Bernice Burgos Bio: Net Worth, Relationships, Age, Kids & More!

Bernice Burgos is one of the most popular and fabulous stars around the world. Not only because she is an outstanding fashion model, but she’s also got the fiery charisma.

If you’d want to know more about her, then read on as we’ll talk about her here!

Bernice Burgos is a fashion enthusiast, Instagram model, and entrepreneur. She has also starred in some music videos of Rick Ross and J. Cole, as well as joined a number of high-caliber fashion shows around the world.

She was also featured in “Wild ‘N Out”, a popular MTV show, and will soon star in “Gold Diggers,” which is a reality TV series.

Burgos isn’t new to controversies as she’s been the stuff of celebrity news headlines for years now. Thank her allegedly infamous child abuse case and fiery affairs with some of the biggest stars in the showbiz industry.

Bernice Burgos

Occupation Fashion model and Entrepreneur
Body measurement 36,25,40
Networth $1,100,000
Ethnicity Puerto Rican
Place of birth The Bronx, New York,  New York, U.S.A.
Country United States of America
Birthday March 17, 1980
Full Name Bernice Burgos
Horoscope Aries
Height 5’5
Weight 54 kilograms


Net Worth of Bernice Burgos, How Much Does She Really Earn?

Bernice Burgos is very active in the fashion and entertainment industries. This enabled her to have a pretty high net worth. According to reports, Burgos earns around $500,000 annually just for being a model.

Currently, Burgos has a net worth of around $1.1 million, making her one of the richest celebrities to date. She is currently living in New York, U.S. in her personal apartment.

It’s safe to assume that her net worth will increase further if her association with top artists’ music videos continues.The fate of her sleepwear company will also be a huge factor to her net worth in the next years to come.

And don’t forget her list of luxury cars too! She’s got a Mercedes G wagon, Range Rover sports, and Bentley Continental GT.

Bernice Burgos as a Model and Entrepreneur

Apart from those, she’s also featured in King Magazine, Show Magazine, and XXL Eye Candy, Show Black Lingerie, and The Source. She starred in an MTV series entitled “Wild ‘n Out.” Thanks to the show, her popularity increased greatly together with her net worth.

This enabled her to start her own sleepwear label named “Bold & Beautiful.” The goal of the company was to help women of all shapes and sizes love their body. It was a successful start to Bernice’s venture as an entrepreneur.

This gave her a positive image not only to her fans, but to her critics as well. In fact, many were inspired with Bernice’s plans that they considered the model as an advocate for women’s rights and feminism.


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Early Life of Bernice Burgos, Age and Ethnicity Revealed

Burgos was born on April 17, 1980 in the Bronx, New York City, to Puerto Rican parents. However, the exact identity of her parents is still unknown.

One of the things that make Bernice interesting is her rags to riches story. Before rising to showbiz fame, Bernice worked as a waitress and bartender to earn enough income to survive the daily hustle and bustle of urban life.

She served drinks and waited to get the orders and plates from bars and restaurants.

Through the years, she realized that this wasn’t her calling, and so, she tried out modeling. It served her well because of the good income she earned. Bernice also had fun because it turned out to be her passion.

Since then, numerous designers and fashion lines employed her, which eventually propelled her modeling career. In the early 2000s, Burgos became a mainstay cover girl for a number of men’s magazines.

Her popularity grew even further and by the turn of the new decade, she already was linked to the big labels of the music industry. She appeared in a couple of music videos for the world’s top rappers and musicians.

The Work Out music video of J. Cole and Diced Pineapples of Rick Ross were some of the music videos she starred in. This also got her the chance to work with big names in the industry such as Wale and Drake.

Knowing More About Bernice Burgos’ Love Life, Dating, and Relationships

Aside from her modeling and music career, Bernice Burgos had also been famous for her relationships. As of now, though, she’s still single. One of the highlights of her love life is her affair with Meek Mill.

Mill is a hip hop artist from Philadelphia, whom she has been dating since June 2018.

Bernice was even linked to Drake in 2012. This was after the two were seen on a vacation together in Australia. However, the alleged relationship didn’t go official and rumors about them faded completely in 2015.

CEO of Death Row Records and Black Kapital Records Marion Suge Knight, was also one of her rumored boyfriends. And it turned out that Knight was also a former football star!

Perhaps Bernice wanted a change of taste for that time, eh?

Then there was her scandalous alleged affair with famous rapper, T.I., who happened to already be married. According to reports, the two were seen in different cities including Atlanta and Las Vegas.

Bernice instantly became the stuff of celebrity new headlines from that point on as she was called a “bitch” in many tabloids, including in Instagram. However, she claimed that they are just friends even if there are numerous hints they aren’t.

Unfortunately, it’s all said and done for the two as T.I. broke up with her wife. Furthermore, Burgos defended herself that if ever they had a relationship with each other, then it started when T.I. already filed for divorce.

But that’s not it! There are two more men in Burgos’ long list of boyfriends. These are Trey Songz and Quavo. Bernice and Trey Songz dated from Sept. 2013 to Jan. 2014, and Quavo from Dec. 2017 to May 2018.

Who is the Daughter of Bernice Burgos?

The early life of Bernice Burgos wasn’t easy. In fact, her first most challenging part was when she became pregnant at the young age of 15. Nonetheless, she considered it as a blessing and named her daughter Ashley. Bernice showered her with lots of TLC. The result? Ashley Burgos became just as beautiful and graceful as her mom.

Ashley also inherited Bernice’s sexy looks as she’s got the curves that gives her the looks of a real star. However, even her daughter isn’t free from her mom’s rumors. A few reports state that the mother and daughter tandem might have undergone plastic surgery to improve their bodies’ looks.

And though Bernice was pregnant at 15 years old, her daughter Ashley became a mom at age 21. Bernice was fast to defend her daughter and family saying that she’s giving her full support to Ashley.

Last March 2018, Ashley gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl she named as Amarie. This makes Bernice as one of the youngest, or perhaps hottest, grandmas in the world!

Furthermore, Bernice also has another younger daughter named Sarai. Ashley is ten years older than her, though. As for Sarai’s father? Well, there ’s no clue who he is.

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