Danielle Rose Russell Life Discussed: Net Worth, Career, Family, and More

Name Danielle Rose Russell
Birthday Oct. 31, 1999
Birthplace Pequannock, New Jersey
Age 19-years-old
Father Walter Russell
Mother Rosemary Rado
Net Worth $650,000
Height 5’6
Weight 34 x 24 x 43

Danielle Rose Russell

Danielle Rose Russell is an American actress who is best known for starring in the hit vampire TV series of CW called, “The Originals.”

In the series, she plays the character of Hope Mikaelson, a woman who belongs to a family of hundred or even possibly, thousand-year-old vampires.

However, “The Originals” isn’t her only biggest accomplishment as she also appeared in many other movies where she played supporting roles.

Take for example the 2014 hit, “A Walk Among the Tombstones,” the 2015 and 2016 movies, “Aloha” and “Pandemic,” respectively, and the top-grossing movie of 2017 called, “Wonder.”

She has indeed gained much prominence in the showbiz industry which is why she is considered as one of the most sought-after actresses in show business.

With this, one can easily say that she hasn’t only gained fame, but also wealth, knowing that she’s been acting for years.

Because of this, it would be normal to ask more details about her life, such as her net worth, her romantic life, or more details about her childhood and family. If you’re up for those kinds of things, then you’ve just found the best place.

Childhood and Early Life

Danielle Rose Russell was born on Oct. 31, 1999. Her horoscope zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Meanwhile, she was born in the Township of Pequannock, New Jersey, making her an American citizen. As she grew older, she, together with her family, transferred residence to West Milford, New Jersey.

Her parents’ names are Walter Russell and Rosemary Rado. His father was a singer while her mother was a dancer.

Indeed, entertainment runs in their blood as they all are in-born performers and entertainers. Danielle says that she has a great childhood as she bonded well with her family, especially with her dad.

Danielle is an American citizen and is a white caucasian. However, her exact ethnicity roots aren’t known, but she surely belongs to the white caucasian race.

Where did Danielle Rose Russell study?

Very little is known about Danielle’s childhood which is why the schools she attended in aren’t much known. However, one of her schools is known and it is the Holy Spirit School located in Pequannock.

How much is Danielle Russell’s net worth?

Danielle Rose Russell has been a part of many successful movies and TV shows. She also isn’t just a supporting actress as she’s been one of the main casts of her projects.

With this, it’s safe to say that she earns a good amount of money and much higher than many of her peers. Furthermore, she’s also been in the showbiz industry for years, so there would be no reason why she wouldn’t save up loads of cash.

According to a report, the net worth of Danielle Rose is around $650,000. This can be higher because she is on an upward trend in her career. She also has been a model since her childhood years.

She even has appeared in many commercials and print ads, which adds more money to her overall net worth. This was way before she entered the world of acting.

With this, one can see that she has already saved up a considerable amount of fortune for herself even before she dived into acting.

Now, Danielle enjoys a number of acting credits, thus solidifying her name as one of the best choices to play various roles for films and series. Some of her most popular appearances in TV series are “The Last Tycoon,” “Legacies,” and “The Originals.”

Meanwhile, talking, about her salary, one can compare hers to one of the actors who plays a major character in the show such as Joseph Morgan.

According to reports, Morgan earns around $35,000 for every episode he appears in. Though Danielle isn’t like Morgan who is a major character, her salary can be estimated to be slightly lower than the latter, maybe around the $15,000 or $20,000 mark.

Danielle appears alongside some of the most distinguished names in show business, such as Daniel Cillies and Charles Michael Davis. Claire Holt also plays a major role in the show.

Additionally, Danielle is also connected to the film, “Measure of a Man.” She recently appeared in the hit TV show, “Legacies,” where she played one of the main characters in the show named Hope Mikaelson.

But is she also a star-studded name in the big screen? Well, yes. Take for example her movie, “Wonder,” which appeared in 2017 and earns around $300 million in the box office. Take note that it only had a budget of a minuscule $20 million.

Danielle Rose Russell

Is Danielle Rose Russell dating?

Danielle Rose Russell is undoubtedly one beautiful lady. She’s also not just about her face as she also has the talent and the right attitude that’ll surely attract any suitors.

However, there are currently no reports that she is dating anyone. Or maybe, the media just don’t know as she wants to keep her personal life away from the media.

She is also just 19-years-old. With this, her age might also be one of the reasons why she isn’t yet dating. It’s also possible that she might still not be ready for a serious relationships unlike many of her colleagues.

As of now, it’s safe to say that Danielle is busy focusing on her career and in developing her acting skills even more.

Even her Instagram account isn’t showing any signs that she is dating anyone as most of the photos she shares there are about her acting career.

With this, it’s safe to say that she is currently single and isn’t dating anyone, even if it seems like she’s got many suitors because of her stunning looks.

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What is Danielle Rose Russell’s pet?

Danielle is an animal lover, more specifically, a dog lover as she has a pet dog which she loves so much. His name is Romeo. She even regularly shares photos of her pet dog in her social media accounts.

What is Danielle Rose Russell’s height and weight?

Danielle Rose Russell is a lady who has an average height as she stands at a height of five feet and six inches. Meanwhile, her body measurement vital statistics measures 34 inches by 24 inches by 43 inches.

Her bra size, on the other hand, is 34D. Her shoe size is also six. The color of her eyes are blue. Then there’s her hair which complements her blue eyes because of its light brown color.

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