Brittanya Razavi: Net Worth, Family, Son, Body Stats, and Bio Revealed

Full Name Brittany Razavi
Birthday July 7, 1985
Age 43-years-old
Place of Birth Oxnard, California
Spouse Moe Razavi
Career Actress, Model
Net Worth $3 million
Height 5’3

Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya Razavi is a famous model and TV personality. She’s also appeared in a number of top-grossing reality TV shows such as “Charm School,” “Rock of Love,” and “I Love Money.” Brittanya has also a number of successful stints in magazine covers like “Rebel Ink,” “Obscene Magazine,” and “Savage Tattoo.”

Early Life of Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya Razavi was born in Oxnard, California, U.S.A. on July 7, 1985. Her childhood was pretty rough as her family didn’t have sufficient financial capabilities to give them a comfortable life. However, she managed to survive, and even thrive despite all these challenges.

Brittanya is of Mexican descent, however, she is used to living the American way of life as she was born and spent her life in the U.S. Her real name is Brittanya O’Campo and is one of her parents’ five children.

Specifically speaking, Brittanya has one sister and four brothers. Interestingly, they even shared a single room with each other when they were still kids because they didn’t have enough money to have a larger home.

However, she is still happy with how she grew up because she loved being in a huge crowd. Brittanya also said that she never felt alone because she was always with her siblings. Her childhood was filled with challenges because of her dad’s criminal activities.

This ultimately led to his dad getting a prison sentence. She was still 15 years old at that time. Brittanya grew weary and upset of his father, which is why she decided to not give him any attention despite him being his dad.

In fact, Brittanya knew that her dad was doing criminal activities and she wasn’t surprised that he was going to get caught later on. Because of this, she decided to learn taking care of herself because it was her only way of dealing with her situation.

This is also one of the reasons why she started working at such an early age of 13 years old. Brittanya was the kind of girl that loved work.

According to her, this was because she earns enough to buy the things she wanted. However, it’s this independence that made her and her siblings leave home at such an early age and not experience getting enough parental supervision in their lives.

Good thing all these turned out good for her. Their mother also decided to give them her best shot and did her best to still have her children under her care. Brittanya accepted her fate, and eventually her mother, which soon made her come back to her home together with her mom.

Let’s talk about her career…

Razavi started her career being a model. This eventually turned out to be her passion. She also appeared in a number of commercial magazines like “Tattoo Magazine,” “MMA Sports Magazine,” “Rebel Ink,” “Tattoo Energy,” and “Savage Tattoo” to name a few.

These became her ticket to success as it served as her stepping stone to earning more money she needed to sustain her life and live the life she wanted. Then came her big TV break in 2009 when she appeared in “Charm School 3”, a reality TV show.

She, together with Ricki Lake had a great time in the show as this furthered her rise to fame. More shows came after thus, one of such as “I Love Money” and “Charm School.” These did a lot to help her finances as it served like a domino effect.

Brittanya Razavi then had her big screen debut in 2012 when she cast as one of the characters in “Dysfunctional Friends,” an American comedy-drama movie. She took the role of Lexus and starred alongside Reagan Gomez-Preston, Stacey Dash, and Wesley Jonathan.

This wasn’t enough for Brittanya as she still decided to create a book by herself. This turned into fruition moments on as she successfully published her first co-authored book entitled, “Millionaire Self Talk.”

To further her income and ambitions, Brittanya then again dived into another venture. This time, diving into business. She currently is a co-owner of 187 Avenue, which is an online store selling different products ranging from wallets to clothing wears.

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Earnings and Net Worth of Brittanya

Brittanya Razavi is reported to currently have $3 million as her net worth. Many agree that most of her income comes from her online shop, 187 Clothing Inc., where she earns hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Being a model also did her a lot of good as reports state Brittanya to be earning around $67,000 annually. Furthermore, Brittanya is also one of the biggest social media stars as she has more than 12 million followers on Instagram alone.

According to reports, an Instagram celebrity who gets more than 1 million followers gets payments of around $15,000 for every post. Sum all those up and you get loads of serious cash.

Relationships and Married Life of Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya Razavi is happily married to Moe Razavi, together with two children. She showed to be a great mother as she constantly takes care of her children. She’s also doing her best to not let her children experience the difficulties that she had to go through when she was still young.

Moe Razavi is an Iranian, making their children to have a mix of Iranian and Mexican origins. Brittanya’s first child was born when she was only 15-years-old. As of now, that child is living with her grandparents.

He is Romeo and constantly changes residency every specific part of the year to live with the child’s father who is also her former boyfriend named Nico Vasquez.

Meanwhile, Brittanya and Moe had a son of their own, named Cash King. He was born sometime in 2011.

She then became pregnant again and gave birth to another son whom they named Legend. Their two kids even have their own Instagram accounts, each having around 30 thousand followers. However, the kids aren’t the one running them as she is the one to do so. This isn’t only a personal choice because she’s also doing this to advertise her children’s clothing line in social media.

Brittanya and Moe Razavi are big enthusiasts of tattoos. Brittanya even had a tattoo on her chest saying Beauty. In fact, the first tattoo she had was when she was still 11-years-old.

Brittanya says in a statement that some of her tattoos have meaning, while the others don’t have. She added by saying that her new tattoos are meant for her family now, specifically to her husband and kids. Moe Razavi even has a tattoo of Brittanya’s face in him.

She is currently living in Murrieta, California, together with Moe and her kids. They have a big mansion featuring a huge yard.

Brittanya’s Unique Looks

Brittanya has a good looking face and body. Her body highlight feature is her dimple piercing. She has naturally black hair, but she constantly dies it with red and blond. She stands at 5’3 and weighs around 140 lbs. Brittanya also has eyes that are colored, Hazel.

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