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Amiyah Scott is a transgender black woman working as an actress and a model. She is also an author as well as a LGBTQ advocate. She has inspired trans community around the world and garnered much attention when she appeared in a musical TV drama ‘Star’ as a struggling trans woman which made people curious about her and get to know her more.

Amiyah also filmed a reality show, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ but her footages were not broadcasted because of ongoing conflict with the showrunner. She started a foundation for the empowerment of trans women and men in America, ‘Transgender Empowerment in America’ (TEA).

Amiyah is one of the first three trans women to play a trans role on a scripted show. This comes as a big step to empower transgender community in America. She is also known as the King for gathering amass following as a transgender on any social media platform.Amiyah Scotts

Full Name: Amiyah Scott. Arthur Scott (Formerly).
Date of Birth: 11th January, 1988.
Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York City.
Zodiac: Capricorn
Birth Stone: Garnet.
Partner(s): Kellon Deryck(Fake romance), Micah Dixon (Rumored)
Children: None
Profession: Actress, Model, Author, LGBTQ community advocate.
Nationality:  American

Born into a wrong body:

On January 11, 1988, she was born as a boy and her parents named her Arthur Scott. But Amiyah says that she knew from the early age that she doesn’t belong in the body and decided to go for a partial trans surgery when she was 15 and later a complete surgery to be a female at the age of 17. Her parents were not pleased with her decision and didn’t support her which made her leave the house and pursue her dreams.

She faced harsh criticism while growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana as well as continuous bullying from her classmates but all of this wasn’t enough to make her give up on her dreams.

Chasing her dreams:

Amiyah did what she was ridiculed for the most that is her fashion as well as her decision to change her sex. Now she is no longer a male and her make up and beauty trends are followed by many.

After moving out of her parents’ house, Amiyah worked many jobs as a make up artist and other jobs to make ends meet before taping for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She builds her social media following quickly and became one the most followed trans celebrity earning a title for herself as the ‘King’ from VH1. She is particularly fond of this title and she uses this title in all her social media platforms.

Shortly after leaving her house and chasing her dreams, Amiyah’s parents accepted her changed identity and decided to support her as she is. Amiyah thinks that she is lucky that her parents accepted her and understood her because many parents never accept their children’s changed identity.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Star:

These two shows are the highlights of Amiyah’s career. These shows bought her opportunities and fame that others wished for. Amiyah filmed for The Real House of Atlanta but her footage never made it into the final cut because she had creative issues with the creators of the show. Scott has hoped to return to reality TV if she was offered a good enough deal.

Lee Daniels, one of the creators of the hit TV musical drama series offered Amiyah a role of a transgender woman named Cotton, struggling with her identity. Scott was beyond excited for her as it represented her as a person.

Star: A Success Journey

Amiyah’s role in star was praised by many trans fans and non-trans fans. She worked with Queen Latifah and is always excited to talk about her and her experience working with her.

Her acting surprised many of her critics as they thought her to be just another Instagram model with her eccentric fashion sense.

People often wonder why there is so much buzz around Amiyah playing a trans character. That is because most casting directors choose an actor who is neither trans, gay or lesbian to play a LGBTQ character in mainstream media which is not wrong since good acting is more important while casting an actor instead of his sexual preferences but even so Amiyah is the third trans to play a major trans role on the screen which is big for the LGBTQ community.

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Social Media Presence:

Amiyah has over 1.6 million and 229K followers on her Instagram and Twitter respectively.  As mentioned above, she uses VH1 given title king in all her social media usernames. Her website provides insights on her career and business dealings.

Other Endeavors:

In addition to acting, Amiyah is known for her gorgeous looks and extraordinary make up influences. Her makeup and fashion choices inspire tans and non-trans women alike. Her Instagram aesthetic is heavily focused on her lifestyle and fashion.

Amiyah wrote a book Memoirs of a Mermaid that will be released on 31st March, 2019. In a recent interview published on The Blunt Post, Scott called her book her baby and expressed her excitement over its release.

Amiyah represents her LGBTQ community with pride and works for their rights in every way she can. Her foundation, Transgender Empowerment of America (TEA) works for the trans in America and stands for their rights.

Though Amiyah is a strong advocate of trans rights and sexual equality, her primary intention is to encourage people to work for their dreams and never lose sight of their goals regardless of their color, gender and sexuality orientation. For her, living how you want to live is more important than following the masses.

Body weight and height:

Amiyah comes from a mixed heritage background and has dark skin and long curly hair. Her body is idolized by many fans on her social media. She is 1.86m tall and probably weighs around 73 kilograms. Amiyah is proud of her body and takes every chance of showing it off on her social media.

Personal Life and Relationships:

Amiyah is incredibly private about her personal life and the only information you’ll be able to get is through her social media. Jolee is known to be Amiyah’s best friend judging by her social media feed and she currently seems to be dating Micah Dixon. Both of them post pictures with each other on their Instagram with captions that suggest they are more than just a fling. Though neither of them has made an official statement.

Over the years, she has been linked to many celebrities mostly rappers. Most of the guys she has been linked to have rumors about their sexual preferences and is suspected to be gay. She was once linked to her stylist Kellon Deryck but it turns out they both were pretending to be dating while Deryck was in a relationship with someone else. This happened around the time Amiyah was filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Challenges Amiyah faced:

Amiyah faces discrimination not just as a trans woman but as a black-trans woman too. The changes she faced were unlike any other trans out there. She was first bullied because of her color then because of her sexual orientation. She was mocked by her classmates and others, but this didn’t discourage her from following her dreams. In one of her interviews, she said that we only have one life, it is better to live how we want to live instead of doing what society expects from us.

Amiyah Scott’s Website:

Amiyah has launched her own website that you can access at You can register on the website and become a part of a bigger community as well. Amiyah also has her own apparel and hats. You can buy them off of her website and if you are a member of Mermaid Mob, you’ll get exclusive discounts. Most of clothes available on her website are unisexual.


Amiyah has not only worked for the rights of trans women, but she has encouraged everyone to pursue their dreams no matter what. In essence, she doesn’t only stand for trans rights and freedom of sexual preferences but she stands for freedom in general.

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