Brent Rivera: Bio, Net Worth, Career, and Family & Things To Know

Name Brent Rivera
Birthday Jan. 9, 1998
Birthplace Huntington Beach, California
Age 21-years-old
Career Profession YouTuber, Actor
Siblings Brice Rivera, Blake Rivera, and Lexi Rivera
Net Worth $4 million
Civil Status Single
Height 5’11
Weight 70 kg.

Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera is a famous American social media sensation, YouTuber, and an actor. Thanks to his pleasing attitude, excellent talents and skills, and passion in what he does best, he managed to gain millions of followers from around the globe.

He is best known for his YouTube channel called, “MrBrent98,” which has more than five million subscribers coming from all corners of the globe. It is where he regularly uploads his vlogs, such as daily updates about his life and other interesting content that are surely worth watching.

Furthermore, he is also known for playing the character of Isaac Salcedo in the hit film, “Light as a Feather.” Brent also played Alex in the top-grossing 2017 film, “Alexander IRL.” His passion for acting is very evident in these based on the way he approached his characters.

If you’d want to know more about his life, along with how he gained prominence in his career with the help of social media, as well as other information worth knowing, then you’ve found the right place.

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Childhood and Beginnings

Brent Rivera was born on Jan. 9, 1998. His birthplace is in Huntington Beach, California, making him an American citizen. Meanwhile, his ethnicity is of North American and is caucasian.

Brent’s parents are known to be Americans. Unfortunately, very little is known about his childhood and his family which is why Brent’s parents’ names aren’t known.

However, it is confirmed that he has siblings. Brent has two brothers and a sister. Their names are Brice Rivera, Blake Rivera, and Lexi Rivera.

Where did Brent Rivera study?

Brent Rivera also didn’t disclose any information about the schools he attended in since hw was a child. However, a few sources managed to gain few information about his educational background.

According to reports, he spent his high school days in the Huntington Beach High School located in California. Unfortunately, the name of the college he went to isn’t known. What’s sure, though, was that he graduated with a degree in history.

Brent Rivera

Career and Fame

Brent Rivera started his career by becoming a YouTuber. He treated this with utmost seriousness as he considered it to be his career from the start.

Hence, he became a full-time YouTuber. Brent also ventured out of the video sharing platform and into Vine in 2013, where he further expanded his reach and gained more fans.

He then uploaded some of his best videos in YouTube to his Vines account. Well, it was the right decision for him as this sped up the growth of his fame. He was also able to acquire new techniques and knowledge in getting more fans fast.

It didn’t take long for him to be considered as one of the best and most prominent Vine makers in the social media platform. This isn’t surprising, though, as he got the talent and the wit to stand out among the crowd.

In fact, he has gained more than eight million followers in Vines alone, which is way higher than your average Vine account.

And it isn’t just that as he is also famous in other social networking platforms, such as in YouTube, where he has more than five million subscribers. That figure is even increasing fast until now.

He’s also got a huge fan base in Instagram and Twitter, which numbers by the millions. Furthermore, Brent isn’t just a social media sensation as he also is collaborating with other brands when it comes to advertising.

Take for example his work with Michelin, which is a project that aims to improve fire safety and consciousness.

Brent is also a full-fledged actor as he played a major role in the TV series, “Light as a Feather.” He also appeared in the 2017 film, “Alexander IRL.” These further confirmed that he isn’t just built for social media, but in mainstream media as well.

His acting skills are also pretty good, and there’s no reason for him to not get more offers for even likely leading roles for future films and TV shows.

How much is Brent Rivera’s net worth?

No doubt that Brent Rivera earns a good sum of money from his career, both in social media and in acting. He is also successful in his chosen career, which is why it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’d saved a lot.

Although very little information is known about his net worth, it is said that he has a net worth of more than $4 million thanks to his huge successes in social media and in Hollywood.

He also earns huge salary from his acting career, which is why it wouldn’t be a surprise that he’s reached that net worth.

Has Brent Rivera been in any controversy?

Controversies are normal for celebrities. However, Brent is different from them as he hasn’t been into any kind of issue. This might be because he manages his work and personal life very well.

He also doesn’t share much information to the media about his personal life which is why issues fail to overpower his life. He’s also doing a very good job with his work without having to step onto others.

Is Brent Rivera currently dating?

Brent Riveria is currently single and there are no reports or news of him dating anyone. He also hasn’t been married yet, and it seems like he is happy to be single. As of the reason behind this, we don’t know, but it’s likely that he just wants to stay single.

There also aren’t any reports of him being involved in relationships. Maybe, the reason behind this is that he wants to focus first on his career and build more connections as well has have a huge network so that he can land bigger roles in show business.

And even if he is active in social media, his social media accounts don’t show any girl that she might be dating.

What is Brent Rivera’s height and weight?

Brent Rivera is a tall guy as he stands at a height of five feet and 11 inches. This might be one of the reasons why he is appealing and millions of followers from around the globe became fans of him.

Furthermore, he weighs around 70 kilograms, meaning that he’s slim and fit. He might be exercising regularly and makes sure that he eats a regular diet. The color of his hair is dark brown, while his eyes are colored black.

How many followers does Brent Rivera have in social media?

Brent Rivera has a very active fan base in social media. Speaking about figures, he has more than five million Facebook followers, and another ten million Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, his Twitter account also has around three million fans more or less. His YouTube account, on the other hand, enjoys more than five million subscribers.

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