Cari Champion’s Life, Husband, Career, Net Worth, Family, and More

Full Name Cari Racquel Brooks
Name Cari Champion
Date of Birth June 1, 1975
Birthplace Pasadena, U.S.A.
Age 44-years-old
Father Dylan Champion
Mother Mariah Champion
Career News Reporter, Journalist
Net Worth $2 million
Height 6’1

Cari Champion

Cari Champion is a successful journalist and famous sports news reporter in the U.S. She is best known for being one of the co-hosts of the TV sports news show of ESPN, “SportsNation.”

Cari has been working as a courtside reporter and anchor for a number of sports channels for many years now. She is also the host of the podcast show called “ESPNW.” It airs every week with a brand new sports topic or news.

With this, one can clearly see that she’s been a successful journalist reporter because of the big news companies she’s been working with.

If you’d want to know more about her, then read on. We’ll show you her life, career, net worth, relationships, and more information about her bio.

Early Life

Cari Champion was born as Cari Racquel Brooks on June 1, 1975. Her birthplace is in Pasadena, U.S.A., and the names of her parents are Dylan Champion and Mariah Champion. She’s lived a normal childhood like most of us.

However, she’s shown signs that she’s going to be a successful journalist and news reporter in the future as she was fluent in public speaking. She was also one of the brightest and most confident students in her school.

Since she was young, Cari already was into journalism. She even wanted to change the perception and negative stereotype that Americans have on African Americans. Because of this, she did her best to study hard and make a name for herself at such an early age.

Where did Cari Champion study?

Cari graduated and finished her studies at the University of California with a major degree in English. She also has a minor degree in mass communications to support her desire of being a successful news journalist.

Cari Champion

Start of Career

Cari also had a short time studying in Washington D.C. Soon after her stay there, Cari had her first job in CNN where she worked as an intern. Many agree that her broadcasting career started when she was in West Virginia.

She had her very first news reporting job that time. She then worked in West Palm Beach in 2002 for WPTV TV. Cari then transferred to Santa Ana, California, where she worked for the Orange County News Channel.

It was a huge achievement for her as she knew numerous things about her chosen job which were all vital to her career growth. However, she left the company and became a part of the WGCL TV.

Unfortunately, she got fired from her job after she uttered profanities while her show was airing. But then again, she got rehired to work for the channel in 2008.

She worked there for some time, but she still left the company as she wanted to join another broadcasting company located outside Atlanta. Since then, Cari started working in Florida as a full-fledged reporter.

Many agree that she became more interested with her job when she was the one tasked to cover the superstar tennis player sisters, Venus Williams and Serena Williams.

Because of this, Cari decided to apply for Tennis Channel. It was a company that focused on giving sports-related news.

It’s worth noting that Cari Champion didn’t have an easy time joining the network as she had to pass through a strict audition process. In fact, she got selected out of the 50 other candidates during the channel’s audition.

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Working for ESPN

Champion became a mainstay of ESPN2 on Oct. 1, 2012. She then worked as a co-host of the hit TV news show, “First Take.” It was where she shared her thoughts and opinions on certain news relating to the current events in the sports world.

Cari hosts the show alongside Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. She worked as a co-host for the show for two and a half years. Cari then left the job and became a co-host for another show called, “First Take,” in 2014.

After which, she then became the co-host for “Sportscenter,” an ESPN news show.

Then in Feb. 2018, Cari Champion became the co-host of another hit and famous TV show, “SportsNation.” The show is one of the longest running in the industry. And it just so happens that she has become a part of it.

How much is the net worth of Cari Champion?

Cari Champion is no doubt a successful news reports and journalist. She’s also been in the industry for years now. There would be no reason why she wouldn’t be able to save a massive amount of money.

However, she’s not only limited to the news industry as she also has a number of successes in the film industry. Specifically speaking, Cari appeared in the 2008 film, “Eleventh Hour.” She was also a part of the 2013 film, “The Bling Ring.”

She’s also had a number of awards and achievements thanks to her natural talent in news reporting. According to reports, Car has a salary of around $1 million. Meanwhile, her net worth hovers around the $2 million mark.

Some agree that she has a higher net worth, though, because of her many other likely businesses and investments.

Cari Champion husband

Is Cari Champion married?

Cari Champion was said to be dating Ryen Russillo in 2014. Ryen is a workmate of hers who is also working in ESPN. Their friendliness and togetherness with one another are some of the reasons why many speculate that they are in a relationship.

However, there is no solid evidence that they are indeed dating. Cari and Ryen also didn’t gave out any comment about the matter.

Surprisingly, Cari was discovered to like dating another race more based on what she said with her friend during one of their chat conversations. Specifically speaking, Cari said that dating someone of the other race is easier.

What is the height and weight of Cari Champion?

Cari Champion is a tall lady as she stands at a height of six feet and one inch. However, her weight is unknown. But it’s worth noting that she finds it harder to date fellow African Americans because, according to her, they expect much from women.

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