or Texts You First. Believe me, if a guy wants something, he’ll go out and get it, including the love of his life. He will text you or call you first if he wants to be with you.
  6. He turns a blind eye to your problems. A guy will help you sort out your every problem provided that he likes you and genuinely cares about you.

7.He doesn’t ask you about your social life. In other words, he doesn’t seem interested in your friends, your family, your hobbies and your ambitions.

TO BE HONEST, you have to go with your gut when it comes to a guy. What does your gut tell you about this guy? If you know he likes you, do you feel the same about him? In case you do, do you want to be in a relationship with this guy?

What if he tells you in person that “He Likes You” but does not want to ‘be in a relationship”.  It would be great if you’re looking for the same thing but if you’re not,how will you handle this situation?

Keep reading below to find out.

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What To Do When He Likes You But Doesn’t Want a Relationship?

This is the most common problem that happens in every guy-meets-girl scenario. After knowing a certain person, we start to get comfortable around them and the feelings of emotional security and physical intimacy slowly starts to build up.

But for most women, great sex and good talk are not enough. We want more than that. We try to keep it going as long as possible and even think about settling down. On the contrary, what if the guy you’re dating always give you the line, “I like you, but…” It’s heartbreaking and nerve-racking right? So ladies, before doing anything impulsive, ask yourself, “Is the guy worth all the wait and the trouble?” If not, although he’s the perfect man for you, you need to stop seeing him, like right now!

Be honest about your feelings and what you want in the future. I’m sure you’ll find out the right guy soon, not just yet, so hang in there.

Now, if you’re still with us and want to find out what to do when he likes you but doesn’t want a relationship, follow these tips.

  1. Patience

Love doesn’t happen overnight. Only few are lucky who realize they love each other and hit it off, get married and live happily. But for the 99.99 percentage of people like us, we need patience. There must be certain reasons that he’s not willing to rush into a relationship. One possibility could be a recent break-up. If so, he certainly needs some time to heal and start trusting new people again. The last thing that you need to do is pressure or beg him to be in a relationship. Instead, keep dating and give him all the love-perks that you could give him, make him the happiest man ever and let him realize how lucky he’s to be with you. P.S. Do not be too patient and wait for him to commit. If he’s not ready, but you’re, you need to get a real man ASAP.

  1. Understand His Issues

Opening up to someone on an emotional level, especially for a man, is a tough thing to do. So, he might not be willing to tell you the reasons, he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. The best way to deal with this situation is understanding. Simply take his words and accept it. He will constantly say he can’t be in a relationship and may be he’ll tell you “why” someday when he’s ready. But don’t wait on him forever and get too attached. Just enjoy what you have with each other while it lasts.

  1. Learn about his past

We all have a past that we hide deep down underneath our bones. And one of the reasons he’s afraid to be in a relationship could be the fear of possible heart break. He might have had a terrible past relationship where he was cheated on lied to by his ex-girlfriend. Try to know more about what he’s been through and try to create a comfortable zone when you both sit down and talk about these stuffs. Make no judgements and just try to be a good listener.

  1. Make Him Jealous

This might take you back to your teens but it could actually work. Men take some time to reciprocate emotionally and know what they want. It’s ok for you to go on dates with other men because “your guy” doesn’t want a relationship. So, start seeing someone else and wait for his reaction. If he gets jealous and mad, he really likes you and you should wait for him. If he doesn’t care, move on dear.

  1. Get Over Him

Truth to be told, life is not like the romantic Hollywood movies they show on theatres where a guy eventually falls in love with his best friend or the girl he had been ignoring for so long. We need a reality check. Do not wait for the guy who hesitates to reciprocate the love you’re willing to give. A man who genuinely cares about you, won’t keep you hanging around. Either he leaves or suggests you to leave. The right guy, on the other hand, will make you feel loved, secure, appreciated and loved. You just have to play the cards right again and again, until you find him!

Above all, self-love is the best love. Do not rush yourself into meaningless relationships or waste time worrying about jerks who doesn’t appreciate you. Give some time to yourself and figure out what you really want in a relationship. It’s going to be difficult at first but living your life alone and enjoying it signals that you don’t need anyone to be happy. This solves half of your problem and the right guy will embrace you, no matter what.

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