Cookie Swirl C: Bio, Net Worth, Facts, Videos

Key Information

  • Nick Name: Candy
  • Date of birth: March 14, 1997
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Also Known As Candace
  • Birthplace: California, USA
  • Famous for: YouTube star
  • Height: 5 feet
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Build: Slim
  • Sexual orientation: Straight

Cookie Swirl C

Who is Cookie Swirl C?

Cookie Swirl C, also known as Candace, is an American YouTuber who is famous for making a variety of toy videos on her channel “CookieSwirlC.” Her content is family-friendly, mesmerizing and confident and is inspired by famous cartoons and toy characters. She has featured cartoons and toys from Disney, Shopkins, Littlest Pet Shop (LPS), Lego, Monster High, Little Pony MLP, Barbie dolls, Frozen, and many others. Today, her channel is one of the most popular toy channels on social media with a viewership of more than 7.7 million people.

Why is Cookie Swirl C So Popular?

The best part about Candace’s channel is that it features everything related to popular toys and cartoons. It has stories, movies, reviews, DIY toy crafts, hauls as well as toy unboxing. Moreover, she has a great sense of humor and a pleasing personality which keeps her channel lively and fun. She also has a great rapport with her fans and always makes sure that she responds to her fans on time on YouTube as well as on other social media. She is also an animal-loving person and loves to spend time with her pets as well as with her family.

How Did She Start?

Before she started her channel Cookie Swirl C, Candace had already begun with another channel that was focused towards horses. Since she was a child, she had this love and passion for horses, as well as for toys and storytelling. This whole combination proved to be quite creative. She used to love playing with her toy horses for hours and reading about them and visiting them at a local ranch. As she got older, she discovered many others who shared this obsession with horses as well and wanted to share her stories with them that led to her channel on Youtube. Her horse’s channel still continues today with horse toy reviews and her videos.

When it became famous, she, being a toy enthusiast, decided to make another channel where she would talk about and share reviews and stories about all other toys that she likes and enjoys. This led to the creation of Cookie Swirl C channel. Her Cookie Swirl C channel started on 3rd November 2013. From that time onwards, the channel has only grown in popularity as she is sharing toy videos on her channel. According to her, the videos are all inspired by famous cartoon characters and games like animal toys, mermaids, Barbie dolls and princesses. The channel has gained immense popularity now and has more than 7.7 million subscribers with the viewers increasing rapidly every day. She also runs two more channels by other names such as Sugar8Cupcake and HoneyHeartsC, which is about horses, her first love. All her channels are popular to date and the number of subscribers is only increasing day by day.

What are the Most Popular Videos?

Even though all videos get great responses from the fans, there are always a few videos that leave a mark and become sensational. Cookie Swirl C’s most popular video is the “LOL Surprise Giant Ball,” “Big and Lil Sisters Baby Dolls 50 Surprise Dee Lish Shopkins Surprise Blind Bag Squishes – Mystery Toy Hauls” as well as “Animal Jam Blind Bag Toys.” Most of these videos are extremely popular with the viewers and have reached more than 13 million views. These videos are surely not to be missed for the toy and cartoon fans.

Cookie Swirl C

Encourages Imaginative Play

Cookie Swirl C’s videos are not just plain and simple videos that kids watch mindlessly. These videos are quite helpful in the psychological development of children. With Cookie Swirl C’s videos, imaginative play is encouraged in children with the use of relatable toys which can be used by the viewers which they own. The viewers may also substitute these toys with others so that they can recreate the fun. The videos also promote creativity in children as it has a lot of information on natural and straightforward DIY tasks that help to keep the children busy.

Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Like many other celebrities or social media personalities, little is known about her. When it comes to her personal life, there is not much information available, and she prefers not to share much, even regarding her family. There has been no news regarding her love life or anything related to her boyfriends. According to many sources, however, her sexual orientation is straight.

Her Personal Life

Candace was born in California, USA on the 14th March in 1997. She owns a lot of pets and has a younger sister at home. When it comes to pets, she has one horse, three dogs, a cat, and many fish. She is also known by her nickname “Candy.” Apart from this, there is not much information available on this YouTube star.

Her Likes

She is really fond of storytelling and also has a great passion for writing. She claims to be an avid reader as well. When it comes to animals, she is almost obsessed with horses since she was a child. In fact, she even donates to different charities quite often, which are related to animals and pet care. A few of the charities she donates to includes, Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, WEAVE and A Place to Bark. Time and again, she offers free goods to her subscribers as well.

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Can She Switch Voices?

One of the unique talents that Candace has is her ability to switch her voice. She definitely has a way with voices and can make up various characters with her voice. She uses her voice and this unique ability to make the most with her YouTube channel since it revolves around children. She tells beautiful stories using her make believe voice, mimicking different characters which makes the children love her to bits.

She Helps to Decide Which Toys to Buy

The Cookie Swirl C channel is an excellent form of entertainment for the children and also a source of information for the adults. For parents or for uncles and aunts who have no clue what to buy for kids nowadays should merely switch to her channel and she has great tips to help people choose the best toy for a child. In most of the videos, she is seen opening new boxes of toys in an excited manner.

What is Cookie Swirl C’s Net Worth?

With the rise of the internet and the popularity of social media, making money through these means is very lucrative. Many sources claim that the total net worth of Cookie Swirl C is around $10 million. There is no confirmation whether it is true or just a guess, but it is highly likely since Candace is quite popular with the viewers and has a tremendous following of subscribers. She is ranked in the top 5% of the Google preferred family and children’s YouTube channels. She has also gotten a lot of fame as a vlogger. Moreover, she also sells merchandise that includes hoodies, t-shirts, shirts, body suits and more.

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