Knowing CJ so Cool: Net Worth, Career, Girlfriend, Bio, and More

Name Cordero James Brandy
Birthday Mar. 29, 1980
Birthplace Gary, Indiana
Age 39-years-old
Career Social Media Star
Net Worth $400,000
Civil Status Married
Spouse Royalty
Height 6’0
Weight 70 kg.


CJ so Cool is a famous social media star who has gained a massive following thanks to his interesting content posted in the video-sharing platform, YouTube.

The kind of videos he posts on his account is mostly comedic and prank content which had been a huge hit amongst people from different countries. One of the videos she’s best known for is “Try Not to Laugh,” along with many more.

But that’s not all of his stories as he also got loads of other interesting things surrounding his life. If you’re into that kind of thing, then it’s best you continue reading. Know more about the life, career, net worth, and childhood of CJ so Cool here.

Childhood and Family Background

CJ so Cool has a real birth name of Cordero James Brandy. He was born on Mar. 29, 1980. Meanwhile, his birthplace is in Gary, Indiana.

Many believe that he had been a funny kid since his childhood and that he got loads of friends, thus making him a sociable kind of guy. Also, it has been said that he spent most of his childhood days together with Anthony Brady, his brother, who is also known as Jinx.

Furthermore, there are no known details about his parents or what their names are. It can be said, though, that she lived with them and got the support he needed to fuel his passion for his career and continue his studies.

His citizenship is American, but his specific ethnicity isn’t known. It has been confirmed, however, that he worked on a number of summer jobs to support his family.



CJ so Cool is a successful social media star and has been one of the biggest names on YouTube. He was still studying in school when he decided to create his YouTube account.

The reason behind this isn’t sure, but it’s likely that he just wanted to have an account on a video sharing platform where he can post random videos about himself.

His social media career started out slowly as he only had few subscribers back then. His views for every video even just gained around 35,000 views. Fortunately, he got the help of his brother in improving his account’s views.

Aside from being a full-on YouTuber, CJ also had experienced working as a poker dealer when he was still working in a casino. However, he knew that this wasn’t the job for him, which is why he dived into the social media industry.

He created an account on YouTube and shared reaction videos on different kinds of pranks that he made himself. One of his most viewed and successful videos was “Try Not to Laugh.”

His brother and girlfriend also helped him boost his account’s popularity and fame across the social media spectrum. After gaining lots of subscribers, he then decided to make this as his full-time job. And so, he uploaded videos regularly, and at least once a week.

How much is CJ so Cool’s net worth?

CJ so Cool is one of the biggest and most famous names on YouTube. With this, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she got lots of money to himself.

Specifically speaking, it has been confirmed by sources that he has a net worth of around $400,000, and even higher.

Meanwhile, there are some saying that there’s a likelihood that his net worth has reached near $1 million, but that isn’t confirmed as of late.

But no doubt he’ll reach a net worth like that in the near future as long as he brings out his best in his YouTube account and makes sure that he stays consistent in uploading great videos.

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Did CJ so Cool poison his children?

One of the biggest challenges to CJ so Cool’s career was when a video of him was posted in his social media account showing him buying laxatives in a drug store and then mixing them up on his kid’s foods.

He then laughed so hard after his kids consumed the food that had been mixed with laxative. Furthermore, his children even went straight to the bathroom, most likely, to vomit the laxative he mixed in with their food.

He got massive negative reviews for that video. Specifically speaking, various big names in the commercial industry, such as Pyrotechnical, Drama Alert, Scare, as well as Blastphamouse HD TV, condemned him saying that he must be arrested for child poisoning and child abuse.

Furthermore, CJ also said that he got his YouTube account hacked.

Is CJ so Cool single?


No, CJ so Cool is no longer single as he is already married. Her wife is Royalty. They’ve dated for some years before they finally decided to get married. They currently have three kids, but two of those are from the former relationship of Royalty.

The couple are said to be happy together and that they don’t have any major issues that matter a lot. There’s also no sign of them breaking up because they are completely happy and in love with each other’s company.

What is CJ so Cool’s height and weight?

CJ so Cool is a tall man as he stands at a height of six feet. Meanwhile, his weight is around 70 kilograms, most possible more. The color of his hair is black along with his black eyes.

How many followers does CJ so Cool have in other social media accounts?

CJ so Cool isn’t only famous on YouTube, but in a host of other social networks as well. Specifically speaking, he has his own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course, his YouTube account.

He currently has more than 90,000 Facebook followers and more than three million followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, his Twitter got around 140,000 followers, and another seven million YouTube subscribers. Take note as well, that those figures are increasing.

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