Corinne Foxx Discussed: Net Worth, Family, Career, Boyfriend, and More

Name Corinne Foxx
Birthday Feb. 14, 1994
Birthplace Los Angles, California
Age 25-years-old
Career Actress, Model
Net Worth $10 million
Father Jamie Foxx
Mother Connie Kline
Civil Status Dating
Boyfriend Austin Lantero
School Attended University of Southern California

Corinne Foxx

Corinne Foxx is just like Jamie Foxx. Indeed, the statement like father like daughter can be applied here. Well, it’s an expression that suits Corinne best.

Corinne Foxx is the daughter of Hollywood superstar celebrity, Jamie Foxx. She gained the center attraction of the spotlight in Hollywood because she has become one of the most celebrated actresses and models in the industry.

Well, she just followed her father’s footsteps in the showbiz industry.

If you’d want to know more about this dazzling actress and model, then you’re just in the right spot.

Read on to know more about her, along with her life, career, family, net worth, and more details and information about her bio.


Corinne Foxx was born on Feb. 14, 1994. Her birthplace is in Los Angles, California, making her a legit Californian. This is also one of the reasons why she had an easy time diving into the acting industry because it is where Hollywood is found.

Where did Corinne Foxx study?

Corinne Foxx got all the needed education for her to sustain her dream career, which is being an actress and model.

The schools she attended during her childhood years aren’t known. But fortunately, the college she studied in is, and it’s the Howard Fine Acting Studio.

Furthermore, she also had spent some time in the American Academy for Dramatic Arts. This is located in Los Angeles, California.

Corinne Foxx might still be new in the industry, which is why many might be surprised with her achievements. However, she had already been modeling for years, specifically when she was still 20-years-old.

She was once one of the aspiring models in the industry. Because of this, she made a deal with the modeling firm called, “LA Agency.” It is a firm that acquires models from Great Britain.

Furthermore, she also spent some time working for One Management, which is based in New York.

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How much is Corinne Foxx’s net worth?

According to sources, the average salary of a model based in Los Angeles hovers around the $60,000 mark. However, it’s likely that she gets a salary higher than this because she is already famous, and is daughter of a superstar celebrity.

Also, a number of sources state that she has a net worth of around $10 million. But then again, many agree that her net worth is higher than that. She can also take part and enjoy the dazzling net worth of his father, Jamie Foxx, which is said to be around $100 million.

Also, the fact that Corinne isn’t just an actress, but a model as well, shows that she can gain much wealth by herself. One of her most famous roles is Rachel. This was for the 2015 hit TV show, “Sweet Vicious.”

And aside from her net worth and salary, she surely can get a piece and part of her dad Jamie Foxx’s $100 million net worth. Take note that Jamie Foxx has already been acting in the showbiz industry for decades, specifically since 1984.

One of his most notable characters was when he played the character of Ray Charles. This was for the 2004 biographical musical hit, “Ray.”Corinne Foxx net worth

Who are Corinne Foxx’s parents?

Corinne Foxx was born to Jamie Foxx and Connie Kline. However, his parents are not married. It was just that his dad and mom dated for some time in the early ‘90s. This was also the time when Corinne was born.

And despite the fact that she is the daughter of one of the most famous and richest celebrities in the showbiz industry, she still chose to stay low key and live a simple life as well as far from the glittering lights of show business.

In short, she wanted to prove herself that she can make it on her own without her dad’s help. She even had lived a lowkey life for decades, with her identity not being known to the general audience.

This might be because she just wanted to be far away from issues and controversies. Her mom, named Connie, formerly worked for the U.S. Army. She was even a military veteran.

This was confirmed when Corinne shared a tweet on her Twitter account on Nov. 11, 2013, that she is proud of her mother. She continued saying that her mom had been serving the U.S. Army for around five years. Specifically speaking, she has been with the Air Force.

And then on 2013, she greeted her mother a happy birthday. She also said that she is happy to be daughter to a great mom.

Furthermore, her mom was also seen by the media in the Simi Valley along with another one of her child from another man. This was in Nov. 2016.

Meanwhile, his dad had been through a number of relationships, knowing that he is in show business. He also has a second daughter who is named Annalise. She was born after she dated her former girlfriend, Kristin Grannis.

Additionally, Jamie Foxx also had spent some time dating Katie Holmes, another famous American actress. The couple were even seen during Jamie’s 50th birthday celebration last Dec. 13, 2017.

Is Corinne Foxx dating?

Corinne Foxx is said to currently be dating a man named Austin Lantero. This is because of her social media account which featured a lot of photos of the guy.

Corrine and Austin are also said to be college sweethearts and that both of them studied at the same school, specifically at the University of Southern California. They then stayed together until now.

The couple has now been together for years and that they share a strong bond and chemistry with each other’s company. Aside from that, there are no more information known about them. What’s sure, though, is that they are happy with each other’s company.

What are Corinne Foxx’s achievements?

She isn’t just a talented and brilliant actress, as she is also a decorated one. In fact, she won  the 2016 Miss Golden Globe award.

It was given by the HFPA Trust. HFPA stands for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s Charitable Trust. With this, one can say how big of an influence she is when it comes to making rounds in the entertainment sector.

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