Amanda Balionis: Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend, Career, Childhood, Age, Salary

Name Amanda Balionis
Birthday Jun. 20, 1987
Birthplace Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Age 32-years-old
Father Anthony Balionis
Mother Dana Balionis
Career News Reporter
Net Worth $500,000
Schools Attended Manheim Township High School, Hofstra University
Height 5’5
Weight 50 kg.

Amanda Balionis is an accomplished reporter who is focused on delivering news about sports, specifically in golf. She is best known for being an attractive and beautiful news reporter about golf.

Furthermore, she is also famous for having a luxurious lifestyle. She is currently working as a CBS Sport gold reporter. However, that’s not her full story as she has a lot more to share with us.

If you are among the people who want to know her life along with how much her net worth is, her bio, family, and much more, then you’ve come to the right spot. Read on to know more about the life of Amanda Balionis.

Early Life and Family

Amanda Balionis was born on Jun. 20, 1987. Her birthplace is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her parents’ names are Anthony Balionis and Dana Balionis. Anthony is her father while her mom is Dana.

Since a child, Amanda had been fond of playing volleyball and many other sports as she was really a sports-minded girl back then. She was so much into sports that she spent some time studying at Hofstra.

Furthermore, it seems that she is the only child in the family as there are no reports of her having any sibling. She’s an American citizen while she’s Caucasian in ethnicity and descent.

Where did Amanda Balionis go to school?

Amanda Balionis finished her education. She spent her first schooling years at Manheim Township High School.

She studied there starting from 2002 until 2004. After which, she furthered her studies and studied at Hofstra University where she finished a degree in broadcast journalism. She graduated there in 2008.

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Career and Profession

Amanda spent her internship covering news about the New York Jets. She also worked for “New York Islanders,” “ABC News Now,” as well as in “CBS2.”

During that time, she decided to go full throttle in journalism and finally build the career that she loved since she was a child. Because of this, she was led to work as a reporter in the local newspaper called, “Lancaster Newspaper.”

She served as a junior reporter from 2008 until 2009. She also hosted minor news segments, as well as did some editing work for the news showcase. Additionally, she also hosted different news segments for various sports.

Her career break then happened when she was given an opportunity to finally appear in TV. She accepted this immediately and served as a freelance sideline reporter. This was for the news channel, “Verizon Sports.”

She then became a full-fledged reporter in 2009 for “MSG Network.” Then she started covering different sporting events in high school.

In 2011, Amanda had the chance to work for the globally renowned golf league competition, “” She then gained more fame after she finally became an official member of it.

A few years passed and she served as a CBS Sports golf reporter. She also did some work for a number of TV shows.

Some of the other companies she worked for was in “Buy a Mulligan,” “Trending on Tour,” and in “PGA Tour Live.”

She had a lot of experience covering various tournaments in CBS. Some of these are the Masters as well as the famous PGA Championship. Sheis also one of the contributors for the digital firm, “Turner Sports.”

How much is Amanda Balionis’ net worth?

Amanda Balionis surely saved a lot of money knowing that she has been in the news reporting world for many years now, not to mention that she’s one of the most sought-after reporters in the sporting world.

According to sources, she has a net worth of around $500,000, but most likely higher. She is currently serving as one of CBS Sports’ elite news reporters focused on the sport of golf, which has an average salary of around $40,000 to a massive $140,000.

It can then be said that her salary is around that figure knowing that she’s one of the biggest names in sports news reporting.

Does Amanda Balionis have a boyfriend?

It isn’t known whether she has a boyfriend or not as there are no details about her love affair and alleged relationships. There are even no confirmation and solid details as to who her former boyfriends were.

What’s sure, though, was that she had been into a number of relationships before as she said and confirmed this on her Twitter account. Nonetheless, she hasn’t yet been spotted to be with any boyfriend.

This also means that she might be in a relationship but she just doesn’t like to share much information to the media so that she can avoid issues and controversies along the way, knowing that celebrities are very much prone to it.

What is Amanda Balionis’ height and weight?

Amanda Balionis is one of the most beautiful and attractive news reporters to date. This matches her height of five feet and five inches. Meanwhile, her weight is around 50 kilograms.

She’s got a healthy and fit body which has slim features. This adds up to her beauty. Her vital statistics are 37 inches by 25 inches by 36 inches. She also got a dress size of eight. Her hair is brown in color, as well as with her eyes.

Many say that she manages to maintain a fit and attractive body because of her healthy lifestyle. She might be eating only healthy food, or making sure that she exercises regularly.

Whichever the case is, she should be an inspiration to many because of her healthy outlook in life.

How’s Amanda Balionis’ social media doing?

Amanda Balionis is an active celebrity news reporter on social media. She also has a huge fanbase, not only inside the country but from around the globe as well.

Her Twitter has around 90,000 followers, as well as with her Instagram account that has more than 100,000 followers. Her Facebook account, however, has a minuscule number of followers of around 4,000. However, the numbers are increasing fast.

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