Bronson Pinchot: Life, Net Worth, Career, Family, and More

Name Bronson Pichot
Birthday May 20, 1959
Birthplace Manhattan, New York
Age 50-years-old
Father Henri Pinchot
Mother Rosina Pinchot
Career Actor
Net Worth $3 million
Schools Attended South Pasadena High School, Yale University’s Morse College
Height 5’10
Weight 70 kg.


Bronson Pinchot is a famous actor from the United States who appeared in a number of blockbuster films such as, “True Romance,” “Risky Business,” and “Beverly Hills Cop III.”

He has been in the industry for a long time, specifically for more than 35 years already. He also starred in the 1984 film, “Beverly Hills Cop.”

He isn’t just an actor, but a legitimate all-around celebrity as he also has experience working as a voice actor. In fact, he has more than a hundred audiobooks.

If you are into knowing more about him, then you have just found the right spot. Here, you’ll learn everything there is to know about his life.

You’ll know about how much his net worth is, where did he come from, what’s with his dating life and many more.

Read on to know more about Bronson Pichot.

Childhood and Early Life

Bronson Pichot was born on May 20, 1959. His birthplace is in Manhattan, New York, making him adapted to the urban environment. The names of his parents are Rosina Pinchot and Henry Pinchot.

Henry is his dad while Rosina is his mom. Both of them have Russian blood in their genes. He also has a male sibling called Justin Pinchot who is also like him as he is also an actor. His ethnicity is mixed, but his citizenship and nationality are American.

And though he was born in the United States, specifically in New York, he grew up and spent most of his childhood in Paris, France. He also spent some time in Southern California during his later years.

Where did Bronson Pinchot study?

Bronson Pinchot had been a studious student during his schooling years. He studied at the South Pasadena High School. He was even one of the brightest students in his class as he graduated there with high grades and honors.

He even topped his class and managed to get a full scholarship deal at Yale University. It was then the school where he studied and spent his college years.

Specifically speaking, he took a degree in fine arts at Yale University’s Morse College. Furthermore, he even graduated with high honors there as he was a magna cum laude.

With this, it can then be said that he is indeed a smart student. This also surely helped him achieve massive success in his career because he learned everything there is to know about becoming a successful actor in the showbiz industry.


Bronson Pinchot managed to get the attention of the crowd when he was discovered after his appearance in a play. The character he played during that time was for the 1983 hit, “Risky Business.”

He then played one of the major roles in the hit blockbuster film, “Beverly Hills Cop.” Indeed the year 1984 was a great one for him as he got lots of attention from the showbiz industry during this time. He also starred in the movie, “The Flamingo Kid.”

He also starred as Elliot Blitzer for the film written by famous Quentin Tarantino called, “True Romance.” After that, he acted and starred in many more roles for the next 30 years in many films and shows.

Meanwhile, his TV career debuted in 1985. This was when he starred as Dennis Kemper in the TV show, “Sara.” And on that same year, he became a director for one of the episodes of the show, “Amazing Stories.”

One of his most notable roles was in 1986. This was when he got cast for the character of Balki Bartokomous for the hit, “Perfect Strangers.” He then starred for a total of 150 episodes of the show serving as their main actor.

He also starred in the shows, “Law and Order: Criminal Intent,” “3rd Rock from the Sun,” as well as in the hit and top-rating show, “The Mysteries of Laura.” It was where he starred alongside Debra Messing and P.J. Marshall.

He has a lot of more films and shows where he is going to appear that are piled up as of now.

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How much is Bronson Pinchot’s net worth?

No doubt Bronson is one of the most successful actors in the showbiz industry. He isn’t just successful, though, as he is also famous. And what happens when a celebrity is famous? Well, they get tons of money.

This is especially true knowing that he is already a veteran. According to sources, he managed to save a massive $3 million net worth.

However, his salary isn’t disclosed to the media. It’s however sure that she has saved a lot of money and that it’s very likely that his net worth is higher than that.

Knowing that Bronson is already a veteran, it’s also very likely that his net worth can even be double than what is disclosed to the media.

Is Bronson Pinchot dating?

As of now, Bronson is currently single. He is not also yet married. However, it’s worth noting that he was previously engaged. This was with Amy Heckerling.

The couple dated for around four years and they were already supposed to be married. However, they canceled their engagement because of a variety of reasons which aren’t known.

Furthermore, he was also connected and said to have dated Marcy Walker before. This was when Bronson was still making his way in the showbiz industry.

It’s also said that the couple dated each other starting from 1984. They then broke up in 1985. Aside from those, there are no more information and details concerning his former relationships.

What is Bronson Pinchot’s height and weight?

Bronson Pinchot is a tall man as he is said to be standing at a height of approximately five feet and ten inches. His weight, on the other hand, is around 70 kilograms. The color of his hair is brown and his eyes are colored brown as well.

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