Bonnie Aarons: Career, Bio, Family, Net Worth, and More Revealed

Name Bonnie Aarons
Birthday Jun. 3, 1979
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Age 40-years-old
Career Profession Actress
Net Worth $700,000
Height 5’7

Bonnie Aarons is a famous and successful American writer and actress. She is best known for playing the character of Bum in the hit movie, “Mulholland Drive.” She also played the haunting role of the ghost nun named Valak in the horror film, “The Conjuring 2.

Childhood and Origins

Bonnie Aarons was born on Jun. 3, 1979 in Los Angeles, California. This means that she is an American citizen. Unfortunately, those are the only solid information from her childhood as she has been successful in keeping personal information to herself.

There also aren’t any solid information about her childhood and early years, maybe because she wants to keep her personal life away from the noise of the media. Even her ethnicity isn’t known, as well as the names of her parents.

Where did Bonnie Aarons study?

Bonnie Aarons isn’t just a skilled and talented actress, but she also got the brains as she did a great job in her school years. Again, little is known about her schooling years, but it’s sure, though, that she studied in an acting school located in New York City.

Unfortunately, the exact name of the school isn’t known. Furthermore, it’s believed that she might have studied her elementary and high school years in his locality, which is Los Angeles.


Bonnie Aarons had a different start to her career as she was always said to not have a bright future in acting. In fact, her peers and friends said to her as soon as she graduated in acting school that she better not expect much about her acting career.

Also, it is said that one of the parts criticized of her is her nose. Fortunately, she didn’t mind these criticisms as she still followed her passion and believed in herself. This led her to find work in Europe, which luckily turned out well.

During her stay there, she successfully found acting and modeling jobs as she appeared in a few commercials and short films. She then went back to the U.S. afterwards.

Upon coming back, she appeared in her first film in the U.S. called, “Exit to Eden.” This was in 1994. It was a successful film where she got the character of a prostitute.

She then appeared in another hit film called, “Woman in Prison.” Roger Corman was the one who produced the film. This helped her build up a strong network in Hollywood. Furthermore, she also appeared in other films such as “Caged Heat 3000.”

Aside from that, Bonnie also appeared in many other TV series and films. In fact, she has more than 30 appearances as a Hollywood actress, proof of how good she is in her job.

Some of the other TV series and films she appeared in are “Dear God,” Sweet Jane,” “Good Job, Thanks!,” “The Princess Diaries,” “And You Know Who You Are,” “Valentine’s Day,” “The Fighter,” and “The Conjuring 2.”

With this, one can say that she sure is an in-demand actress, mainly because of the way she approaches her job. She also has an easy time adapting to the roles she plays in.

One of the best things about Bonnie is that she can easily adapt to whatever role or character is given to her. This is one of the best reasons why she always gets a regular stream of projects, whether it be movies or TV shows.

Bonnie Aarons

What are Bonnie Aarons’ awards?

Bonnie isn’t just a famous actress, but she’s also an award-winning one. Specifically speaking, she won the 2011 Shared Action on Film Award for her role in the film “Dahmer vs. Gacy.” The category she won in was for the Outstanding Cast Performance.

She also won the 2017 Festival Award for her role in the hugely successful film, “Nocturnally Yours.” It was one of her biggest accomplishments as this showcased her passion and talent in acting.

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How much is Bonnie Aarons’ net worth?

Bonnie no doubt is one successful actress. And with success comes fame and, of course, wealth. According to reports, she has a net worth of around $700,000.

This figure might have already increased now knowing that the number of her upcoming roles in future shows and movies are piling up fast.

The actual figure might also be higher because she might have other undisclosed properties and assets around the country such as houses, cars, and many more. It is also likely that she has businesses which add up to her income.

Meanwhile, her salary isn’t known, but is believed to also be competitive.

Is Bonnie Aarons dating?

Bonnie Aarons is the kind of lady that wants to keep personal information to herself. Because of this, very little is known about her personal life, specifically with her love life.

As of now, none is heard about her dating or if she is seeing someone. Thus, it can be concluded that she is currently single. But then again, this isn’t confirmed.

What is Bonnie Aarons’ height and weight?

Bonnie Aarons is a tall lady, based on today’s standards as she has a height of five feet and seven inches. Unfortunately, her weight isn’t known. But what’s sure, though, is that she has a slim and fit figure. The color of her hair is dark brown, while her eyes are colored hazel.

Does Bonnie Aarons have social media accounts?

Yes, Bonnie Aarons is also active in social media just like all of us. She has an account in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with thousands of followers from all across the globe.

She has more than a thousand Twitter followers, another 18,000 plus followers in Instagram, and around 20,000 Facebook followers.

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