Cari Champion: Bio, Net Worth, Career, Family,& More Discussed

Name Cari Champion
Birthday Jun. 1, 1975
Birthplace Pasadena, California
Age 44-years-old
Career Pasadena, California
Net Worth $750,000
Schools Attended University of California
Height 5’9
Weight 60 kg.

Cari Champion is a successful and renowned broadcast journalist around the globe. She is also a well-known TV personality who has a huge fanbase in the country and abroad as well.

But she’s more than just that as she has achieved massive fame and success in the industry thanks to her interesting life story and prowess in journalism.

If you’d want to know more about her life, then you are in the best place to be in. Learn everything about her career, family background, childhood, and how much Cari’s net worth is.


Cari Champion was born on Jun. 1, 1975. Her birthplace is in Pasadena, California, which means that she’s accustomed and adapted to the hot and dry climate of the Californian state.

She served as one of the TV anchors of “Tennis Channel,” as well as one of their hosts. Furthermore, she is also the host of ESPN2’s “First Take.”

Her nationality is American, while her ethnicity is African American. As of now, Cari is currently working as one of the hosts of ESPN’s “Sports Center” sports news TV show.

Childhood and Family

Very little is known about Cari Champion’s early life because she wasn’t in the spotlight during those times yet. However, it’s known that she was born in Pasadena, California.

Apart from being an African American, her ethnicity also has a mix of Jamaican descent. Meanwhile, her religion is Christianity. Furthermore, the names of her parents aren’t known. It is agreed upon, though, that she was raised correctly by his parents.

What is Cari Champion’s educational attainment?

Cari Champion went through formal education as what can be seen now based on her successful career in journalism and in the TV industry.

However, the names of all the schools she went to aren’t known. What’s known, though, is the last school which she studied in.

This is also the school where she finished a degree in communications and where she majored in English. This school is called the University of California.

Furthermore, it’s agreed that she was a good student in her school.

She was smart and hardworking and did a great job with her academics as she was interested in her subjects and in what she was doing. Because of this, she became one of the brightest students in the class, which she eventually carried onto her career as a journalist.


Cari Champion started serving as an intern on CNN. She worked on different kinds of low ranking jobs during those times, just for the sake of getting experience. Thanks to her hard work and determination, she successfully rose up in rank.

She even experienced writing for Daily Bruin after she graduated. This is one of the things that inspired her to become a successful journalist. She also spent some time working at the Orange County News.

She had been a part of the channel since 2002 until 2007. This was the time when she moved and transferred to WGCL TV.

She had some issues with the network which is why she spent some time out of the company. But in 2008, she joined the network again, but just for a short while.

Cari then joined ESPN. This was in 2012. It was a great start for her as she became a host for many of its shows and events.

After that, she then became the host and news anchor of Tennis Channel, as well as the hit ESPN sports news TV show, “First Take.” Some of the stories that she covered are natural catastrophes and interesting stories about day to day life.

Furthermore, she also starred in a number of other TV shows such as “Hollywood 411” and “The Insider.” This was one of the best moments of her career as she elevated her standing among the general audience.

Is Cari Champion dating?

Cari Champion is single as of now. Also, there are no reports or news about her possible dating life.

Maybe she’s dating but we just don’t know because she is the kind of celebrity, who despite the many fans she has, likes to keep her day to day life to herself and to her close family and friends.

Also, it’s agreed that she’s been through a number of relationships before. But as of now, she wants to stay single. She also has no plans of marrying as of lately.

Moreover, there is news saying that Cari dated Ryen Rusillo, but this news isn’t accepted. Cari also didn’t say anything confirming the matter. It’s likely that this is indeed true, but gauging on how things are going, it seems like they are just good friends.

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What is Cari Champion’s hobby?

Cari had always been a fan of the sport of basketball. Her favorite basketball team in the NBA is the Los Angeles Lakers.

Meanwhile, her favorite college basketball team is the UCLA Bruins. Furthermore, Cari is not a lesbian as she is straight, despite the many rumors that she is lesbian because she is into sports and has an athletic outlook in life.

What are Cari Champion’s vital statistics?

Cari Champion is a tall lady and has a fit and slim athletic build. Specifically speaking, she has a height that is five feet and nine inches.

Her weight, on the other hand, is around 60 kilograms, showing how fit and how healthy her stats are. Meanwhile, her body’s vital statistics are 35 inches by 25 inches by 37 inches.

What’s with Cari Champion’s net worth?

Cari Champion is no doubt one successful TV journalist who had made rounds covering some of the most interesting stories in the sports and news world. Because of this, she has a net worth that comes close to around $750,000, and likely even higher.

How’s Cari Champion’s social media?

Cari Champion isn’t only famous in the mainstream media, but also in social media. She even has her own social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Her Twitter, alone, has more than a hundred thousand followers.

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