Anyone who’s visited our website this year can’t have missed its new incarnation; a simple yet effective design. But it’s not just a piece of clever eye candy, there are new and not-quite hidden depths to be plumbed.

Yoomee launches social conference platform with PICNIC...
Rather than PICNIC being a once a year, one-week wonder, we wanted to build on the incredibly lively conversations which happen face-to-face at the festival and provide a platform for them to happen all year round. Hence the idea for the PICNIC Club was born.

A chance meeting at the Large Hadron Collider during the Geneva-based LIFT conference between our Creative Director, Marcel Kampman, and Andy Mayer of UK-based Yoomee, was the start of a new partnership to bring the idea of the PICNIC Club to life.

Yoomee specialise in building bespoke social network platforms for social good - and so together, Yoomee and the PICNIC team conceived a new take on our website to engage the PICNIC community before the Festival gets underway and build on this to sustain discussions and ideas once the doors have closed. All in all it frees up the community to form new and meaningful relationships outside the physical constraints of Amsterdam.

And that’s not all, the PICNIC site is built on Yoomee’s newly developed social conference platform. It helps those who’ve signed up track conversations and trending topics through tags, meaning anyone can easily spot and join in discussing issues close to their heart. Last but not least, you’ll discover some clever and irreverent game mechanics thrown in to appeal to the competitive nature of Club members and encourage continued user engagement.

The Yoomee platform integrates seamlessly with PICNIC’s third party booking system enabling members to see who else they’ll be rubbing shoulders with in Amsterdam and which sessions are proving popular. An integrated iPad and iPhone app helps delegates follow the extensive PICNIC program and build their own personal program to take offline.

The whole project is being developed using Agile/Lean principles, so expect things to develop further as feedback comes in.

So if you haven’t got round to signing up to become part of the PICNIC Club, why not check it out and join the conversation? Sign up here.

For more information you can meet Yoomee at the PICNIC Marketplace on Wednesday 14 September.