Brynn Cameron: Bio, Net Worth, Career, Family, and More

Name Brynn Cameron
Birthday July 8, 1986
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Age 33-years-old
Career Basketball Player
Net Worth $700,000
Father Stan Cameron
Mother Cathy Cameron
Civil Status Single
Former Boyfriend Blake Griffin
Height 5’10
Weight 50 kg.

Brynn Cameron is a famous professional basketball player from the United States who is also best known for being the former girlfriend of Blake Griffin. Griffin is another professional basketball player who is considered as one of the stars of the NBA team, Los Angeles Clippers.

Brynn was one of the best female basketball players before as she was even considered as the top scorer during the 2003-04 season.

However, she stopped continuing her career because she wanted to focus on helping her family as well as supporting the basketball career of his boyfriend, Blake Griffin. Furthermore, she, along with Blake Griffin, also came to the headlines due to their custody battle of their two kids.

Family Background and Childhood

Brynn Cameron was born on the eighth of July 1986. Her birthplace is in Los Angeles, California. She was also born with the full name of Brynn Elaine Cameron, but most of her friends call her Brynn for short.

The name of her parents are Cathy Cameron and Stan Cameron. Stan is her dad, while Cathy is her mom. She also is one of the four kids in the family.

The names of her brothers are Jordan Cameron and Colby Cameron. Meanwhile, she’s also got a sister who is named Emily Monroy. Brynn is an American citizen, but her ethnicity isn’t known.

What is Brynn Cameron’s educational background?

Brynn Cameron had been a good student during her school years. She studied at the Newbury Park High School. It was where she became fond of basketball as she became a varsity basketball player there.

After graduating there, she then furthered her studies by studying at the University of California. She graduated there with a sociology degree. But she didn’t just focus on her academics there as she also played for the school’s varsity basketball team.

Career and Rise to Stardom

Brynn had a hard start to her basketball career as she had a difficult time playing in her sophomore season. This was from 2005 until the year 2006.

The reason behind this is because of her hip injury which stopped her from functioning at her best. This also resulted in a second surgery after the season closed.

She then lied low in her basketball career from 2006 until 2007 because she was pregnant and she gave birth to Cole, who is her first son. A year after, she had her comeback season.

It was a spectacular season run for her as she scored 40 three-pointers throughout the year. She even matched this with a good 5 points per game for the entire basketball season.

Her 2008-09 season was a great time for her career as she managed to make it to the top three all-time three-pointers in the league. In total, she had 130 three-pointers in her career. She was also ranked as fifth when it comes to three-point shooting percentage as she has 34.5%.

Meanwhile, aside from becoming a professional basketball player, she also worked as an interior designer as soon as she graduated in college. She even got an offer from big sports brands, Gatorade and Adidas, to become their executive for sports marketing in 2012.

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How much is Brynn Cameron’s net worth?

Brynn Cameron is a successful and talented basketball player. She’s considered one of the best basketball players during her career height. She also is a successful interior designer as she has a degree in it knowing that she graduated in college.

Because of this, she has a net worth of $700,000, even more, based on her estimated assets. Meanwhile, her former boyfriend, Blake Griffin, has a massive net worth of $60 million, with a salary amounting to another massive $17 million.

Did Brynn Cameron date Blake Griffin?

Brynn Cameron has been through a number of relationships before Blake Griffin came to her life. One of which was with Matt Leinart.

They even had a son whom they named Cole Cameron Leinart who was born sometime in 2006. The couple had been said to have dated for only around a year.

She then dated Blake Griffin in 2009, who is considered one of the best basketball players in the NBA. They had been together for around eight years. But then again, life happened and they broke up and separated in 2017.

Brynn and Blake have two kids together from their relationship. They are Ford Wilson Griffin and Finley Elaine Griffin.

Furthermore, the two were set to be married because they were already engaged with one another. However, their engagement didn’t push through due to various reasons.

There was even news saying Blake forced Brynn to get out of his mansion in Pacific Palisades which was worth $12 million.

Meanwhile, there is also news that Cameron, one of Brynn’s son, filed a complaint against Blake saying that he abandoned his family because of his alleged relationship with Kendall Jenner.

Meanwhile, there was also news saying that the couple planned to get married in Jul. 28, 2017. However, Blake didn’t say that he already set a prenup agreement a month before they were going to marry.

Furthermore, Blake said that he wanted the lawsuit filed on him be dismissed due to prejudice, saying that he didn’t need it.

Then in 2018, Brynn and Blake finally settled their child custody battle before they were to have their court appearance.

Child custody cases are complicated, but fortunately, they agreed to come to terms. One of which was for Brynn to get $250,000 monthly as child support.

Additionally, Blake should be the one responsible for paying for a five-bedroom mansion located in California’s South Bay in Manhattan Beach. This will then serve as the house where Brynn and her two kids will stay.

What is Brynn Cameron’s height and weight?

Brynn Cameron is a tall lady as she stands at five feet and ten inches. However, this isn’t very tall when it comes to basketball standards.

Her weight, on the other hand, is 50 kilograms. The color of her eyes are blue and her hair is colored blond. Her vital statistics, on the other hand, is 34 inches by 26 inches by 32 inches.

Does Brynn Cameron have any social media accounts?

Brynn Cameron is unlike many celebrities because she doesn’t have any social media account, even on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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